Do your Due Diligence When Researching MLM’s

As most of us here know, the network marketing industry is very competitive and somewhat cut-throat, with companies ranging from highly honest and lucrative to downright illegal and fake. Because many of the CEO’s or founders of these companies want to find a way to rise higher in popularity, so they can make more money, will often engage in actions, such as to post fake negative reviews of their competitors or put out disinformation campaigns, much like the “fake news” that has now become so popular, that people aren’t sure what to believe or not to believe. Then, people read them and write other innaccurate content online that causes even more confusion. So, what to do?

Do your due diligence and spend some serious time reseraching the companies you are considering joining. If you join a company that’s sincere, and of high integrity, you will notice one thing. They don’t do hype. They don’t post fake negative reviews about other companies, and, they don’t make false claims. The real companies let the substance and/or products of what makes their companies great speak for themselves. And, they won’t try to convince people that just because they have a certain high number of affiliates or members, that this makes them better or legitimate.

I was scouring though the internet, and I ran across another example of what I am referring to. I was reading reviews on the program that I have been involved with for a few years, Global Wealth Trade, aka “GWT,” which is based in Canada, and owed by the man who owns and founded FERI designer luxury goods and high fashion, known the world over for producing the highest quality merchandise available.

Global Wealth Trade maintains an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, and has NO official complaints to justify the attacks it’s getting from fake reviews and confused people reading fake information. My advice to you all is to AVOID HYPE of all kinds. Real and legitimate products, programs, services and companies don’t need hype to convince people. What they ARE and what they offer speaks loud and clear.

Below is an example of the type of confusing information that can be found online, on one site I ran into today:


Global Wealth Trade (False and innacurate claim)

My son almost got sucked into this. They go to the cult, er, sales meeting. Hear the pitch. They are then told not to say ANYTHING about it to anyone unless they come to a meeting too. They are all pumped to sell travel packages and junk jewelry to friends, family, and peers. They are told how much money other people are making.

I had to really work to get the piece of paper (sign up sheet) they sent home with him. There is a yearly fee, and then packages of jewelry to buy, etc.

So, I looked up their name on the net.
They were called Treasure Traders International before. (turns out to be false)
Before that they were Women Empowering Women. (turns out to be false)…off0142437.htm

Always the same rip-off, er ringleader artists.

This has taken my city by storm. My son is the only who told me what it was about, but I’ve been invited to sooo many of these secret meetings, but I never go because I won’t go unless I know what the heck it is about.

My son was told that these junk rings sell for like $2500 each on ebay. You have pay $1500 for one! I saw on the rip off report that they sell for much less actually.

ei. a ‘gem pack’ touted at TTI meetings supposedly worth $1350 sold for $45 dollars on E-Bay.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has heard of them? My son, who is 17, almost got sucked in. Thankfully, after I showed him the websites, he threw out the sign up sheet. At first he said my negativity was expected, but the more websites I showed him, the more it got to him. I had to stick to my guns though. I showed him that each company averaged 5 years. This Global Wealth one is just gearing up, and should be toast in 3-4 years. They are selling jewelry and travel packages. They are aggressively recruiting in my son’s high school.…ax-on-bim.html

The aim is to become captain, which requires the recruitment of 31 other people who pay more than $1,000 each.

I’m away for about 2 weeks, but do hope that the word can be spread about this new company of Alan Kippax’s. I almost lost a family member to it, and now know what other folks around me are getting into. They will even quit their jobs to devote even more time to it, and one is back grovelling for work in this recession time. It’s really quite sad.

Global Wealth Trade (Rebuttal and factual info)

I completely appreciate that you are looking out for your son. I have two sons and would definitely look out for them and look into anything they are getting involved with. It is excellent to take an active interest in your children’s lives. I come from a Banking background and regardless I like to do serious due diligence on any business I get involved in.

In doing due diligence though one has to be very careful that you have gotten the facts straight. The information and companies you have done your research on are actually completely different companies that have nothing to do with Global Wealth Trade. You even talk about this company being owned by Alan Kippax who has never owned or had any involvement with Global Wealth Trade whatsoever.

Global Wealth Trade is a Canadian Designer company that in almost 5 years in operation to my knowledge has never had a member complain or make a statement about being deceived or losing money. In fact if anything it has members who make glowing recommendations about the company and what it has done for their lives. I started my own due diligence by going to see first hand what the company offers and how it works and talking to the corporate team and existing members.

For myself it has allowed me the freedom to leave that bank job, be in control of how I spend my time and the freedom to spend precious and valuable time with my young sons.

As you live in Alberta I would be happy to set you up with one of the Pastors or former RCMP officers who are members of Global Wealth Trade to show you exactly what this company does. Some of these RCMP officers come from 25 years experience in RCMP in the Fraud Investigations division and believe they did serious due diligence ahead of joining the company.

I actually suspect that your son went to see one of these other companies that your post speaks about and somehow you managed to mix those up with Global Wealth Trade.

Global Wealth Trade has actually been a program that has seen extraordinary verifiable success achieved by young people age 18 to 30 some of whom we would be delighted to introduce you too and who we are sure you son would enjoy meeting and identify with.

So once again I applaud you but if it is Global Wealth Trade you truly want to look into and do due diligence on then let me know and I can arrange a meeting so you can get all the facts and info on the company and then make fully informed decisions and statements that are in your sons best interest.

If you want to be involved with a network marketing company that is of the highest grade and integrity, it’s very hard to beat Global Wealth Trade. Click here to get all the FACTS¬†and to learn how EXCITING and LUCRATIVE this business is. It’s not second class… it’s the finest there is out there. Thank you for reading.

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