Are you Boring? Then, Please Don’t Read This!


Sorry to warn you, but, if you are dull, don’t like to go out, don’t like to mingle, don’t like to dress up, don’t like people, don’t like to look fantastic, don’t want to join the elite club and make a fortune, then, please stop reading now. Seriously. What I am about to share with you is all about the very exciting, fast paced, thrilling world of designer luxury goods and high fashion. This is simply not for the boring, but is for the easily bored!

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To be frank, even though my name is Roderick, this business opportunity I speak of is not for most of us. In fact, most of us would feel uncomfortable just at the thought of going to a fancy party and being around ultra-successful people. The reasons for this I won’t go into in this press release, because, it’s a whole other conversation… Nonetheless, it’s true, this scenario would make of us feel not quite at home being around the super wealthy and the elite. My question is, “Why?”

The elite crowd is made of human beings, just like you and me. There are nice ones and bad apples, just like among the less affluent. They are not more priviledged or advantaged than any other person. The only difference is that they have more money than the majority of people. They have been steeped in wealth and it has affected their mind, their thoughts, and even their essence. Wouldn’t it be wise to be near them so you can absorb some of that? Ifyou really want to be successful in every respect, then, THINK LARGE, LIVE LARGE, and stop being AFRAID of success.

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If this has any meaning to you, then consider entering into the world of top designer luxury goods and high fashion. The market is there. The money is there. And the desirability for the products is never going to end. Sell something the rich like, and get rich. It’s that simple. Join me now… unless you want to remain part of the herd. Mooooo…. 


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