FERI Releases Luxury Designer New Products


When it comes to quality, you simply cannot beat FERI. The products released by the world-reknown FERI designer are impossible to surpass, since the quality standards are the highest that can be found, anywhere. Everything is hand made by artisan craftspeople, experts in their crafts for generations. Each item is hand stamped by its maker and come with the best warranty in the world. If you want seriously well made top designer high fashion garments and accessories, look no further than FERI.

Keep in mind that these products are only for discerning individuals who can’t stand low quality and unappealing designs. FERI products are the finest in the world. If what you want is the best, choose FERI today.

We feature the most advanced, attractive, exclusive and multi lingual Virtual Designer Mall (VDM) in existence, pre-loaded with tens of millions of dollars of the latest and hottest fashion, luxury goods and jewelry. The VDM is complete with easy to use shopping cart and credit card processing system that can be utilized from anywhere in the world. Global Wealth Trade exudes quality…. quality products, quality management, a quality compensation plan and quality training system.

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You are assured unsurpassed quality and high fashion that has no equal, when you shop, securely, at our Virtual Designer Mall. Expect the best. Look fabulous!
Now, if you are interested in becoming a part of GWT – the distribution and direct selling (MLM) program offered by FERI, then, expect your income to raise to the level of those who are looking for the best products the world has to offer.
Global Wealth Trade members reach their financial goals in a faction of the time it would normally take with other companies. It is not only easier to build and make an income in Global Wealth Trade because of its free flowing binary structure and non-capped matching bonuses, it is also easier to build and retain a large residual income. The designer jewelry, watches and hand bags are so beautiful and unique, they sell themselves, the global sales in high end fashion goods continue to increase year after year. Global Wealth Trade business opportunity is in a class all its own.
Looking for a good reason to choose GWT over other network marketing opportunities? How about FOUR really good reasons?
  1. GWT is the only company with luxury designer products involved in Network Marketing.
  2. GWT is the only company in the luxury designer industry that distributes high-quality designer products via word of mouth.
  3. GWT is easily (and already) adaptable to the future of global economy: E-Commerce. The features mentioned above make GWT the most compelling opportunity in the entire industry of Network Marketing. I want you to remember these factors every time that you share your GWT business. And, maybe the most compelling reason…
  4. Let’s be real… WHO wouldn’t want to be PAID (like top celebrities do…) to wear top designer high fashion garments and accessories? With GWT, this can be more than just a dream. It can be YOUR reality. All you need to do is contact me, Roderick Mackenzie, and I will take you with me to the top of the fashion world!
At Global Wealth Trade everything is “first class.” Global Wealth Trade is a company like no other and our LC’s are proud of the fact that we have no competition in the highly contested home based business industry, since GWT does not compete in the status quo. Timing is everything in business and the timing is truly perfect to start your Direct Sales profession with GWT Corp TODAY. Click here for more info.

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