Raise the Bar, Raise your Income


Help others to look amazing, and get paid to do it! Not only that, you get to dress the part of the ultra-successful, rub shoulders with the elite, and be accepted into their tight little circles, thereby positioning yourself to have sopme of their success “rub off” on you.

Maybe you have heard about this opportunity, but think it’s silly… like, “Who in the world cares or would pay $4,000 for a pair of boots?” Um, the answer is rich people, ultra-rich people, and people who are climbing the ladder of success, that’s who. And, not only do they WANT to dress in the highest quality designer high fashion garments and accessories, it’s virtually a REQUIREMENT to their level of status and financial stature.

The elite have a very strict dress code. They are to dress in the finest and most beautiful, finest made clothing available. Not only do these clothes and accessories look fantastic, they also are incredibly comfortable and last a very, very long time. Most of these items, because they come from designers with the highest standards, will often place a life-time guarantee on most items purchased.

These products are of such high quality and value that often their worth grows instead shrinks, many of these luxury designer goods can be given as heirlooms. Believe me, there’s money to be made offering the items that the very well-to-do not only want, but MUST HAVE. And, once you begin to attract these people to your website, where they can purchase these items online, they will continue to buy through you and tell their friends. Before you know it, there will be a steady income stream from the items bought through your e-commerce luxury online store.

Now, that’s just one income stream… the other is what you will make from your downline, and the compensation plan offered by GWT is as fine a quality as the products offered. In fact, the compensation plan is so amazing, that it’s attracting seasoned professionals that already have fantastic careers and some of the top marketers in the world. Why? Because, this is the real thing. Real MLM with amazing, sought-after products that attract the wealthiest people who have money and desire to buy what you are “selling.”

If you like the idea of not only having money, but looking amazing all the time, making friends with the elite and becoming like them, this is the way. Contact me here and I will help you get started for much less money than you could have ever expected. With GWT, the only requirement is a Passion for Fashion, a good attitude and a strong work ethic. No special skills, connections or big capital are required!

If you, on the other hand, just want to stay in your home office, dressed in your pajamas, working unshaved with messy hair, then, I’m afraid this is not for you, my friend. Thank you for considering this opportunity to truly be “on top of the world!” Fashionably yours, Roderick Mackenzie ~ Fashionpreneur

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