Fashion will Never go out of Style Anymore than Self Expression Could

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Fashion is here to stay… in fact, it’s been here as long as self expression. Not only is style fascinating and intriguing, it can also be quite stunningly beautiful or compelling or intentionally repelling. Whatever you think it is, it’s there as a way for people to express who they are without words. And, we don’t really get to choose our style. It’s just who we are. As we change, we find our style choices change. This is one of the aspects of it that makes it enduring. Only a tiny percentage of people overlook style, and, those people just happen to focus their attention on much more complicated thinking, which is fine.

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Albert Einstein was made famous for a lot of things, most of which were his right-brain activities, but, did you know that – despite the fact that he had many of the exact same suits in his closet (so he didn’t have to think about what to wear) – he also was quite fashionable in his own way; look at his hair, for example and the fact that he always looked the same. That’s the point = fashion is inevitable, and so is the fashion industry.

Speaking of the fashion industry – it’s a multi-billion dollar business and it has a higher-end segment which draws to it the wealthiest and most successful people on earth, spending huge amounts of money to purchase exquisite master-crafted merchandise. Why do they do this? Because, these products are much better than commonly available non-designer non-handmade merchandise. There will always be a demand for superior quality merchandise and YOU can make a huge income by helping the rich to have the products they crave and have no problem at all in paying for, over and over again.

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So… if you go “gaga” over Gucci, if you get high on high fashion, if you faint at the site of beautiful shoes, jewelry or handbags, or a bespoke suit or designer glasses or a fine watch, then, why not make your “fortune with fashion?” It’s actually fun and easy work; it’s an exciting lifestyle, and ultra-lucrative in every way. For more info on this incredible opportunity to not just get wealthy, but also climb to the top of the social ladder, click here. Thanks for reading.


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