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The most advanced, attractive, exclusive and multilingual Virtual Designer Mall (VDM)

this VDM is pre-loaded with tens of millions of dollars of the latest and hottest fashion, luxury goods and jewelry. This VDM is complete with an easy to use shopping cart and credit card processing system that can be utilized from anywhere in the world.

Global Wealth Trade exudes quality…

Quality products, quality management, a quality compensation plan and quality training system. Global Wealth Trade fine designer jewelry, timepieces and handbags are able to compete with the likes of Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Versace and others. The company’s timeless collectible pieces have a high enough profit margin that its distributor members are able to earn substantial commissions without having to “build” too large and sell warehouses full of fruit juices or supplements. The designer jewelry is beautiful and easy to sell, with instant gratification, no waiting for weeks and months for weight to come off or to feel better.

Global Wealth Trade compensation plan is truly in a class of it’s own.

Some of the reason’s why GWT products are the best:

1) High Profits
2) Products are visual
3) Unique
4) Tangible product lines
5) Products increase in value
6) No competition
7) Vast selection of flagship products
8) Products are pre-approved around the world
9) Products have verifiable retail value
10) Media Accolades – GWT has lot of media attention like American Business Journal, The Canadian Business Journal, Canadian Jeweller Magazine, Networking Times Magazine, Network Marketing Business Journal.

Feri Mosh 21K prestige jewelry, which includes rings (Men’s and Women’s), Pendants and Earrings, is the world’s first and only fine jewelry collection constructed with the exclusive Global Wealth Trade developed 21K gold compound. All Feri Mosh rings are custom made and hand built to perfection in Global Wealth Trade design studios. Feri Mosh design is not just intricate craftsmanship, it is an art perfected over 122 years of jewelry manufacturing heritage. Each Feri Mosh piece comes with unmatched five year warranty that includes annual cleaning, polishing and complete inspection by the manufacturer. The 19K offers bridal engagement rings, as well as specially designed project pieces, like rings, earrings and pendants. All 19K signature pieces have gone through Global Wealth Trade’s multiple manufacturing process utilizing it’s exclusive blend of 19K compound. Each piece is designed, casted and set by master craftsman jewelers using superior gems and diamonds.

Global Wealth Products do not get consumed or do they expire, and they continue to gain value from the time they are purchased. Global Wealth Trade is creating things no one has ever done before. Its designer lines are truly unique. “Design without compromise,” “Strive for perfection in everything we do,” “Take the best that exists and make it better,” “When it does not exist, design it” – These are the principles and mindset that are exercised every day at the company’s laboratories and design center. The combination of elegant design and innovative manufacturing processes makes Global Wealth Trade product lines unrivalled in the luxury designer world. While Global Wealth Trade’s competitors release new lines every season, the average time for a new Feri product to see the light of day is two years from pen to release. That is because every Feri designer line goes through the toughest scrutiny before it is launched.

Aside from its beauty and design, the 19K gold compound has a much higher resistance to wear and tear than the standard mainstream 14K and 19K jewelry. Global Wealth Trade Corp product lines don’t require product approval in any country in the world. This important trait, along with the company’s aggressive expansion attitude, is the reason Global Wealth Trade is already serving clients in over 58 countries around the globe, and continues to open to new countries every year. The company’s brands are being sold in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Global Wealth Trade members reach their financial goals in a faction of the time it would normally take with other companies. It is not only easier to build and make an income in Global Wealth Trade because of its free flowing binary structure and non-capped matching bonuses, it is also easier to build and retain a large residual income. The designer jewelry, watches and hand bags are so beautiful and unique, they sell themselves, the global sales in high end fashion goods continue to increase year after year. Global Wealth Trade business opportunity in a class of its own far above the pack.

At Global Wealth Trade everything is “first class.” Global Wealth Trade is a company like no other and our LC’s are proud of the fact that we have no competition in the highly contested home based business industry, since GWT does not compete in the status quo. Timing is everything in business and the timing is truly perfect to start your Direct Sales profession with GWT Corp TODAY.

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