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Higher Classes are Fiercely Loyal to their “Socially-Fit” Brands of Choice

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Preface The influence of social classes on the consumption behavior of their members cannot be underestimated. Based on a quantitative approach, this research examined the link between social class categories and brand-name loyalty, regarding the wearing of apparel in societies. The results suggested that high and upper-middle social class members are loyal to certain brand-names.

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Social Class Categories and Consumer Behavior

Within every society, individuals rank others into higher, middle and lower social positions of respect. “A social class is an open group of individuals who have similar social rank. A class is referred to as “open” because people can move into and out of it. The criteria used to group people into classes vary from one society to another,” (Pride and Ferrel, 2000, P. 210). Most writers and researchers (e.g., Richard Coleman 1983, p. 267; Tim Triplett, 1994 pp. 1-11; James E., Roger D., 1995, p. 4) have reported that, consumers with similar social classes develop similar patterns of behavior.

Social class influences many aspects of our lives. For example, it affects our chances of having children and their chances of surviving infancy. It influences our occupation, religion, childhood training, and educational attainment.

Because social class affects so many aspects of a person’s life, it also influences buying decisions. In the complicated world of business, marketers have relied on various ways of the concept of social class in studying consumers’ behavior and market segmentation. The social class approach, in studying consumers, has added valuable details to other consumer behavior concepts. For example, in their study on “Intermarket patronage: A psychographic study of consumer outshoppers”, concluded a high social class profile of buying behavior. Reynolds and Darden (1972, pp. 50-54) wrote:

“When compared to the infrequent out-shopper, tend to be better educated, has a higher income level, …, prefers to shop in the evening, is a more frequent buyer by maiL…. Frequent out-shoppers, as defined here, tend to be very active and urban-oriented, yet neither time-conscious nor loyal to any particular store. Furthermore, they express an over all dissatisfaction with local shopping conditions and a strong preference for larger urban shopping areas. Out-shopping behavior was found not to be product specific, but applicable to many types of merchandise”.

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Social class and brand loyalty

Previous research, (e.g., Bruce and Dommermuth 1968, p. 6; Fry and Stiller 1970, p. 335; Richard Coleman 1983, p. 267; Anderson and Ratchford 1987, p. 190; Henry Assael 1987, p. 364) reported a positive link between consumer’s social class and brand loyalty. For example, Richard Coleman reported a positive relationship between upper social classes and the number of stores visited in search of a brand. He, also, found more frequent shopping behavior in the upper social classes.

The emphasis of previous research was on explaining why consumers choose a particular product and on describing the social class characteristics of the buyer. Some researchers have concluded that high social class consumers lead an active, urban existence and out-of-home activities as leadership of clubs or societies. These activities may require the concerned consumer to be associated with certain brands of products. Social scientists have endorsed social class membership as a determinant of consumption behavior. The phenomena on that consumers’ behavior is largely affected by a frame of influences produced by members of the social class to which they belong is long-accepted (Aaker D. and Keller K., 1990, p. 30; Sherry J. 1990, p. 15; Aaker D. 1991, p. 60; Mehta R. and Russel B. 1991, p. 402; Macklin C. 1996, p. 257).

In addition to examining the existence of social class influences within identifiable groups, there have been a number of consumer studies into specific aspects of social class influence on brand loyalty. Richard Coleman (1983, p. 267) reported that consumers use evaluations of their social class members to choose a brand. This is true, especially, when consumers hold favourable attitudes toward members or activities of that social class.

The concept of social class and brand choice was also studied by others (e.g., Bruce and Dommermuth 1968, p. 5; Olsen B. 1996, p. 270; Douglas H. 1997, p. 341; Alex C. 1997, p. 307) and reported that cohesiveness of social class members influences brand choice of each other.

This concept has been used by advertisers in their efforts to persuade consumers to purchase products and brands. The portraying of products as being consumed in socially pleasant situations, the use of prominent/attractive people endorsing products, and the use of obvious social class members as spokespersons in advertisements, are all evidence that marketers and advertisers make substantial use of potential social class influence on consumer behavior in the advertising campaign of their promotional mix strategy (Leon Schiffman and Leslie Kanuk, 1997, p. 32).

The symbolic importance of the product and the structure of social class members affect the level of influence on consumers’ brand choice. It can be concluded that social class members can have a major influence on the purchase of conspicuous goods and services. A brand is conspicuous to the extent that it can be seen and identified by others. Although education, job and income are considered as the main factors in determining a person’s social class, other researchers (e.g., Joseph Plummer 1974, p. 34; Leon Schiffman and Leslie Kanuk 1997, p. 48; Pride and Ferrel 2000, pp. 210) have stressed the importance of including other social activities of the person. Therefore, the following variables are used in this study to determine a person’s social class category:

a- Education
b- Job
c- Income
d- Hobbies
e- Social events
f- Vacation
h-Club membership
i- Community
j- Shopping
k- Sports

What are Designer Luxury Goods and Why Should You Care?

