Congruence is Such a Fabulous Word! Boring is Such a Sad Way to Go.

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Congruence. Ever heard the word? It may seem out of context here on IBO Toolbox, but, it’s not. In fact, it’s totally pertinent, valid, and quite applicable here, in O so many ways… Let me explain, please, if I may…

I would dare say that absolutely every single person reading this wants greater success, independence and security, financially, than they had before, and hope that working online, as an entrepreneur will mean that you can actually achieve that, being that you are on your own, and there are no limits to what you could earn. The operative word, however, here is “could” earn…

What is it that makes for great success in this, or in any other endeavor? There are many factors, including being trained or educated, equipped… you must focus, perservere, be determined, and learn from your mistakes… yes. And, if you do meet with financial success… is that enough for you to feel successful? Like all of that time was worth the trouble? Hmmm… maybe, but, maybe not, or at least not fully.

Here’s where congruence comes in… To have money, but not up your lifestyle is to be in a state of incompletion. When people say they’ve “made it,” it doesn’t usually mean that they just have a lot of money. It usually means that they have that fancy car they’ve always dreamed of, finally could afford to dress in the designer high fashion garments and carry that beautiful designer handbag and wear those amazing designer shoes. It means that they now are accepted as a “member” of the upper-class, the elite crowd, the “fabulous” ones.

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What fun is it, really, to have a lot of money in your bank, if you don’t live a matching lifestyle? It just isn’t. How much sense does it make to work so hard to earn your money, only to give it ALL away to someone else, or even have the government confiscate it, just because they can? It doesn’t. So, spend it while you still have a heartbeat! This is how the ultra-wealthy think. KNow this – God is a vacuum-filler. If you have a lot of money, and begin to spend it, He will refill your coffers. If you don’t, he may just quit adding to it, being convinced you’re happy with what you have and where you are at. Hording money is not a happy existence.

So, the wealthy, who live that fabulous lifestyle, enjoying the finer things in life, need to buy those things somewhere or from someone. Be that someone and not only get rich, like them, but become fabulous, like them. Enjoy your life! Boring is not a very exciting way to live and bored is not a very gratifying way to “go.” Imagine dying in a shirt bought at Walmart, though you can afford to buy a nicer shirt – is that really the way to go? It’s not about not living a humble life. It’s about enjoying your life. Throw sacrifice out the window. Time to be the enviable one. Be the one who people WANT to be like. You can do it, with GWT – Global Wealth Trade – The NAME says it all! Contact me for more info, if you dare to really live. Click here to learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime chance to “make it” in life.

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