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Don’t Regret… Change.

It really boils down to one thing, and one thing only – Attitude. First, let me congratulate you. Why? Because you deserve it! Few people dare to attempt to become independent and breaking free from the 9-5 lifestyle, where a sense of false security keeps most people in shackles, barely earning a living, and, feeling useless, unsatisfied and insignificant. You are already a winner, for having found that bold self many never find.

But, are you like most, and expected things to be easy as an online entrepreneur? Who could blame you, if you did have that “laptop lifestyle” fantasy, since you keep getting fed hype and images of sexy girls or boys on beach chairs, on the beach, using their laptops. C’mon. Who does that? The answer is, nobody. Why? Because, for one thing, you can’t even see your screen in that light. For another, the internet is not usually very good on a beach, and, for another, sand blowing and mist entering into your sensitive electronics (not to mention getting clobbered by a rogue wave…) is an absolutely terrible plan!

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Who wants to work on a beach? Not me! When I decide it’s time to relax. I shut my devices off and lock them up somewhere where I cannot hear them beeping, ringing, and where I can’t access them. Let’s get real. An online lifestyle is not much different than any other business ownership, except, it’s online. You will still need to learn the ropes, you will still need to invest in yourself. You will still “need” to make mistakes. And, you will fall flat on your face, at least a half-dozen times per year, until you have learned from your mistakes. But, let’s never forget the saying, “Even if you fall flat on your face, you are still moving forward.” I love that quote!

So, why is it that over 98% of all networkers fail to make a significant income? I believe it’s for two reasons. And, they can both be attributed to attitude. One, people want to believe in the extremely unlikely. And, second, people don’t want things to be difficult. Heck, with a regular job, it’s never difficult. The only painful thing about a regular job is how boring, repetitive and incredibly unchallenging it is. Entreprenerism is not for the faint of heart! It’s HARD work! Just about anyone who has tried it would agree, the path of an entrepreneur is not charted, mapped, nor are the roads recently paved! It is a rocky road and, occasionally, there is a pit and or landmines, waiting to “get you.”

The good news is that all of these challenges can be easily overcome and surmounted, with the right attitude! Forget easy. It ain’t gonna happen. So long as you believe that you can simply post an affiliate link to a Facebook group and get rich, you will continue to spin your wheels, waste your time, and probably make the “founders” of the program you are “pitching” richer by the month as you pay your monthly fees for the privilege of making them wealthy. How long will you continue thus?

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A much better idea is to develop an attitude of a top-achieving upper-class elite member of the business world and do things in a smarter way. Don’t flinch from things that may have made you uncomfortable before. To be very wealthy will most likely involve dealing with the world of the wealthy. Those who get rich doing standard internet marketing programs are few and far between. Most have to start early on in a niche business that goes viral and/or also have huge marketing budgets to properly build their own lists before the whole niche gets saturated. It’s never a “magic pill” to make it selling small-ticket items to thousands of people monthly.

What works much more reliably is selling big ticket top notch ultra high quality designer luxury goods to the very wealthy people who crave them and can easily afford them. This is a market you can count on. The rich are only getting richer. Don’t over look them! They want their fancy niceties and will pay someone for them. Why not let it be YOU? With commissions of up to 70% on items priced in the thousands of dollars, plus the money you can make if you can build a downline, has made Global Wealth Trade one of the fastest millionaire-making MLM’s in the history of networking. C’mon, believe in yourself. Join GWT now! How? Well, for now, you can join for FREE and get your feet wet.

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Once you see how incredibly lucrative and exciting the luxury goods business is, you can then pay to join the higher levels, where you make much bigger money. If you are in the least bit curious what the rich are doing and how they got that way, click here for more info. Thanks for having a good attitude! 

Nothing Can be Further from the Truth!

Nothing is further from the truth than you cannot achieve your goals, you cannot see success, there are too many obstacles, the world is working against you, you are not smart enough, you can’t take the heat, you are too old, too young, too fat, too ignorant, not well informed enough, not disciplined enough, not likable enough, not funny enough, not clever enough, and not meant to succeed.

