Make Lots of Money with High Fashion but Keep Your Heart

The age old saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is” most often… well, not true and not good. This is not necessarily the case, however, as is any generalization you have heard or any judgment you have made, because beliefs are subject on variables often beyond our own mind.

With that said, from my experience, in the world of marketing, I have found that if it sounds too “hypey” to be true, then it’s extremely unlikely. Worth needs no hype. Truth needs no defense. Reality needs no push to be real. And, you can really tell whether something is real or not, without being convinced or deceived. Sincerity speaks louder than any shouted words can.

Some marketing research has shown that it can take over 7 contacts for somebody to even begin to consider something. But, in my personal experience, it has taken 1 contact to close a sale, when I am sincere, real, and don’t make it about making the sale. Sure, it’s important to represent a business opportunity that has value and is not fake, as the first step. But, if you see your prospect as only a prospect; you quickly pre-qualify them so you can move on to the next prospect and not “waste your valuable time” if they are not “qualified,” you will not be good at marketing, and, you will not be good at closing sales, and, you will not be very happy. 

Why? Because, it’s not so much WHAT we market, but WHY we market. We are supposed to be doing this to make the prospect’s life better after we “finish” with them than when we began. Is our product or service perfect for everyone – no matter how “good” it is? The answer is NO. If a person cannot be easily lead to see how what we are marketing would be a great benefit to their lives, then, it isn’t. How can I say that? Easily. Something is either fantastic or not, but, not so much because of what it IS, but because of whether the prospect believes it is. So, our job is to #1) Care about the prospect, #2) Ask qualifying questions, and #3) If they qualify, quickly get them to benefit from what you are offering by pointing out how what you are offering satisifes their needs or solves their problems. If they do not qualify, meaning that they don’t want it or believe it, you don’t just mark them off your list. You remain true and real friends for a lifetime.

We have the most enjoyable work in the world, but, only if you realize what it is that we are being paid to do. It’s not about selling products or getting as many people to join something as possible. It’s about helping and improving the lives of as many people that we possibly can, and, often that is by finding out quickly that they do not qualify, then, using our hearts to provide them with something more valuable than anything this world has to offer – real, sincere, unconditional brotherly or sisterly love and friendship. Know your product/service. Believe that it’s fantastic for the right people. Make lots of friends, and, make all the money you can, but, never, ever hurt somebody by seeing them as a number and or selling them something that they don’t want, need or that will not leave them better off than they were before. Thank you!

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