The History of Fashion – Part 5 of Many

A great source for fashionistas, The Business of Fashion, publishes many resources and information for fashion lovers. Below, we are sharing some content from their Fashion Education Course. This is the first installment. Here’s what the “BoF” says about the History of Fashion:

The history of fashion is a history of people. During this past century, it was the couturiers and designers that laid the foundations of the modern fashion industry we know today. The liberation of women from corseted confinement, the creation of ready-to-wear clothing, logos, licensing, window displays, lifestyle brands, fashion shows, marketing and even protection of intellectual property rights, are each a direct result of the ingenuity, bravery and creative genius of individuals who were in their lifetimes stylistic and societal visionaries.

Schiaparelli designs (1929) | Source: Flickr/Laura Loveday
Schiaparelli designs (1929) | Source: Flickr/Laura Loveday

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