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Give Yourself the Gift of a Much Better 2018

I’m sure most of you have heard about the effect it has on us when we surround ourselves with any group of people… “they” rub off on us… more than we might realize. Their habits, their attitudes… almost all of whom they decided they think they are – what type of person; wealthy or poor, healthy or sickly, fit or out of shape, positive or negative, ashamed or proud, etc., etc.

So, why not surround yourself with the most successful people around? How could it hurt? Well, it can’t. By finding a way to be around people of exceptional success, you will find yourself becoming exceptionally successful yourself. And, we’re not talkin’ just making a lot of money, but, knowing how to live that luxury lifestyle that makes working so hard and smart worth the while that it took to get that way.

I have written many press releases on this subject, and, I still think most people don’t get it. It’s not about making more money. It’s about realizing that making money is all about enjoying life more. It’s OKAY to be rich and to “flaunt” it. Actually, it’s not really flaunting it to wear the nicest clothing and drive the most wonderful cars and take the most expensive vacations, etc., that’s just the way people who can’t afford those things interpret it.

Throw “guilt” out the window. If you are not into marketing to make your life exponentially better, then, you will just find that all that effort you are exerting will not make you feel any better than you did in that regular job you hated. Time to climb the social ladder to the top and learn what it is to be “fabulous.” Believe me, the people up there don’t have any desire to go back to being “regular” people. They like having the goodies that only money can buy. Why not join them?

You can, with Global Wealth Trade… To learn more about how you can make millions with the designer luxury goods business, click here. And, finally have that breakthrough year that you never thought possible before. Thank you and GOD BLESS!

Make 2018 Your BEST Year Yet! Don’t Settle for Normal

It’s really up to you. It’s ALWAYS up to you. You are where you are because it’s where you have chosen to be. It’s not because of the “stars” or because of happenstance or coincidence or fate. Things happen or don’t happen because it’s what we choose and/or settle with, which is also a choice. Sure, if you don’t yet realize that you were designed for Greatness, then, take all the time you need, to figure it out. Good luck.

But, for those of us who have come to that realization already, then, you already know that “normal” is really not that fantastic. When has “normal” ever been “fabulous”? Never. There’s a difference between standard/common/plain, and extaordinary/unusual/lavish. Is YOUR life standard or extraordinary? Is it common or unusual, plain or lavish? Whatever the answer is, it’s that way, because, it’s what you have accepted; chosen.

Now, let’s not be so hard on ourselves. Our egos always want us to feel small, even if we have it all. It’s not just about how many zeros are at the end of our bank balance sheet. It’s about not feeling like a zero, no matter how much money we have. What it’s really about is life experience. How can you enjoy life, if you surround yourself with people who have a “poor” mindset? There are more and more wealthy people who live like they have money problems! They drive in old, low quality cars, dress in Walmart clothing. Don’t live that way. It’s not living!

Have a transformative 2018. Not just a little more money. A completely revamping of your life experience. Don’t just go for the silver and gold. Choose the platinum and diamonds in 2018 – Global Wealth Trade. The creme of the creme of network marketing. Designer Luxury Goods and High Fashion on steroids. Give YOURSELF a real gift this season: Click here to learn a little more about it.


Give the Gift That Keeps on Giving – Designer Luxury Goods!

This is the real stuff worthy buying and worth giving for Christmas gifts

How many times must I remind you – Quality counts. It counts in everything we do, everything we buy, everything we give. Engaging in the giving or exchanging of poor quality anything results in low quality returns. This is true in relationships, in business, and in material possessions you buy yourself or your loved ones. And, don’t forget, what you give is an indicator of who you think you are, what status you believe you are in, and what you think of the recipient of the gift.

Don’t cheap out on anything! Especially your loved ones. For one thing, if somebody is not really special to you, don’t buy them a gift. It’s insincere. Instead, choose the few people in your life that really matter and buy them a quality gift. Why? Because, you will feel better about it, and they will feel better about it. If you think about it, we should all refuse to become involved with anything of low quality. It’s bad karma.

Buy a gift worthy of your loved one

You now have the rare chance to save up to 50% on top quality, world-class, unmatched top designer luxury goods and high fashion garments and accessories; designer handbags, designer shoes, designer women’s clothing, men’s suits, ties, watches, jewelry, heirlooms and even designer skin care products.

Not only THAT, but, you don’t have to take an afternoon off of work to sneak off to the fancy part of town and visit a high brow boutique and pay top dollar. You can now order online and have the items delivered to your home or office. Plus, if you become a VIP buyer, you’ll save more and get some really cool bonuses.

Don’t wait – only 5 days left to save! You can have the truly perfect gift for that special someone taken care of with a few clicks of your mouse. Do it now. Click here to view the selection of find products and order today!

