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The Value of Value

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The implications of value cannot be overstated and should never be minimized, ignored or denied. If something is lacking in true and enduring value, no matter how much hype is generated about it, the thing of valuelessness will soon cease to exist. This is a simple statement of fact.

Much of what is promoted online, in the internet marketing realm, is more hype than substance, more flash than value, more blah-blah than rah-rah. Always beware of when only pro’s, often too good to be true, are hyped-up, when no con’s are ever mentioned. This is usually because the creators of these programs want to persuade you that you can get rich quickly without mentioning that it’s a program that offers information available free online or by offering some other service of little to no value.

My recommendation always is to consider the real value of the program based on the value of what it’s offering. If you aren’t sure what the “product” or “service” is being offered, perhaps, it’s because there really isn’t one. These types of programs are often just ponzi schemes that rely completely on new people signing-up for the program to generate any money for its members.

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Ponzi programs always fail. It’s not an “if,” but, a “when.” However, if the program that you become associated with offers real products with real value, such as that of designer luxury goods, you can rest assured of a very happy customer base, plus, those that seek out products of the highest quality, are typically ones that also can afford the finer things in life, and tend to be the most loyal repeat customers on the planet. Plus, when they are made happy, they are also the source of the best possible personal unsolicited referrals of the highest grade.

So, the bottom line is that you cannot fake quality and you cannot fake-out customers, at least forever. Some people may get fooled into spending money on nothing, but, they won’t do it for long, and they will hate you in return. So, why waste your time with attempting to build a business out of a whole lotta nothing? Instead, do what the smart ones do, get involved with a business-model that offers extreme value to those who want it and can afford it. Global Wealth Trade is all about producing world-class designer products, handcrafted to the highest standards and of immense beauty and longevity. These products are expensive, gorgeous, and worth every dollar.

Don’t think for a moment that you cannot profit from and become immediately able to become involved in the designer luxury goods marketplace, because that would be an erroneous conclusion. It may have once been true, but, it no longer is fact. The truth is that you can now make a profit in the sale of luxury goods with ZERO investment, for a limited time. Once you get your feet wet, you can invest in the higher packages, where you make greater commissions from your customer base and your downline. For more info, please click here. Thanks for your time.

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The Rich Don’t Drive the Luxury Sector

Despite popular belief, demand for personal luxury goods is driven primarily by upwardly mobile ‘new money’ — not by the ‘old money’ rich, argues Luca Solca.

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LONDON, United Kingdom — If luxury spending was indeed driven by the rich, the luxury industry would be a niche sector serving a fortunate few, rather than a dynamic, global business selling to a consumer market measured in millions.

During the past 50 years, a wave of luxury goods consumption has swept across key geographies in the world, moving from Europe to the USA in the 1970s, then Japan in the 1980s, Russia in the 1990s and, in the last 15 years, spreading across Greater China. In each case, the underlying mechanism that has fueled demand for luxury goods has been the same: the emergence of newly created wealth.

New ideas, liberalisation, free trade, higher liquidity and investment all bring new opportunities for economic growth. But as a minority of the population — the smartest, best connected or best positioned — typically benefits from new wealth creation, a gulf opens up between this group and their fellow citizens and the newly rich population needs to mark, crystallise and communicate their freshly acquired status. This is where the luxury industry steps in.

How better to define their new identity than by possessing things other people don’t have. Ultimately, it’s a case of ‘I have, therefore I am.’ But having purchased their identity, these newly rich consumers need to maintain it. Usually, ‘new money’ types have high levels of insecurity, thick wallets and vast closets to fill. They go through a period of over-consumption to soothe their insecurities and demonstrate their worth to their global peers.

In short, the newly rich pour money into the luxury industry and are the powerhouse of its growth. ‘Old money’ already has everything and merely buys to maintain their status; ‘new money’ is starting with nothing and its appetite and willingness to spend is many orders of magnitude higher.

