Make 2018 Your BEST Year Yet! Don’t Settle for Normal

It’s really up to you. It’s ALWAYS up to you. You are where you are because it’s where you have chosen to be. It’s not because of the “stars” or because of happenstance or coincidence or fate. Things happen or don’t happen because it’s what we choose and/or settle with, which is also a choice. Sure, if you don’t yet realize that you were designed for Greatness, then, take all the time you need, to figure it out. Good luck.

But, for those of us who have come to that realization already, then, you already know that “normal” is really not that fantastic. When has “normal” ever been “fabulous”? Never. There’s a difference between standard/common/plain, and extaordinary/unusual/lavish. Is YOUR life standard or extraordinary? Is it common or unusual, plain or lavish? Whatever the answer is, it’s that way, because, it’s what you have accepted; chosen.

Now, let’s not be so hard on ourselves. Our egos always want us to feel small, even if we have it all. It’s not just about how many zeros are at the end of our bank balance sheet. It’s about not feeling like a zero, no matter how much money we have. What it’s really about is life experience. How can you enjoy life, if you surround yourself with people who have a “poor” mindset? There are more and more wealthy people who live like they have money problems! They drive in old, low quality cars, dress in Walmart clothing. Don’t live that way. It’s not living!

Have a transformative 2018. Not just a little more money. A completely revamping of your life experience. Don’t just go for the silver and gold. Choose the platinum and diamonds in 2018 – Global Wealth Trade. The creme of the creme of network marketing. Designer Luxury Goods and High Fashion on steroids. Give YOURSELF a real gift this season: Click here to learn a little more about it.


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