Giving is the Only Way to Feel Like You’ve Received

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People get confused about why people work so hard and for so many years, sacrificing so much, to accumulate wealth. And, the reason that they get confused is because, once they get there – big money in the bank – they don’t feel any better; about themselves, or about the world. Of course this would be confusing. But, there are reasons behind this.

Money is a form of energy. It’s impossible to “trap it,” as in putting it in a bank account, and not feeling like you have imprisoned yourself. What good does money in the bank do to anyone but the bank? It won’t help you there. And, the future is absolutely uncertain. You could die tomorrow – we all could. All that work you invested in that created all this money-energy needs to be spent – kept moving – so that the void or vacuum in your bank account can be refilled by God’s ever-giving Grace.

Not only will keeping the highway of financial flow moving make you feel purposeful and satisfied, it will also give you a chance to give to those who are less fortunate than yourself, AND to yourself! There is virtually nobody alive who would not prefer to dress in fine hand-crafted designer clothing and accessories than cheap “equivalents” found at your local discount store. The only thing that keeps people from doing it are, a) feeling unworthy and uncomfortable looking so good and so successful, or, b) they simply can’t afford the superior grade merchandise.

But, the ultra rich who come from “old money” have no problem with either of those, because they are used to living with a silver spoon in their mouths. Is this a bad thing? No. Is this a sin? No. It’s just what they are accustomed to. Do they become poor because they spend their money on nice things? No. More money just comes in to replace the money they spent. Now, some of these people may not be very charitable. And, this is something that is between them and God, and, I can guarantee you that they are not proud of that fact, but, it’s almost certain that they are in denial of that discomfort. Still, this is not the subject of this article.

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What I am trying to say is this. It’s not about accumulating money. The joy is in the GIVING. Giving to others, and giving to yourself. God doesn’t care who you give to. So long as you give. It’s always nice and I believe very important to give to those who have nothing or very little, but, don’t leave yourself out of the equation. After all, you are the one who sacrificed so much to get it. And, don’t be silly. Allow yourself to get rich, and spend that money on the finer things in life. The happiest people on earth are the ones who have worked hard and realize that they earned their goodies and deserve to have them.

Now, if you want to be in that world – the world of people who are rich and love it and spend their money, guiltessly, you can! And, not only would you get rich doing it, but, you’d learn to stop feeling guilty for being rich, and you’d learn to stop storing it away and not spending it. Nobody has ever said that having money and spending money is evil. It’s the love of money over people that causes us to feel guilty. So, don’t love your money by being possessive with it – spend it! If you want to have a part in this transaction of big money for wonderful things, click here. You will learn how easy it is to become like the ultra-successful people, by being around them, and becoming accustomed to their thought systems and mindset. It’s the express route to feeling fulfilment, in wordly terms.

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