These are all lies, my friend. But, believe me, even those of us who have overcome these beliefs by adopting more positive and affirmative belief systems still limit themselves. Our ego does not want us to succeed. So, no matter how successful you get, it will continue to try to limit you. Here’s a great example. Rich people. So-called rich people – many of them – will discipline themselves; spend the hours and work smart, long and hard, to earn lots of money… but, they never feel satisfied. Why is that?

It’s the ego! It tells you that you are not worthy of the money you make, so, many of us who have a lot of money hide our wealth. We are ashamed to have money. We’ll drive a plain “B” car and shop at and dress in Walmart clothing, and never do anything that makes it plain that we have lots of money. WHY in the world would we do that? Money is there for providing a better lifestyle that less money cannot. Take for example, designer luxury goods. Some people buy them, at first, because they believe it’s part of the code of the wealthy, and, that’s true to a certain extent, but, once they do, they never go back to cheaply made merchandise.

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Do you know why? It’s obvious, really… it goes back to the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” When you spend a little extra on something, in most cases, you will get higher quality. But, when you spend more than a little extra, you’ll get supreme beauty, quality and longevity, and, in the case of the high fashion designer garments offered by top designers, you’ll get stunning beauty, fit and comfort. Why NOT wear gorgeous comfortable clothing? Well, smart rich people will tell you that there’s no reason they can think of to live like a pauper when they have the wealth of a king. And, this is the idea behind luxury goods. People who believe they deserve the best, and can afford it, buy the stuff.

Here’s the very good news. If you were to join Global Wealth Trade, you’d have a chance to be around these amazing people, and the amazing merchandise that they crave and have more than enough money to purchase. And, by being around these people, you will BECOME LIKE THEM! Do you want to be like these special people that stand out in any crowd? Well, it’s easy, with Global Wealth Trade. They are in the business of serving the needs of those who wish to purchase the best merchandise money can buy. And, if you are very smart, you’ll be one of their agents. For a limited time, you can join for FREE, get your feet wet, then, consider joining at the higher levels, where you can really start to rake in the commissions and bonuses. It’s the best MLM that has ever existed, and it’s growing with no limit in site. Join GWT now. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO. Thanks and GOD BLESS! 

Be ALL You Can Be & Have All You Can Get!

Sometimes, it seems, that we get “stuck” in our current income bracket and social class simply because, it’s hard for us to imagine surpassing it, and, even bypassing that and leap-frogging to the next level up – and, even to the very top. But, why do we get caught up living, seemingly forever, in mediocrity and lack? Hmmm… There are a few reasons for this, but, mostly, it boils down to 2 major factors.

Factor 1: We don’t think we belong. It does, when seeing it from afar, that the upper classes are like a club… one where you are not welcome. You might think you are not beautiful enough or tall enough or sexy enough or too dark-skinned or well-spoken, etc., but, in actuality, there is only one requirement to enter the doors of the elite – money… enough money to pay for things without struggle.

But, this does not mean that you have to wait until you have enough money to qualify… Like in all things, we all have to start somewhere, and most of us at zero or at the beginning, so, it’s okay that we haven’t yet become a millionaire. Don’t be afraid to “fake it ’til you make it.” After all, most people, especially the ultra-rich, are often faking everything, because, unless you have a firm Spiritual foundation, extreme wealth will always make you feel self-conscious and guilty, or at least uncomfortable and a bit anxious.

Factor 2: We don’t think we deserve it (or are “worthy.”). Listen, friend. Nobody is worthy of anything. Everything we have, we have, due to God’s Grace and Mercy. Not to say we aren’t, however, entitled to ALL that God and the world can offer us. Of course, what God has to offer is of infinite, eternal value, but, God is so Gracious, that He’s fine that we have all the “goodies” the world has to offer, even knowing that they might not truly satisfy. Therefore, anyone of us, can have it all, whenever we decide that it’s okay for us to have it.

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Do you notice that the two underlying factors reference our relationship with God and our feelings about our own self-worth? Why is that? Well… this subject could take up dozens of articles, but, to give you a short answer. We are not about money. We are about not about what we do for money, we are what we do for love. And, what is love, in the world of business? It means putting other people’s interests before our own, knowing that God will always take care of us, if we take care of others. AND, God will reward us with not just everything the world has to offer, but, with everything HE has to offer, which will make everything world has to offer pale, in comparison.