Sophisticated ‘old money’ consumers may be relevant to European luxury goods brands when it comes to endorsement, but they are largely irrelevant when it comes to share of contribution to revenues and profits.

But as their closets fill up, the newly rich become seasoned shoppers and their spending patterns become more sophisticated. They begin to shift from stand-alone purchases, such as watches, handbags, jewellery and wine — bought on the back of a “give me the most expensive you have” mindset — towards products that require more developed tastes, such as clothes and art. Eventually, their spend moves away from products altogether, towards services and experiences.

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Ultimately, these consumers begin to normalise their spending on luxury goods, moving from “closet building” to “closet maintenance.” And so, from “new money” to the threshold of “old money.” Again, “old money” has everything already and therefore needs to spend little on luxury goods. Indeed, sophisticated “old money” consumers may be relevant to European luxury goods brands when it comes to endorsement, but they are largely irrelevant when it comes to share of contribution to revenues and profits.

Alongside the growing spend of the newly rich, luxury consumption also spreads downwards through the population pyramid to the middle classes, who benefit to a lesser degree from the same economic growth trends as the newly wealthy. These middle class consumers have shallower pockets and can only afford a fraction of the per capita spending levels of richer consumers. But the shape of their demand evolution is similar; the only differences are that the crest of their consumption is far lower and that their sophisticated purchases are more limited.

These are some of the key dynamics driving luxury demand when there is macro-economic growth. But what happens when that growth ebbs? Or there is a recession? Luxury demand is tied to feel-good factors, ambition and the aspiration to stand out. All these evaporate when things turn sour and people feel worse off relative to the past. The key word is “relative.” It is a fallacy to think that the rich are always rich and that their demand is untouched by economic cycles. Analysis of very high-end products and trophy assets shows the highly cyclical nature of purchasing at the very high-end — everyone feels richer or poorer relative to their past, not in absolute terms.

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Yet, consolation and substitution purchases ensure that luxury demand does not disappear in a slowdown. Certainly, people will cut back on luxury spending and lower their ambitions. But most people will still have money and will still wish to reward themselves; they will simply spend it on different and cheaper products and services than in the past.

Wealth and social reality is complex enough in our society, so that what is a wildly ambitious purchase for some, is seen as a cheaper step back for others. A very expensive diamond ring is much cheaper than most penthouses in London’s Mayfair, for example.

What’s GWT All About? Oh, it’s About Unending Value & Quality!


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Global Wealth Trade Corporation opportunity (GWT) – Est. 2005


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Over the past decade, GWT and its product lines have received scores of media accolades and awards for quality, innovation, design and creativity. The red carpet sizzling product performance has attracted hundreds of international celebrities and dignitary clients. Please see the “MEDIA” link on 

We are proud members of the highly respected Better Business Bureau (BBB). Our impressive, decade long track record stems from our culture of “No LC Left Behind” as we strive to do all that we can to help our valued Luxury Consultants to succeed in their GWT business.

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GWT is the only opportunity that truly offers unique and highly profitable product lines in the 1.2 trillion dollar fashion industry. This simply means you don’t have to compete with thousands of other health & wellness, or telecom opportunities marketing similar products. In less than a decade, two of GWT’s product lines, FERI and FERI MOSH have received scores of accolades and praise from the industry experts to be the benchmarks of the luxury designer fashion & jewelry industry. This high level performance stems from our Founder’s philosophy that, “If it exists, make it better. If it doesn’t exist, create it.” – Ramin Mesgarlou, Founder/CEO 

From our super fashionable and economical POSH line up, to the luxurious and vast FERI line up, to the prestigious FERI MOSH collection, GWT offers the industry’s best warrantiesunprecedented in the designer fashion world.

