Stylewatch: Gigi Hadid goes on a family outing with Versace

Versace’s campaign for autumn/winter 2016.
Versace’s campaign for autumn/winter 2016. Photograph: Versace

Have Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik split up? This was the burning question of Friday afternoon. If Versace’s advertising campaign, featuring Hadid and shot by Bruce Weber, is anything to go by, it is indeed #ripzigi. Forget Karlie Kloss and bag on the left of this picture and instead study Gigi and friends. Sure, this is all pretend – as far as we know, the model doesn’t live in Chicago or have two children and a handsome, bearded partner in a biker jacket – but it’s a scenario that suits her (one that has more than a little resemblance to Andre and Rhonda in Empire, but that’s another story). With expensive hair, flawless outerwear, no less than two handbags, not to mention a little girl in a Versace-branded buggy, perhaps Versace have predicted Hadid’s future. Whether or not Malik will have a part to play in it remains unclear.

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