So, do good, get blessed and live fully. Don’t feel guilty. Enjoy the best the world has to offer by helping others get the best the world has to offer. And, don’t stop there… don’t settle until you have received everything that God has to offer you, as well. Thank you, my friends.

If you want to know more about the program that I have been involved with for several years, and, how it’s all about wealth, status and being massively blessed by blessing others with the finest merchandise on the planet, please click here. And, have a fabulous day!


Making Money with Designer Luxury Goods & High Fashion is a Wise Choice!

Choices, choices, choices… yes, there are many. But, there are always better ones than worse ones and, sometimes, it’s really hard to differintiate the two options. There are some easy-to-use criteria, however, that can make the choices easier to make. To accurately determine that one choice is better than another requires comparison and evaluation.

Let’s take internet marketing opportunities. True, one can make a lot of money with just about any program, IF they have certain elements in place. But, those elements may be either out of your reach, such as a lot of money to pay for advertising, or, out of your moral limits, such as needing to misrepresent, omit facts, hype up a bunch of unlikely results, etc. What’s the good of making a lot of money, if your moral and ethical bank account hits zero? Not much.

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The best choice is always to choose a program that offers something of extreme, enduring value – value that can be measured, such as in the designer luxury goods niche. These products are proven and certified to be the very highest quality, handcrafted merchandise available on the planet. Sometimes the value of these products even go up with time. They are often given away as family heirlooms and passed down from one generation to another. But, best of all, the demand for luxury goods continues to go up, not down, regardless of economic conditions.

Make a wise choice, and choose Global Wealth Trade. It’s a way for you to surround yourself with the most successful and wealthy people on the planet, lead an exciting lifestyle, and get very wealthy, as you get to dress up in the finest garments money can buy and look fantastic. This is real success. This is a real option. This is a VERY GOOD choice. Don’t hesitate. Go for the platinum and diamonds of MLM’s, Global Wealth Trade. Surprisingly, you can even join for FREE, for a limited time. Click here to learn more! Thank you for being wise. Have a fabulous day!

The Difference Between Small-Time and Big-Time

There is a BIG difference between small-time and big-time, though, sometimes small-time can be inflated to appear like it could be big-time, and, this is what we will discuss today. In internet marketing, things can be made to sound/appear as if they are much BIGGER and much more REAL and lucrative than they really are. After all, it’s a “virtual” world, where so much of what you see and hear is not truly representative of its true nature.

Doesn’t that suck? Well, yes, but, it is what it is and it’s the modern day way we communicate, so, what to do? We must be wise. When things sound too good to be true, well, they are. And, the rules of the real world still apply to the virtual world. Don’t be fooled! I speak to fellow network marketers and they almost universally tell me of how much money and time they have wasted with “opportunities” that they were once gung-ho about. Why were they once gung-ho and no longer gung-ho? Because, they believed in what was barely likely to be true.

Don’t be this way. Use your logic. Don’t allow yourself to be pressured by “OTO’s” (one-time offers) or countdown timers or any other hype, specifically designed to get you to give these (basically, crooks) money, with false promises of you becoming extraordinarily rich by doing virtually nothing, except, of course, to give them your hard-earned money. The truth is this: If you expect to make a sustainable income from a network marketing program, it must offer something of value that is unique and special in some way and that cannot be gotten somewhere else, easily, for a lower cost or for free.

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What qualifies for that? Well, not much. But, with Global Wealth Trade, we have found an exception to this general rule. GWT offers exquisite hand-crafted ultra-high quality items of such beauty and longevity that, with some of them, they last generation after generation and are given away as heirlooms. Whoa. Heirlooms. That’s a word we don’t hear much today, with merchandise being commonly sold of such low quality that they are often broken before you get them home, or never worked in the first place… But, not with the items offered by GWT, which are uncommonly fantastic and sought after by those who desire the finer things in life.