Last Week to Save 50% on Designer Luxury Gifts for the Special Ones on your List

Designer Luxury Goods, Designer high fashion gifts

People DO equate your level of appreciation for them with the quality of the gift you give them at Christmas. Sure, it’s great to save money on low quality stuff, but, no matter how much you save, it’s still low qualty stuff. Do better this year – save up to 50% on world-class ultra-high quality finely crafted merchandise of superb beauty and longevity, by purchasing FERI designer luxury goods, high fashion clothing, watches, jewelry, handbags, shoes, ties, etc., and on FERI’s own designer skincare line, FERI Flawless – also discounted.


Not only are you able to get steep discounts on this authentic designer’s fine quality apparel and other goodies, but, you also don’t have to drive to an expensive boutique, wait in line, then spend top dollar, either. It’s so easy nowadays to shop online, and, you can quickly order fantastically gorgeous gifts for your loved ones, and have them delivered to your home or office, in the utmost of convenience. Show them you REALLY believe they are rare and beautiful by giving them something that’s rare and beautiful.

You can never go wrong by investing to show your true feelings, but, why pay top dollar and have to be so inconvenienced? Now, you don’t. Plus, if you sign up to become a VIP shopper online, you will received additional discounts and other benefits. Don’t waste any time, since the sale ends on the 15th of December. Click here now.

Giving is the Only Way to Feel Like You’ve Received

give, generosity, money, giving, spending, money energy

People get confused about why people work so hard and for so many years, sacrificing so much, to accumulate wealth. And, the reason that they get confused is because, once they get there – big money in the bank – they don’t feel any better; about themselves, or about the world. Of course this would be confusing. But, there are reasons behind this.

Money is a form of energy. It’s impossible to “trap it,” as in putting it in a bank account, and not feeling like you have imprisoned yourself. What good does money in the bank do to anyone but the bank? It won’t help you there. And, the future is absolutely uncertain. You could die tomorrow – we all could. All that work you invested in that created all this money-energy needs to be spent – kept moving – so that the void or vacuum in your bank account can be refilled by God’s ever-giving Grace.

Not only will keeping the highway of financial flow moving make you feel purposeful and satisfied, it will also give you a chance to give to those who are less fortunate than yourself, AND to yourself! There is virtually nobody alive who would not prefer to dress in fine hand-crafted designer clothing and accessories than cheap “equivalents” found at your local discount store. The only thing that keeps people from doing it are, a) feeling unworthy and uncomfortable looking so good and so successful, or, b) they simply can’t afford the superior grade merchandise.

But, the ultra rich who come from “old money” have no problem with either of those, because they are used to living with a silver spoon in their mouths. Is this a bad thing? No. Is this a sin? No. It’s just what they are accustomed to. Do they become poor because they spend their money on nice things? No. More money just comes in to replace the money they spent. Now, some of these people may not be very charitable. And, this is something that is between them and God, and, I can guarantee you that they are not proud of that fact, but, it’s almost certain that they are in denial of that discomfort. Still, this is not the subject of this article.

 millionaire, billionaire, celebrity, wealthy lifestyle

What I am trying to say is this. It’s not about accumulating money. The joy is in the GIVING. Giving to others, and giving to yourself. God doesn’t care who you give to. So long as you give. It’s always nice and I believe very important to give to those who have nothing or very little, but, don’t leave yourself out of the equation. After all, you are the one who sacrificed so much to get it. And, don’t be silly. Allow yourself to get rich, and spend that money on the finer things in life. The happiest people on earth are the ones who have worked hard and realize that they earned their goodies and deserve to have them.

Now, if you want to be in that world – the world of people who are rich and love it and spend their money, guiltessly, you can! And, not only would you get rich doing it, but, you’d learn to stop feeling guilty for being rich, and you’d learn to stop storing it away and not spending it. Nobody has ever said that having money and spending money is evil. It’s the love of money over people that causes us to feel guilty. So, don’t love your money by being possessive with it – spend it! If you want to have a part in this transaction of big money for wonderful things, click here. You will learn how easy it is to become like the ultra-successful people, by being around them, and becoming accustomed to their thought systems and mindset. It’s the express route to feeling fulfilment, in wordly terms.

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Put Their Money Where Your Wallet Is

Last time I checked, we were all trying to figure out how to make more money. How about turning to the people who have the most money for an example? They put their money where their wallet is, but, they don’t leave it there… they spend it! Sometimes, they invest their money, other times, they just spend it on goodies. Why? Because, what’s the point of making a lot of money, which takes quite a bit of energy and time, then just letting it accumulate dust?

This is the secret to financial abundance. Keep the money in motion. The richest people understand this. They are almost as busy spending their money as they are making it. And, this is where you, as a wise person, can capitalize on that. Money is a form of energy. If it’s stagnant, or, if it’s kept from circulating… moving… it then stops its all-important flow, which is also what makes it get bigger. All energy must be free and allowed to be what it is. Rich people know this, and, because they understand the concept, are not afraid to spend what they have.

