Everybody Dies, but not Everybody Lives

Does this ring a bell — When you first left home to explore being an adult, it was easy to spend your saved dollars on an adventure or even a night out with friends, but, once you run out of that money, the socially defined ‘norms’ of establishing stability set in, bursting the bubble of fun without fear. Once the rigid 9-5 job set in, you begin saving and avoid moments of escapades, being fearful of spending your ‘nest egg.’ Then, time trickles by… Days pass, months pass, and years pass. When on the verge of a possible promotion, you rationalized all dream procrastination, making defined norms of stability your highest concern. Your passion and youth fades, and your job takes over every segment of your being. Your dreams are set aside for a regularly filled wallet and an attempt to not regret not living a life of unpredictability and a feeling of exhilaration of the unknown… We think we can forget, when we settle for less, but, in truth, the nagging feeling that we settled – that we compromised – that we ‘chickened out,’ never leaves our mind.

I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

This is one of the most common regrets people have before they die, recorded in a collection of the most common regrets[1] by Bonnie Ware, a nurse of terminally ill patients with chronic conditions.

Unfulfilling life leads to more regrets

Many people seem to be living in a trance state of a rigid routine accumulated over years. These routines lay out a perception of stability, which amounts to an illusion in a world that is anything but stable. Bland life variety comes from changing television channels or always having ears out for latest celebrity or politician scandals doing their roundabouts.

Many dreams are unfulfilled due to the fact of not choosing to pursue them. Overworking leads to missing interaction with children and partners. Hoarded capsules of resentment and bitterness all through life occur because of lacking courage to express true feelings. Settling for mediocrity and a weak essence of existence fades out true capability.

Many long for happiness in its true essence, but the fear of change comes with a false presentation of contentment to others and themselves.

Friendships and connections slip away when life’s activities capture them in a net of economic priorities and redundant, meaningless activities that ensure separate lives. Beneficial old friends come in the limelight in their final moments, and there is regret about not giving friends the necessary attention and time.

Regret comes mainly in the form of what we did not do, and not about what we did

The journey of our soul is an intrepid myriad; a maze with tidal waves of life experiences blended in with bouts of hurdles and unpredictable storms. When we are in our twenties we are set in a robust mode to take the launch into worldwide possibilities. There is an outburst of passion and energy to explore every hidden corner of the universe. Exploring should have no limits.

To live life to the fullest, allow changes in the present moment

Decide on what is of importance to you. Focus on fulfilling yourself, not what others desire you to be. Everyone has an opinion – but make sure your opinion is the one you adhere to! Even society can be an imposition to your ambitions, yet every breath you take is your own life’s moments. Once you focus on yourself, pieces of the life puzzle come together. It’s not selfishness to focus on self, it’s the only way we can develop fully so we can be of benefit to others. What good can a drone do outside of its programming? Not much, nor can we offer much to others, if we don’t even know who we are.

Your ambitions, hopes, dreams – they matter. Don’t settle down in early stages of life on an illusion of ‘stability’. Take all the risks you need, do not postpone dreams. There might be danger in risks, but remember that every reward has an inherent risk that must be challenged. Looking back on years that passed by, the deepest regrets come from risks and challenges not taken.

Your past is an important thread to reflect on. Lessons are learned so you may step forward with confidence into the future. Plan your future and reflect on your past for lessons learned, but live in your present. Being anxious about the future because we keep our mind on the struggles of the past limits our potential. Live in the present and do not get experience the ‘Why did I?’, “Why didn’t I’ syndrome.[2]

There will always be reminders and memories of your failed attempts. Success comes from persisting through failures, or trying something new. They say, to succeed in life, make sure you keep your eye on the road, looking through your windshield, 90% of the time, while only taking quick glances (for reference) on your rearview mirror.

Be not afraid to take action on your ideas creatively, mindfully and with awareness. It took Edison over 10,000 ‘failures’ before he successfully figured out how to keep that filament from burning up instantly on his now infamous light bulb. The idea of putting the fillament in a vacuum sounds logical now, but, before it was tried, it was not a logical thought. Sometimes, we must keep trying, because, we aren’t handed a manual on how to move forward with anything, whether it be love, relationships, or business. [3]

And never forget, especially once you can relax and reflect upon what really matters — to express your love to your friends and family as often as you can. In this world of matter, it’s the only thing that really matters!

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