No value means no money, things of little value mean little money. Things of extreme/superior value means extreme/superior income. This is what you need to realize, sooner rather than later, if you want to make the kind of money that you are really seeking – I mean BIG money and BIG social status, which, by the way, do go together. Life is short. Live it well. Make a lot of money, but, do it honestly and spend it happily. This is the lifestyle of Global Wealth Trade. We’re not deceitful or tricking people out of money. We sell the goods that those who can afford it crave and for those of us who can recognize the value in value, can capitalize on this reality. Get real. Get with a company that sells the real thing and is the real thing – GWT. Click here to learn more about how you can quit playing the small sad game of the small-time and become fabulous playing the big boys game of the big time. C’mon, you can do it.

Desirable Lifestyle is More Than Earning

Although it would be easiest to just be able to feel satisfied when one has attained a large income just by having attained a large income, I’m afraid it doesn’t work out that way. Now, depending on what school of thought you choose to follow, there are two ways of looking at this. The first is to forget yourself, work your butt off for 30+ years, and retire living a simple life so you can leave your accumulated wealth to your family, or, the second, which is my choice – to not forget yourself, and let others earn their own wealth. Work hard but even smarter, earn that money, and, spend most of it, enjoying your life to the fullest.

After all, this is OUR life, is it not? We all end up in the coffin or burned to ashes, so, why not become a VIP before you RIP? Having reached the apex to where the social ladder takes you is a very desirable place to be. Maybe we don’t all desire it, but, if we knew what we were missing, most of us would probably begin to truly desire to reach that level of success… And, this is the whole idea I am talking about. It’s not just about having money… it’s about knowing how to and not being afraid to spend it and to appear rich to others. And, these are the two differences I speak of…

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So, which type are you? I believe most internet-type marketers who don’t mind spending most of their life in ther pajamas working from their home office and rarely seeing the light of day, staying home most of the time, might not appreciate the concept of living life to the max, or, at least, it’s an alien idea to them. They don’t want the limelight on them. In fact, they don’t necessarily want anyone to know that they earn a large income. But, how gratifying and satisfying is that? So many people who just stay home and never buy exciting stuff like designer clothing, watches and fancy cars, go on fancy vacations, etc., live, what I believe must be a BORRRRRRING life! What’s the use of all that work and focus, to just end up munching on junk food and getting all fat, pimply-faced, nerdy and socially inept?

Perhaps, you are one of the less common folk who would never wish to be considered a “commoner,” and would much rather spend that money on designer shoes, handbags, jewelry and hats and drive that expensive car and take that amazing vacation? If you are, then, you need to work for a company where living an exciting lifestyle is part of the lifestyle of the company – Global Wealth Trade. It’s all about money, wealth and the designer luxury goods that the rich crave and can more than easily afford. We’re talking about a network marketing job like none other. Sure, you can use the computer to make money with GWT, but, with GWT, there’s a whole exciting aspect of the job that’ll leave you breathless and jumping out of bed in the morning to get up and do it.

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I’m talking about something that most marketing work online does not entail, at all. Actually getting away from being behind your computer monitor, getting dressed up, and going out on the town, to the fancy district, where you can really skyrocket your career by meeting and mingling with the rich people who are looking for the amazing, world-class products that you can help them to have. Why not meet some millionaires and billionaires and become their buddies? It sure is more exciting than staying home and watching YouTube videos, that’s for sure! And, when you spend time around these very fine and very wealthy folks, you will begin to become like them! C’mon… don’t be afraid of living a fabulous lifestyle that most people are too afraid to even consider something that they could “handle.”

If you like the idea of being fabulous, making a mint, and looking fantastic every day, then, maybe Global Wealth Trade is for you! Don’t immediately assume you cannot afford to get involved. Right now, you can even try it out for FREE and, if you like it, then you can pay the low standard membership fees, and get yourelf out there and live that incredible lifetyle that you had only previously believed was for someone else, not you. I say, if you want it, it’s for you, and, you can have it, by simply clicking here... Take action and at least check out the information on that link before you go back to your YouTube videos and borrrring life, okay? Thanks! 