Go where the money is... the rich and get that wealthy lifestyle that you deserve.

As wildly lucrative as it can be, few people cater to the rich. Their logic is that there aren’t that many rich people, so, it can’t be a lucrative idea to focus on them. But, the rich are increasing in number, and, because, they like to spend a lot of money, you can make a lot of money with not as many people. Plus, they are fiercely loyal customers, and love to refer you to their rich friends at the country club, if you provide them with the outstanding and superior service that they like.

So, why not put their money where your wallet is? You can, with Global Wealth Trade. There’s never been a better time to get involved in the world of designer luxury goods. If you are in the slightest bit comfortable with changing your friends to the most successful people on earth, and becoming like your clients, then, click here for more information. Thanks so much!

designer clothing, designer watches, designer handbags, designer shoes, mens clothing, womens clothing

Nothing Says “I Love You” Like a Designer Luxury Goodie

Buy them something truly worth giving this holiday season

Maybe you don’t know it, but, people really like to get a nice gift. Something that costs more and proves that they mean something very special to the person giving the gift. Something uncommonly beautiful and that lasts a very long time. A lovely ultra-high quality designer luxury goodie that turns heads and feels so comfortable to wear. Who wouldn’t rather wear a meticulously handcrafted shoe that fits like a glove over a cheap plasticky shoe made by the tens-of-thousands on a machine?

This holiday season, be more generous. Go the extra mile. Buy the better product. What? You don’t want to spend so much or have to go to these fancy boutiques and be made to feel uncomfortable or pressured, or fight traffic and not be able to find a parking spot? Don’t blame you for that… But, gone are the days when that is the only way you can buy top quality merchandise. Really, you say? Yes, really. This is the 21st Century, my friend.

haute couture, glam, chic, style, VIP, luxury lifestyle, millionaire, billionaire

Now, you can order, at a rather steep discount, authentic designer luxury goods and high fashion garments, and accessories online, and have them shipped directly to your home or office. Now, there’s not longer a valid excuse – unless you just want to cheap-out – as to why you wouldn’t spend a little more to prove that you love somebody exceptionally much. Yes, I know – most of us know – that it’s not about material stuff that love is made of, and, no matter how many goodies you might buy somebody, if you don’t treat them well, they won’t be fooled into thinking you appreciate them. First, you must love them, for real.

But, why not make somebody get chills and feel oh-so-loved and buy them something really indicative of your appreciation for them. This is your chance to do it at an up to 50% discount, if you go online now, and check out what lovely gift you think she or he would love most to open up on Christmas Day. Click here to view the selection online. Thank you for not being afraid to give decently this holiday season. Enjoy your Christmas this year and may God increase you in ever way for 2018. Bye for now.

Save up to 50% on authentic designer luxury goods when purchased online before Dec 15th, 2017

Forget Black Friday – Buy Serious Quality Designer Goods at 50% Off NOW!

Don’t be fooled. People WILL attribute how much you appreciate them in your lives with the quality of the gift you purchase them this holiday season. Sure, it’s great to save money on crap, but, no matter how much you save, it’s still crap. Do better this year – save money on world-class ultra-high quality finely crafted merchandise of superb beauty and longevity by purchasing FERI designer luxury goods, high fashion garments, watches, jewelry, handbags, shoes, ties, etc., and accessories and/or on FERI’s new designer skin care line, FERI Flawless – now on sale.


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NOW – Not only can you purchase the finest quality gifts you can buy your loved ones quickly and easily online, but, save BIG and have these items shipped right to your home or office… plus, become a VIP member and save even MORE. No longer do you have to be spooked by the higher price for these same items at the brick and mortar boutiques, you can shop convenienty from your home or even your smartphone and have the items shipped to you. No more finding parking, fighting traffic and/or long lines. This is definitely shopping in the 21st Century, made easy – only by FERI.

Also, if you have ever considered entering into a career in the excitintg world of designer luxury goods and high fashion, you can quickly earn a rather overflowing income, much easier than you might have ever thought. Click here for more info on that. And, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! 

“Follow the Money” to Have Money

haute couture, bespoke, mens suits, mens shoes

It’s never too late to make a better choice. Don’t forget the statistics, which are very clear: at least 98% of people attempting to make a significant income, with online or network marketing, fail. This is a LOT of people, and, you probably fall within that 98%. Why? Because it’s NOT easy. It’s not a matter of “pushing a button” to succeed. It’s not something you can just go out there and successfully do without training, tools and an investment of money. Time and will simply won’t cut it, sorry.