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No experience is necessary as GWT provides all trainings and tools necessary to succeed in your GWT business. Your “Business In A File” (BIF) USB key is included in your start up package and it contains all the necessary training materials and videos to get you started on the right track. In addition to the BIF, your GWT virtual back office offers the industry’s best promotional materials to help improve your retail sales. For entrepreneurs seeking lifelong residual income, GWT has the exclusive rights to the industry’s most advanced MLM/DS University, The Forensic Networker. 

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Is Wealth for You? Spending Some Time with Rich People Will Answer That Quickly

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Being friends with someone who’s richer, more successful and influential than you is a hard choice. Indeed, it’s a choice since you choose whether you are ready to get along with the person or not. During the college years you were nearly equal financially with your friends and fellow students. But when meeting your old acquaintance some years later you can discover that their financial situation is far much better than yours. A big gap in income can create a big gap in your relationship. Here are a few things to remember when you hang out with rich friends.

1. Be honest and keep a distance

Whether you’re trying to save up for a big purchase or you’re just on a tight budget, your friends should be aware of it. When people make a lot of money they can hardly say No or take control over their spending. If your wealthy friends have no idea how much you can afford, they can easily splurge. Feel okay to set certain financial boundaries and stick to them. If your fellows are planning costly entertainments, don’t be afraid to suggest a cheaper alternative. When your financial situation is clear to your friends, they will stop pressing you to squander.

2. Don’t pretend and don’t compare

It’s just a lose-lose game to compare your achievements or makings with those of other people. Try to realize that you will meet someone smarter and wealthier, but you should not pretend to be the same. Comparison nearly always arouses the feeling of diffidence and embarrassment. Don’t concentrate your attention on the gap between you; it will only cause more separation. Instead, focus on your own achievements and wins. Develop a thankful attitude to what you have and strive for the better.

3. Accept their liberality

Don’t think that you friends are so generous out of pity for you. Try to put yourself in your friends’ shoes and you’ll understand that being rich feels uncomfortable as well. Most well-off people try not to parade their makings. When your fellow offers to pay for dinner, take it easy. It’s not a window-dressing; your friend just wants to show that your relationship is more important than dollars. I always felt uncomfortable each time my pal intended to pick up the check. It made me feel indebted and ashamed. But the only right way out is to accept the gesture graciously and move on.

4. Don’t play tit-for-tat

Your friendship is not about keeping score. Perhaps your rich fellows are used to haute cuisine, but the true friends won’t mind if you treat them to hamburgers and cola. Each time your friends host a party with exquisite dainties and costly drinks, you don’t have to reciprocate by serving a lavish dinner with truffles or caviar. Their kindness and generosity are deliberate and gratuitous.

5. Follow your friends’ example

Friendship with rich people is very useful if you want to learn some efficient strategies and become a rich person yourself. By surrounding yourself with well-off friends you will get rid of negative money stereotypes, you’ll view big money as a normal thing and you will come up with new ideas how to grow your finance. It’s an undeniable fact that poor and rich people have utterly different habits. I’m speaking about rich people who make their own fortune, of course. Try to adopt a couple of your friends’ habits and chances are your financial situation will improve.

6. Tame your jealousy

Being jealous of your friends’ money is a sure way to poison your friendship and break off. If you cannot be happy for your pals, you are not true friends; you’re rather frenemies who get stuck in a wasting rivalry. It’s awfully hard to stay nonenvious when you hang out with rich company and see what they can afford. However, you cannot know if that money makes them happy. When people earn more, they usually work harder and face more stresses and challenges.

7. Be proud and confident

As it often happens, wealthier people have different outlook, opinions and conversation topics. While chatting with your rich friends you may be afraid to sound naive or boring. However, as long as your friends take interest in what you’re talking about, your friendship is in safety. Another poor feeling that occurs while communicating with rich people is the feeling of shame for your earnings or unprestigious job. But if you do your best to support your family or push forward, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Stay confident and never think that you’re worse just because you earn less.

8. It’s okay to end your relationship

If nothing else works, it’s okay to limit your time with your friends. If your friends are aware of your financial status, but they still stir you up to spend more, you should reconsider your relationship. Lack of understanding and tension are signals of a breakdown in your friendship. Do you really need people in your life who pressure or overextend you?

