Becoming Wealthy without a Matching Lifestyle Lacks Satisfaction

One of the sadder concepts I have heard of in my lifetime is of the “hoarder” who dies with a house full of stuff and the “miser,” who dies with a bank or mattress (hehe) full of cash. It honestly doesn’t make much sense to me. I had always thought that life was for enjoying the fruits of our labor, and, if our cups should be overflowing, not to find additional storage lockers to store the stuff, but, to share it with those who have less. Money or stuff piled up serves nobody well, but, especially to the one who accumulated it.

Have  you noticed that, as you earn money, and get to the point where you no longer worry about paying your bills, after that, and your finances begin to accumulate, that, you begin to lose the joy of earning? Maybe you get excited when you see an extra zero being added to the end of your bank account balance, but, not I. What good does a zero do to add to your life experience? I would dare say, zero. I guess you can get a sense of “security,” which I would deem as false, because, all the money in the world won’t make you a happy person. And all of your accumulated stuff won’t make you feel fulfilled.

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But, spending that money on expressions of living, such as dressing in designer high fashion – looking fabulous daily, might make you happier. And, giving some of your useless stuff away might make you feel a little joy in your heart. 🙂 So, please, don’t be one of these sad millionaires or billionaires. I mean, if you’re going to be sad, might as well not spend so much of your life trying to get rich. Have you ever spent time in a 2nd or 3rd world country? If you have, you might’ve noticed the phenomenon that you can only witness in a 2nd or 3rd world country – that is, very poor, very happy people. We’re talking people who are happier than we Westerners are, living in grass huts with dirt floors and no indoor plumbing. Have you ever wondered why?

This is the bottom line. It takes hours, hard work, and smart work, to get rich. Might as well enjoy the fruits of your labor! But, how can you, if you are working one of these BORRRING stay-at-home, staring at the computer screen all day programs where you promote dull stuff, build a bunch of hype, and see everybody as a number, never getting out, remaining dressed in your PJ’s, and, getting pimply faced from all the junk food you eat, as you get fatter and blobbier every day (is blobbier a word?)? Well, you can’t. Choose to be fabulous, instead! LIVE LARGE. Spend that money. Look and BE fantastic. Join the elite crowd and feel the vibe of the VIP and exclusivity. It’s fun. Much more fun that what you are probably doing now.

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Heck, nobody cares what color you are or how ugly or not your face is. What they care about is that you are confident in  yourself, know how to appreciate your wealth, and are not afraid to enjoy your life, while you have it. People notice your style and your grace, more than your prudence and your face. LIVE!! You can do it! You may think it’s hard to get fabulously wealthy and become part of the “in” crowd. It’s not. It may once have been, but now, Global Wealth Trade has simplified it for you. All you need is a love of the finer things in life. If you like the look of a well dressed man or woman, you’ve got what you need to be a huge success with GWT. And, in the luxury goods business, you will soon find yourself surrounded by the very type of person you will soon become like. Visit my website that explains how lucrative, easy and affordable it is to get started, today! Thanks and see you at the top of the world!

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