I have always wondered why people think that an online business doesn’t qualify as a business? Nobody thinking of opening a “brick and mortar” conventional business could ever think they could just succeed without renting a space, coming up with decent branding and great signage and proper promotion and investing in equipment and inventory, do they? Of course not. Why would you think differently about online marketing? It’s exactly the same thing.

elite, VIP, millionaire, billionaire, upper class, celebrity lifestyle, wealthy lifestyle, rich and famous

Perhaps, back in the early days, it was more possible to just post affiliate links like mad in Facebook groups and hope to meet with some success… but, c’mon! Those days are way over. People completely ignore those posts. Why wouldn’t they? Anyone with common sense can see that companies simply get naive people to give them their time and energy to post things like crazy all over the place and that all of these “bizops” are, essentially, the same – far more fluff than substance. Far more hype than value. And, many of these same people have already learned the hard way and been duped or tricked or lost money and got nothing in return.

So, what to do? Follow the money! Where people spend money is where the value is to be found. The most money is spent by those who have the most money. And, this class of people love to spend their money on the stuff they want. What’s that? It’s superior quality world-class first-rate master-crafted merchandise that cannot be compared to junk stuff mass-produced by low-integrity companies intended to provide the lowest possible grade product for maximum profit from the largest number of people. The very rich are uncommon and they desire products of uncommon quality and beauty. This is where the money is!

Of course, if you don’t care about providing value, and, have no problem with making money off the backs of people’s hopes, leaving them hopeless and broke, yet “succeeding,” because you have figured out how to do this in a “massive” way so you can make lots of money off screwing lots of people over, then, well, maybe money is enough to make you “happy.” But, if you actually care about providing value for the money; find it important to make lifelong friends, and to have deep feelings of fulfillment by the creation of very happy loyal customers for life, then, you might want to look at Global Wealth Trade.

designer shoes, designer jewelry, designer handbags, designer ties, designer clothing, menswear, womenswear

Global Wealth Trade is all about quality and value. Yeah, the stuff is expensive, but, it’s worth it. There’s a growing global market for this type of merchandise, but a small minority of people actually catering to this class of people. Those who do are making up to 70% commissions on sales (in the multi-thousands) and also earning income from building a downline who do the same. The ability to become a millionaire with GWT is very real. In fact, they have created more millionaires more quickly than just about any other MLM in the history of MLM’s.

Why mess with tiny, fluff-filled nonsense, or, try to numb yourself from the guilt you deny feeling by getting rich off of innocent naive people’s hopes and dreams; selling them nothing of real value, after you, essentially, tricked them into paying you for the nothing they give you their hard-earned money for? Better to be happy and rich, instead of just rich. How? Get involved in a REAL business model whose products’ value cannot be denied. Never can much satisfaction be found in aluminum and tin grade businesses. Forget the small-time and go for the gold and silver and platinum and diamond class of business opportunities – Global Wealth Trade. If you believe in yourself enough, then cick to learn more: http://goo.gl/B0g5fs. Thanks!

Fashion will Never go out of Style Anymore than Self Expression Could

make a fortune with fashion and designer luxury goods

Fashion is here to stay… in fact, it’s been here as long as self expression. Not only is style fascinating and intriguing, it can also be quite stunningly beautiful or compelling or intentionally repelling. Whatever you think it is, it’s there as a way for people to express who they are without words. And, we don’t really get to choose our style. It’s just who we are. As we change, we find our style choices change. This is one of the aspects of it that makes it enduring. Only a tiny percentage of people overlook style, and, those people just happen to focus their attention on much more complicated thinking, which is fine.

work-at-home or work-from-home make money online and earn money wealthy lifestyle business opportunity

Albert Einstein was made famous for a lot of things, most of which were his right-brain activities, but, did you know that – despite the fact that he had many of the exact same suits in his closet (so he didn’t have to think about what to wear) – he also was quite fashionable in his own way; look at his hair, for example and the fact that he always looked the same. That’s the point = fashion is inevitable, and so is the fashion industry.

Speaking of the fashion industry – it’s a multi-billion dollar business and it has a higher-end segment which draws to it the wealthiest and most successful people on earth, spending huge amounts of money to purchase exquisite master-crafted merchandise. Why do they do this? Because, these products are much better than commonly available non-designer non-handmade merchandise. There will always be a demand for superior quality merchandise and YOU can make a huge income by helping the rich to have the products they crave and have no problem at all in paying for, over and over again.

designer clothes, womenswear, menswear, womens clothing, mens clothing, designer handbags, designer shoes

So… if you go “gaga” over Gucci, if you get high on high fashion, if you faint at the site of beautiful shoes, jewelry or handbags, or a bespoke suit or designer glasses or a fine watch, then, why not make your “fortune with fashion?” It’s actually fun and easy work; it’s an exciting lifestyle, and ultra-lucrative in every way. For more info on this incredible opportunity to not just get wealthy, but also climb to the top of the social ladder, click here. Thanks for reading.


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