FERI Enters Decade Two as the Finest MLM Selling the Finest Products in the WORLD

Don’t miss out on your chance to Be FABULOUS (in style and wealth) ~ this is YOUR chance!

FERI & Feri’s GWT is entering it’s next decade with a refined focus. The new decade will include two goals:

  1. Keep innovating and creating new lines and capture more market share of the 1.6 trillion dollar fashion and skincare industry which will create more retail sales and profits for our Luxury Consultants worldwide.
  2. Keep perfecting our manufacturing processes, find or create innovative new raw materials, keep improving our quality & design and remain as the innovative force in the luxury designer fashion and the Direct Sales/MLM industry.

GWT Next Decade Innovations To Come:

  • FERI “Glow” – Color cosmetics collection
  • FERI “Expedition” – Luggage collection
  • FERI Fragrances – Men and women
  • FERI “Home” – Home accessories and decor collection
  • FERI “Fido” – Pets clothing & accessories

Fashion House will expand to clothing including:

  • FERI “Couture” – Casual and evening wear
  • FERI “Sports”– Comfortable and sportswear & accessories
  • FERI “Professional”– Men and women professional attire
  • FERI “Fall” – Coats and jackets
  • FERI “Spring” – Vogue collection and beach ware

EPILOGUE: Now, if you don’t have a Passion for Fashion, then, this might not be very interesting to you. But, if you do, then you can get excited, because GWT not only promotes the finest luxury products in the world, but, is also the finest MLM in the world. Want to know how that’s true? I’m happy to tell you all the many reasons why this is the one, if you want to look and BE fabulous.

Are you already a professional or have a good career, but dream of looking fantastic all the time and love fashion? Many very successful career professionals have joined GWT, because, they love fashion, but barely even have time to shop. This is a great way of being surrounded by the best luxury products in the world – even be able to wear them very easily and make an additional income just by looking fantastic and telling your friends. This can be a dream for you, if you are one of these already successful people.

No matter which way you cut it, GWT is the bomb. That’s all I can say about it. First class everything, all the way, all the time. If it be your desire to surround yourself with the best, CONTACT ME and soon you will be counting your earnings as you strut your stuff and dress to the hilt in fantastic world-class garments each time you go to the bank to make your next deposit. God BLESS and see you at the top of the world. Roderick Mackenzie


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