Google’s Amazing 2017 Skin Care Trends Report

Google’s Amazing 2017 Skin Care Trends Report

With every query typed into a search bar, users provide a glimpse into their considerations and intentions. By compiling top searches, we’re able to render a strong representation of the population and gain insight
into their behavior.

In this Google Beauty Trends Report, we are excited to use Google data to identify and compare skin care trends across three different markets: U.S., France, and Japan.

The goal of this report is to help marketers, researchers, developers, and beauty mavens understand their global audiences and the trends that are top of mind. I am proud to share this iteration with you. It was put together by Olivier Zimmer & Yarden Horwitz – Trendspotting Project Leads, Google

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Key Takeaways

> Each market has distinct values when it comes to skin care.

Beauty can be experiential or clinical, depending on where you look. In the U.S. and France for instance, consumers view bathing as a way to create a personalized experience. In contrast, Japanese consumers highly prioritize understanding the science behind different beauty regimens and are quick to investigate new methods like carbonated beauty products.

> Skin care trends are spreading from market to market, despite different values.

Hoping for a crystal ball to reveal what’s next in beauty? Look abroad. Trends like masks saw traction in Japan and then traveled to the U.S., and trends like bath bombs took off in the U.S. and then picked up later in France. New regional trends that haven’t yet spread may indicate what’s coming next to the other markets.

> While trends spread across markets, they evolve differently within each market.

Although Japan is leading the way in terms of many skin care trends like masks, trends evolve differently in each market based on cultural behaviors and values. For instance, a trend in the U.S. may evolve to cross products and uses. France, on the other hand, will add an organic or natural spin to new trends…


If this is of interest to you and you would like to read the full, comprehensive report that would be of immense value to you, as a marketer who promotes skin care products/programs, please click here to receive the FREE full 78 page .pdf report published by Google Trends.

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