Why it’s Wise to Question What we Think

We think we know so much… In truth, we just THINK we know so much, when, perhaps what we think we know may not be what it really is. Have you noticed that so many people can have so many different beliefs about the same thing? Haven’t you also ever been in a situation where you thought you’re doing something smart/wise, but, later realize – as it turns out to be a total waste of time – that what you had thought was right turned out to be totally wrong? I know I’ve had that happen one too many times.

Why am I bringing up this subject? Because, I like to write about mind-bending and thought provoking subjects. Nah, the real reason is because in the world of marketing, it’s easy to be exposed to (what often turns out to be false) infromation that helps form our judgments, which leads to our thinking that what we think we know is fact. This is why we must question what we think we know… because the info that lead to these conclusions is often “fake,” or, specifically intended to deceive us into believing something which is probably not realistic or legitimate.

The world of marketing is, by nature, the world of hype. One can hype truth and one can hype misrepresentation of reality. We’ll never be able to get rid of hype, because, that’s, essentially, what promotion is about. Some hype is eloquent, and other hype is done in the highest form of tackiness that exists. Doesn’t “tacky hype” make you sick or at least somewhat suspicious about its legitimacy? It does me. I consider that a blessing, because I abhor being duped and “taken for a ride” on my dime!

In my experience, the less “hypey” something sounds, the more believeable to me it is. I’ve noticed that the products and services with the highest value do the least amount of advertising or promotion. Why? Because the quality that they offer speaks for itself. When you discover something – anything – be it a tangible or intangible thing, you immediately tell others about it. This is the real way that the news of things of value are usually disseminated in the world – not through hype or a barrage of advertisements. Yes, advertising can speed up that process, and, that’s what it’s supposed to be for. It’s not supposed to be to lie to people.

The more ridiulously something is hyped, the less I believe it. Statements such as “crush” the competition, “massive income,” “push button” system, “make money while you sleep,” “effortless” income, “automatic” money, etc., are really just absurd, farcical statements and false promises meant to trick you to believe in easy money and avoid looking at the disclaimers, often hidden far from site, which state that you may not make back your initial investment, may never make any money whatsoever, and may likely lose money. This is the reality of any and all programs, no matter how legitimate. It’s also true that one can succeed in just about any program, but, if you use lies to do it, don’t expect your success to be sustainable, nor expect to get many good night’s sleeps.

So, how to distinguish the real from the unreal? Well, it’s not always easy, but, it IS possible. First thing to do is to not believe anything you hear, at first. And, especially run in the other direction, if you are being pressured, in any way, to proceed with joining or paying anything. If it’s legitimate, you have plenty of time to consider it carefully and make an informed choice. Ignore those countdown timers, One-Time-Offers (OTO’s), or any other device designed to instill a sense of urgency used by companies to prevent you from actually weighing the pros and cons and checking scam alerts and complaints online.

And, can you trust “reviews” online about any particular program? Often you cannot, because, many of these are published by members who want to intercept you with these fake reviews. Sometimes the companies themselves publish these, and there are often YouTube videos that say things like, “Before you Join X&X Opportunity, Read the Real Facts, click here.” These are often videos specifically placed to intercept those who are trying to find truthful, impartial, accurate and unprejudiced information.

What I have found that works best is the “wait and see” approach. Ignore everything anyone says and watch carefully. Eventually, you will see if the company is real and true, because, it will last, and more and more people will say good things about it, in a non-hypey, honest, conversational way. This is when you can begin to believe it a bit. Sometimes you may have to dig deep to find out what’s really going on, and, as tedious and time consuming that can be, it’s better than losing your shirt and hundreds if not thousands of your precious hours to later find out it was avery costly and a total waste of your precious time.

I represent a company that’s a perfect fit for the right person. For that right person, it has the potential – not guarantee – of an exciting lifestyle and a very large income. To learn more about whether this is a good fit for you, please look at this page, which tells you all the facts. Keep in mind that you will need to apply very high standards of professionalism and the highest work ethics, plus develop top intercommunication skills and you must love people, or, you will not do well with it, or with any program. Take a look here, and, make your own judgment, based on real information. Thank you!