“We Don’t Make Shoes, We Make Luxury Transportation” ~ FERI

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C’mon, don’t lie… If you could, you would purchase designer quality products. What we tend to do, when we don’t have the income to comfortably do so, we criticize others who purchase ultra-high quality designer merchandise, frankly, because we don’t want to admit that we are disgruntled that we can’t afford the best. And, that’s the subject of this story. The products that cost more are worth the price. I didn’t say that they might be more expensive than they ought to be, but, they ARE the best, and, that quality will show in the look, the level of comfort, and the longevity of the item.

So, let’s say you are working hard, and, you want to get rich. That’s a great mission! Why not? Better rich than poor. But, have you ever thought that you could be working with the rich and dressing like the rich, as you get rich? You can with GWT – Global Wealth Trade – the NAME says it ALL. GWT is the marketing arm of FERI designer luxury goods, that, not only is the fastest growing designer brand, but, has also just introduced their new designer skin care line, FERI Flawless!

This is all I’ve got to say: Quality will always be in style, and I can say Quality will never go out of style. Either way. And, there will always be a market for it. The people who can afford it, want it, and buy it, and, they not only love the products, but, they attach some of their self-worth to the items, therefore, you don’t even have to convince anyone to buy. They will come knocking down your door, when they realize that you can get them this merchandise, conveniently delivered to their door, at a discount.

Yes, these are the exciting things you can get proudly behind, as you make your own fashion fortune. And, since the addition of the skin care line, you now have even more ways to make lots and lots of money, fast. This it not even to mention the recruitment method of earning. In fact, there are over a half-dozen ways to make money with GWT, all while you drive around, rub shoulders with the elite, looking fabulous; being fabulous.

If you’re tired of dressing like you forgot to get out of your “at home” clothes each time you go out, and would prefer to have people turn their heads, wondering if they just spotted a celebrity… if you are tired of living small and are ready to LIVE LARGE…  if you are tired of making $5, $10, $17, $37 at a time, and wouldn’t mind making $150, $750, $3,000, $15,000 at a time… contact me, Roderick Mackenzie ~ Fashionpreneur. I will show you how easy it is to rise to the top and become the cream of the crop! Also, you can check out my link, here, for more info on how to join. Thanks! 

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