Give Thanks That Your Cup Runneth Over

This is my favorite time of year, and, each year at this time, I not only give thanks for this blessed time of year, but I give thanks for the “attitude of gratitude” that is exhibited in greater measure during this season. Why is it that people tend to experience joy during the holidays more than at other times? Because of gratitude.

I have found that “Gratitude is the Attitude” for true gratification of life. It’s the attitude that plants a seed for abundance in every area of our life experience. How can we have more if we think we have little to nothing now? We are all so much more abundant than we will usually give thanks for, or acknowledge with a “nod to God.” When we count our blessings, the true awareness of how blessed we are naturally surfaces.

What matters is not matter, yet, we have lots of stuff in our lives – all of us do. Even homeless people walk around with shopping carts full of stuff, when, in actuality, they don’t need 90% of what they have – they just think they do. When we give thanks to God, we can thank him for our car, our home, and our possessions if we want, but, only when we give thanks for our lives, our family, friends, kids, and for every time God has come through for us by providing our needs and solving our problems – only then do we experience joy.

So, give thanks this season, and try to make it a habit for every day of the year, not just during the holidays. God created the world for our enjoyment, but, He refuses to force us to follow His Guide to a joyful life. He even went as far as to Bless Us forever with a living demonstration of what it is to live a life of unconditional Love, acceptance, non-judgment and Holy Sacrifice, when Jesus embodied all of these traits of God that guarantee a happy life. Jesus is the Reason for the Season, but, the basis of that Reason is Love, because God is Love, and, since we are His Children, we must also be Love, whether we recognize that or not. Giving thanks is a way to realize how much Love exists in the world and How Loving our God really is. What better way to spend our limited hours on this planet in these human suits? Every other thought, every other passtime, pales in comparison. Merry Christmas!!

I give thanks for everything in my life. I will not use this opportunity to talk about my business or why this or why that is better than that or this. I truly want us to focus on what matters – God, Life, and Love, which are all really the same thing. I wish you all a Christmas full of heart-opening, eye-tearing overflowing love, laughter and forgiveness of all that really doesn’t matter. What matters is what God hath given us, which is everything and everyone whom He has surrounded us with. Whether we like it or not, we ARE Blessed with everything and everyone!! Maybe it’s time to realize that. Give thanks and you will…. God BLESS you all!!

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