Being friends with someone rich is a good way to realize whether you’re satisfied with your earnings or not. If you cannot combat jealousy, use it to achieve your own goals. If your friendship is still affected by the number of zeros in your friend’s bank account, you should consider finding new friends who are not richer than you.

Do you like the idea of having rich friends? Then get involved in a company that offers what they want – Global Wealth Trade. It’s all about designer luxury goods and high fashion… and financial success. If you feel uncomfortable around wealthy people, then, GWT is probably not for you. But, if you crave wealth and status, nothing will get you there faster than Global Wealth Trade – the NAME says it all! Click here to learn more about this fantastic way to become fabulous that anyone can do.

True Wealth and Status Don’t Come from Fake Programs

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I of course have noticed the statistics that 98% of people who have attempted to make a significant amount of money online have failed to do so, and wondered, for years, why. I guess there are a lot of reasons, including lack of discipline, failure to focus, distractions, fear of success, and lack of training or being properly equipped to succeed… Yes, indeeed, these are all valid concerns, but, I have also noticed many people who have their act totally together, yet still struggle to ever make much money. Why is this? Again, there are a myriad of reasons, but, mostly, I believe it comes down to an age-old reality…

The longer I am involved in network marketing, the more I realize how few real options there are for making real profits online. Sure, there are a lot of programs out there, but most of them don’t offer any tangible thing of value – and, this is the biggest problem. People may be able to be deceived, misrepresented or “hyped” into buying-in or signing-up for any particular “program,” but, don’t expect people to stick around, or the program to last, if nothing of real value is being offered.

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As in any business model, if you don’t offer value, you aren’t going to make much money, and, certainly not for long, if you ever do. Perhaps you don’t like the idea of selling products or services that are real and thus not inexpensive, but, the alternative is selling fluff and getting fluff in return. There’s no problem with making money when you promote a company that makes products of extreme beauty and world-class quality. People are happy to pay for them, and, they return to buy more.

Take the program that I have been involved in for several years – GWT, which stands for Global Wealth Trade. The name “wealth” and “global” is in the name, because, it’s a global business that caters to the wealthy, who have lots of money and desire to purchase the designer luxury goods that they sell, and, I as a representative, make up to 65% commissions to do so. These products have big price tags, and, big commissions. This is real business.

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Tired of fake and want the genuine article? Then, stop pussyfooting with fluff and join a program where you have a real foundation to build your real wealth – Global Wealth Trade. Click here to learn more about how luxury goods are the way to true wealth and status. Thank you for your time.


Why NOT Get Rich and Fabulous at the Same Time?

Wealth is nice, but, being fabulous is even nicer. What is being fabulous? Being fabulous is being rich, looking fantastic, feeling on top of the world, owning the nicest of things, enjoying what this world has to offer to the max, and, not being ashamed of it! How can we achieve that? Easy. GWT.

GWT stands for Global Wealth Trade, and the NAME says it all! GWT is in the designer luxury goods niche. It’s a nice niche to be in. The world of designer luxury goods and high fashion is a very exciting world to be in. When you surround yourself with the finest clothes, accessories, jewelry, etc., which are typically purchased by the finest people in the world, you have achieved the “it” in “made it.”

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Some people make a lot of money, but, they still feel unfulfilled, like something is missing. That thing… that “it” that’s missing, is why they haven’t felt like they’ve yet “made it.” Making it is when you have money and you live your life like you have money. Being a miser or being too shy or even embarrassed to show that you have money is a very sad way to live. Life’s for living, not for hiding your cash and acting like you’re poor!

When you have finally decided that you want it all… money and real success… then, why not switch from the poor or pathetic program that you are involved with now, and, come to the world of the fabulous… Global Wealth TradeClick here to learn more about the exciting world of designer luxury goods and high fashion!

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