How Hard or Easy is it to Get Into the Fashion Industry?


If you were to ask a professional in the fashion industry how to start a career in the world of fashion, most of them would say something like the successful person who wrote the article, below:

The following article was written by Lauren Conrad and can be found here:

“One of the questions that I get asked by readers very frequently is how to pursue a career in fashion. I’ve given my advice on this topic before, but now that I have almost 10 years of experience under my belt, I thought I’d share my knowledge once again. Here it goes…

Don’t Confuse Loving Fashion With Wanting to Work in Fashion

Working in fashion is not always as glamorous as it seems. Just like any other highly competitive industry, you put in long hours and a lot of hard work to get where you want to be. It’s easy to confuse loving fashion with wanting to work in fashion, but they are two totally different things (kind of like how reading for pleasure is totally different than reading for a class you’re taking). For some people, it might make more sense to pour your effort into another career, and then spend some of those hard-earned dollars on a shopping trip! You have to really love the whole fashion industry to want to make it your career.

Explore Your Options

A lot of people might think that working in fashion only means being a designer or a magazine editor. But there are so many different roles within the industry. Keep your options open and find the position that is really right for you. Every fashion brand needs publicists, stylists, sales executives, marketing managers, and more to keep everything running. Find a way to apply your unique talents to a job that really suits you. Click here for some good resources on how to land an internship or job in this industry.

Intern or Assist

Learning from experience really is the best way to get started. If you’re still in school I recommend seeking out internships in the fashion industry. They will help you figure out what you want to do, what you don’t want to do, and give you an opportunity to learn from the ground up. If you’re already in the working world, be open to assistant positions. Even if it means getting coffee for someone, you will also be learning valuable skills at the same time. Stay humble, be nice, and I promise you will work your way up. Many successful fashion industry pros started out as someone’s assistant.

There you have it! I hope my tips inspire you to work hard and pursue your dream job.”

But, if you ask me, I would tell you it’s not so hard to “get a job” – or, really, start a career even – in the world of fashion as most people would tell you, because, there is a new way that has somewhat recently been introduced by a top luxury goods designer, wherein one could make a very handsome living by simply acting as representatives, or “walking billboards” for the designer – basically, getting dressed up in high fashion garments and wearing luxury accessories, and passing on your excitement about it to those who would admire the way you look.

You might be thinking, “how could this be? Could this be real?” And, my answer is, “yes!” There is only one requirement that is the same as the lady above mentioned, if you want to be successful at it – you must have a “passion for fashion,” otherwise, you will not do well… BUT, if you consider yourself a serious fashion lover, and may even consider yourself a “fashionista,” then, you can start just about any time with a tiny investment of under $170! Plus, no special skills, talents or connections are required to succeed in this particular fashion-related career.

If you like the idea of basically rubbing shoulders with the elite and VIP’s of the world… of spending time at cafes and special occasions with the ultra-successful and having them want to look like YOU, then, contact me, Roderick Mackenzie ~ fashionpreneur, so I can help you realize how easy, fun and extremely lucrative this opportunity can be for the right person.

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