Why Making Money is Not Enough to Feel that You’ve “Made It”

Many of us desire to increase our income for a variety of reasons, but, I would say that most of us don’t understand fully what it is to be successful in life, outside of learning how to be as loving as we can be to all the people God has put in our lives.

In the material world, it is materials that sum up success. A lot of money can help you have that, but, what good is having a lot of stuff, if you can’t enjoy your stuff and your life with your peers? This is the secret behind the higher class. They know that it’s not their stuff that brings them happiness, but, living their life interacting with and experiencing the fruits of their labor with others who have worked hard and smart to achieve this level of income and, yes, status.

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If you make a lot of money, but, hide in your big house, in one room, behind a computer screen, or, your best friends are your pets and you never get out of your pajamas, would you think this is a formula for satisfaction of life? I dare say, “no.” I would rather have far less material things and have a happy life, going out, eating exotic foods in new restaurants, going to the show, exploring, traveling, and, looking fantastic, every day!

Have you ever wondered why the people who dress immaculately and drive beautiful cars and hang out with the elite seem so carefree? It’s not because of their money… it’s because they are enjoying their lives and feeling secure enough that they can spend their money without paranoia or fear of how anyone may perceive them and their chosen lifestyle. People who are concerned with how they are judged can never enter the world of the “rich and famous.” Being overly humble in the material world is overrated and only gets you a life of backed up bills and working 4 jobs and hopelessness.

It’s not that we shouldn’t care for those who have less… because, they, indeed sometimes don’t have enough to cover their needs, and being one who donates a lot to charity is the sign of a person who doesn’t see themselves as superior, but, simply as blessed enough with overflow to help others. And, this I firmly believe – share, share, share your wealth, but also spend it, live it, BE it. You can’t take it with you, so, enjoy!

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