Forget the Silver and Gold, Go for the Platinum and Diamonds!

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There are many ways to make money. If we all had a thousand years to live, you could even make it $5, $7, $10 or even $17 at a time and get rich, but, do we really want to “nickel and dime” success? In fact, does it even make sense to try to do it this way? Sure, the theory is that if you get enough people to pay you small sums at a time, then, you could get rich, but, there’s one fact that is obscured from the topic of getting rich by earning¬†in tiny amounts in hopes you can get thousands of people to pay that to you… it’s extremely hard to accomplish and/or can cost you a mint in advertising to achieve it.

There’s a difference between facts and hype, my friends. A difference between logic and fantasy. The truth is that getting a LOT of people to pay you small amounts of money is nearly impossible, unless you have a HUGE advertising budget, or, can somehow “crack the code,” in terms of somehow getting content interesting enough to go viral on social media, another nearly impossible task to consciously control. Normally, viral content is never intentional content, which is what makes it go viral. People don’t like gimmicks, sales-speak, tactics, manipulation, or hype… they just don’t. And, even if you get somebody to join your “opportunity,” they won’t stick around, unless there’s a hope that the hype that’s been touted can be sustainable, which, it almost never is.

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Thus, I come to the topic of a REAL way to earn a very large income in network marketing… GWT, which stands for Global Wealth Trade. It’s all about money, riches, and luxury… In fact, it’s a business that’s global, and it’s a business that caters to those with enough money to purchase high-ticket designer luxury goods and high fashion. Why tinker with $5-$39 at a time, unsustainably, when, instead, you could be making up to 70% of items priced in the thousands, bought by people with an insatiable desire for the stuff you are offering, and who have very deep pockets? Not to mention the fact that when you cater to the rich, surround yourself with them, and communicate with them, before you know it, you become like them.

Go to Walmart and make a Walmart’s customer’s salary, or, go to Tiffany’s and make a Tiffany’s customer’s income… it’s like that. You become like those you surround yourself with… It’s a fact. Join Global Wealth Trade. The name says it all. Though the divide between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have not-as-much, continues to grow, there remains one option on how to deal with this… jump unto the side of the have’s, while you can. Perhaps you think it might be too expensive to be involved with GWT? In truth, you can get started with zero investment, so you can learn more about how amazing the potential is in the luxury goods business, and how GWT has made more millionaires more quickly than just about any other MLM in the history of MLM’s. Click here to learn a little more, and, go ahead, get bold and make a decision that will get you richer and higher up on the social ladder, for real, this time. Thank you for your time.

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