You Become Like Those You Rub Shoulders With

If you love #fashion and the idea of living a life of #luxury and a lifestyle of status and success, then read on… It’s true – You become like those whom you spend time with. Want to be wildly successful, rich, and fabulous? Then, you must spend time with people who are wildly successful, rich and fabulous. How? Well, have you ever heard of the expression to “fake it ’til you make it?” Or, to “dress for success” ? These are both truly amazing concepts and very powerful, indeed, if used properly. Let me explain…

You may or may not know that the wealthy and successful have a uniform. That uniform is known as top #designer #highfashion luxury garments and accessories. If you dress like them, they will allow you into their exclusive club. And, when you “rub shoulders” with them, their success will rub off on you. Before you know it, you will be like them.

Sound improbable or absurd? It’s actually very logical. Sound impossible to achieve? It’s actually very easy to achieve. How? Join my team of #fashionistas and #earnmoney by getting to wear top designer garments and accessories, at which point you will attract the attention of the class of people that will help you to become like them.

There’s a little more to it than that, but, in truth, it’s not much more complicated than that, and, it’s not expensive, really, to get started with this program, where you #makemoney by helping the rich to dress the way they like, while making them your friends and mentors.

Contact me, Roderick Mackenzie ~ Fashionpreneur, and I will help you get there… It’s much less expensive that you think to #getrich!

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