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GWT’s NEW Way to Shop-til-you-Drop by Helping Others Do the Same! Join today for FREE!

You can earn retail profits and shopping credits by referring people to a top designer’s online e-boutique – at no cost to you!

Your friends who already shop will save time and money by shopping the e-boutique, and will thank you for providing them a way to shop for their favorite luxuries at an affordable price, delivered to their door!

The e-boutique offers Royalty Concierge Service, although it is an online store!

People consider time as precious as money. By referring them to your e-boutique, they will save both and you will earn money!

The e-boutique is open 24/7 and has sales events and season merchandise, perfect for gift-giving!

15 Reasons why to shop at the e-boutique vs. a brick and mortar store!

Jump up to Level 2 and experience the Industry BEST Retail Customer Loyalty Rewards Program!

You cannot lose by climbing up the ladder in this GWT affiliate program! Read these images carefully for what you get!

Here’s the Affiliate Marketing Program explained…

When shopping for all your personal shopping needs, earn up to 10% in shopping credits or convert to cash!

You can earn that 10% on up to 7 levels deep!

You can even transfer your credits onto your own GWT prepaid MasterCard, PayPal or Western Union!

Keep track of all your earnings and have full control in your back office!

Level 4 is where you take full control and make the most money by referring others who refer others to this program!

To learn more about this in detail and to have your questions answered, please contact me.

Just find people who love designer luxury goods and high fashion clothing, accessories and the like… they will be happy to have a convenient and more affordable way to shop!

Share using social media… If you are aggressive, you can quickly have many people sign up so you can begin to earn big! All with no investment on your part, initially at the earlier levels!