Why Quality in All Matters Matters


This Article will be devoted to talking about what is QUALITY. In my humble opinion, one can not have quality unless there is consistency of integrity and congruence at every level. You cannot have quality in one area and not another. And, quality is powerful, because, everybody recognizes it when they see it or experience it; they desire it more than any other attribute, and, when they can afford it, they will always choose it over lesser quality options. Once they have chosen the quality over the lesser quality, they will choose it again, and, they will tell their friends about it.


FERI Ladies Footwear Manufacturing Process from FERI on Vimeo.


This is exactly why it’s always better to associate yourself with all things that are primarily focused on quality and providing real value. I am not talking here about SAYING something is quality, but, to not HAVE TO say something is quality, because, the quality of a product or service speaks for itself. Haven’t you noticed that when companies get very large and begin to cut back on quality, they then do the completely illogical thing of taking the money they saved by cutting back on quality and investing it in advertising campaigns that focus on lying to you about how high quality their products or service is to try to convince you that, just because they say it’s high quality, despite the obvious fact that it isn’t, it, somehow, is.

In the short term for some young and inexperienced people, and, in the case of certain not very bright people who trust what they are told over their own appraisal of things, this strategy may seem to be a logical, however, it doesn’t work for intelligent people who know that things are not what people are told they are, rather they are what they actually are. The proof is in the pudding, is an enduring saying which applies to this situation, though I never understood why it was phrased that way! 


So, what is the point, here? The point is that quality is powerful. You can count on quality to see you through. You can bank on quality to not let you down. You can lean on quality to sustain your business, because, everybody loves quality. True, some people cannot afford quality, and, this is why the highest grades of quality are usually only available to wealther people. This is not a bad thing, because, there are plenty of wealthy people around, and, they love to spend their money on quality stuff.

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