Only Biz-Ops That Offer Value are Worth Joining



Here’s the truth of the matter. The richest people in internet marketing are the ones who build their own biz-op platform/program, promote it with a ton of hype and false promises, rake in as much money as they can from all of the nearly free promotion they get from all the sincere marketers who have been duped, go on for a year or two, then vanish, having walked away with millions, while 98% of their affiliates never made a substantial income, often not even recovering the cost of joining in the first place.

Don’t do that. Be different. Understand what makes sense. If you offer something that has no real value, the company that offers it cannot last, because, they will lose most of their affiliates, and, eventually, may be getting chased by some governing agency that tries to control the rampant scamming that keeps cropping up, disguised as the “next big thing,” with the “biggest launch since lunch.” It’s all crap, to be honest, and, I like to be honest. Of course, there are definitely hundreds of quality programs that offer value, but, they still remain the minority.

GWT, aka Global Worth Trade, is the marketing arm of FERI luxury designer goods. FERI makes the highest quality high fashion garments and luxury accessory products available in the world, today. The level of quality attracts the top 10% of people who have worked hard to earn the money to pay for such amazing products. These products are of such worth, that often their value increases, instead of decreases, and some of the items can be given away as heirlooms, and be handed down from generation to generation. Who wants these items? The rich and powerful, and those who want to have the rewards of their hard work and live the lifestyle of lavish luxury that comes with ultra-success.

Why not cater to these people? They have the money to pay for it, and, they want it. GWT has the best compensation plan on the planet. Read this recent press release I published that talks about it, and gives a testimony of one young man who has made it to a millionaire with GWT. Click here to read the PR.

It’s entirely possible to achieve greatness with GWT. Hang with the wealthy and successful, and, you will be sucked upward to their tight-knit circle of elite friends. Why not live the high life? If you want to remain mediocre and market less than valuable products or services to “newbies” who are not knowledgeable enough to know better, then so be it. But, if you want to rise to the top, and be the creme of the crop, join me now, and let’s climb that ladder of fashion success to the top of the world. God BLESS and I hope to hear from you with the wise choice to join GWT. GOD BLESS!


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