Why it’s Wise to Question What we Think

We think we know so much… In truth, we just THINK we know so much, when, perhaps what we think we know may not be what it really is. Have you noticed that so many people can have so many different beliefs about the same thing? Haven’t you also ever been in a situation where you thought you’re doing something smart/wise, but, later realize – as it turns out to be a total waste of time – that what you had thought was right turned out to be totally wrong? I know I’ve had that happen one too many times.

Why am I bringing up this subject? Because, I like to write about mind-bending and thought provoking subjects. Nah, the real reason is because in the world of marketing, it’s easy to be exposed to (what often turns out to be false) infromation that helps form our judgments, which leads to our thinking that what we think we know is fact. This is why we must question what we think we know… because the info that lead to these conclusions is often “fake,” or, specifically intended to deceive us into believing something which is probably not realistic or legitimate.

The world of marketing is, by nature, the world of hype. One can hype truth and one can hype misrepresentation of reality. We’ll never be able to get rid of hype, because, that’s, essentially, what promotion is about. Some hype is eloquent, and other hype is done in the highest form of tackiness that exists. Doesn’t “tacky hype” make you sick or at least somewhat suspicious about its legitimacy? It does me. I consider that a blessing, because I abhor being duped and “taken for a ride” on my dime!

In my experience, the less “hypey” something sounds, the more believeable to me it is. I’ve noticed that the products and services with the highest value do the least amount of advertising or promotion. Why? Because the quality that they offer speaks for itself. When you discover something – anything – be it a tangible or intangible thing, you immediately tell others about it. This is the real way that the news of things of value are usually disseminated in the world – not through hype or a barrage of advertisements. Yes, advertising can speed up that process, and, that’s what it’s supposed to be for. It’s not supposed to be to lie to people.

The more ridiulously something is hyped, the less I believe it. Statements such as “crush” the competition, “massive income,” “push button” system, “make money while you sleep,” “effortless” income, “automatic” money, etc., are really just absurd, farcical statements and false promises meant to trick you to believe in easy money and avoid looking at the disclaimers, often hidden far from site, which state that you may not make back your initial investment, may never make any money whatsoever, and may likely lose money. This is the reality of any and all programs, no matter how legitimate. It’s also true that one can succeed in just about any program, but, if you use lies to do it, don’t expect your success to be sustainable, nor expect to get many good night’s sleeps.

So, how to distinguish the real from the unreal? Well, it’s not always easy, but, it IS possible. First thing to do is to not believe anything you hear, at first. And, especially run in the other direction, if you are being pressured, in any way, to proceed with joining or paying anything. If it’s legitimate, you have plenty of time to consider it carefully and make an informed choice. Ignore those countdown timers, One-Time-Offers (OTO’s), or any other device designed to instill a sense of urgency used by companies to prevent you from actually weighing the pros and cons and checking scam alerts and complaints online.

And, can you trust “reviews” online about any particular program? Often you cannot, because, many of these are published by members who want to intercept you with these fake reviews. Sometimes the companies themselves publish these, and there are often YouTube videos that say things like, “Before you Join X&X Opportunity, Read the Real Facts, click here.” These are often videos specifically placed to intercept those who are trying to find truthful, impartial, accurate and unprejudiced information.

What I have found that works best is the “wait and see” approach. Ignore everything anyone says and watch carefully. Eventually, you will see if the company is real and true, because, it will last, and more and more people will say good things about it, in a non-hypey, honest, conversational way. This is when you can begin to believe it a bit. Sometimes you may have to dig deep to find out what’s really going on, and, as tedious and time consuming that can be, it’s better than losing your shirt and hundreds if not thousands of your precious hours to later find out it was avery costly and a total waste of your precious time.

I represent a company that’s a perfect fit for the right person. For that right person, it has the potential – not guarantee – of an exciting lifestyle and a very large income. To learn more about whether this is a good fit for you, please look at this page, which tells you all the facts. Keep in mind that you will need to apply very high standards of professionalism and the highest work ethics, plus develop top intercommunication skills and you must love people, or, you will not do well with it, or with any program. Take a look here, and, make your own judgment, based on real information. Thank you!

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