Designer luxury goods are the highest quality products you can buy. They aren’t always “luxury,” except that the term “luxury” has been attributed to extremely high quality, since it does tend to cost more to purchase merchandise of such beauty and enduring quality. In fact, most luxury goods are built so well that they are often handed down from generation to generation as heirlooms, but not all…

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For instance, if you buy designer jewelry, it could conceivably become an heirloom, but, a designer handbag or designer shoes will probably not last more than a lifetime, of course unless you are rich enough to own a different pair of shoes for nearly every day of the year, then, maybe they could be!

The point of this article is to not only point out that luxury goods are very beautiful and built to last, but, that it is also an amazing exploding industry. In every financially growing country, more people are purchasing these items, especially in countries such as in China, South Korea, Japan and now even India. Why? I would think that it’s because these countries are becoming quite wealthy and the people who are getting richer know that luxury goods are not only more beautiful and of much higher quality, but, that they also show others that they’ve “made it,” financially and “socially.”

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Of course, in the Western world, such as in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and all of Europe and even South Africa, plus the upper-classes of any country you can think of, luxury goods are sought out and purchased by those who have the money to do so, and, although they are not the majority, they are quite loyal buyers, which is where you, as a member of Global Wealth Trade, could make lots of money by helping these fine folk have the products that they want.

So, I think if you thought about it a little, you’d realize it without me having to spell it out that there’s lots of money to be made in dealing with people with lots of money. And, if I am not mistaken, you are in this type of work to make lots of money. So, I’ve said it…

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If you Want to Make Mega Riches, Hang out with the Ultra Wealthy

It is a well known fact that we become like those whom we surround ourselves with, and, the reason it can sometimes take generations for a certain family to gain extreme wealth is often because with each generation they tend to climb the ladder of financial success and class. As they do, they get into new circles and spend time with people of increasing wealth and social status, thereby morphing to become more and more like these same people.

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But, there are two shortcuts to this rather lengthy procedure. One of them can be extremely difficult and even impossible for most folks, and the other is extremely easy and just about anyone can do it. The first is to come up with a great idea, build a business that goes viral quickly, like Uber or Amazon, and make tons of money, and the latter is joining Global Wealth Trade, which injects you into the elite’s tight circles immediately by providing them with the highest grade designer luxury goods and high fashion garments and accessories that they crave, seek out, can easily afford, and that is part of their lifestyle.

The super wealthy need their fancy clothes so they can look amazing and immaculate at all times. They need their beautiful handbags and shoes, their shiny watches and glistening jewelry. People who cater to these very rich people tend to also get very rich, for the very reason that I mentioned in the first paragraph of this article. Of course there are other ways to get rich in network marketing, but, it’s not as easy as many try to get you to believe it is, especially at $7 or $10, $39 or even $57, $65 or $97 at a time. It’s much better to be selling products that cost in the 5 digit to even 7 digit range with commissions as high as 65%, don’t you think?

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And, believe me, these people who buy this grade of merchandise can be amazingly loyal customers, especially if you provide them with outstanding service beyond their expectations. Not only will they will stick with you forever, they will refer you to their buddies at the country club, who will refer you to their buddies at the polo club, etc., etc. Getting “in” to these tight no-riffraff circles is not normally possible unless you have “earned” your way in, with few exceptions. Providing them with the goods that they want is one of the easiest ways in, and, you can do it, with a tiny initial investment, with GWT. You can even get started now, for FREE.

Before you say that working in the world of designer luxury goods and high fashion is not for you, think about that. If it’s not for you, then maybe extreme wealth and living the luxury lifestyle is not for you, either. What’s more likely to be the case is that you believe that you would simply feel out of place near people with this level of wealth. Well, if you want to be like them, I offer you one simple piece of advice – GET USED TO IT. They say, sometimes you’ve got to “fake it ’til you make it.” Just watch them, emulate their body language, learn by doing, and, before you know it, you’ll be one of “them;” envied by the world, and feeling like you’re on top of the world, because, you will be.

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Why Being in Your 40’s is a Great Time to Become an Entrepreneur

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question “When is the best time of your life to start a business?” but recent research suggests that 40 may be the magic number. Despite media speculation about the entrepreneurial spirit of the younger generation, the average age of an entrepreneur in the UK is 47 (46 for men and 48 for women), according to research from Sandler Training. US research puts the figure a little lower, saying 40 is the average age to start your first business.

This makes sense. For many, being a twentysomething is characterised by career uncertainty and debt, while a lack of experience working for other companies could make starting your own a risky business. Your 30s is the era of children and mortgages: a combined responsibility that could rule out taking a leap into the unknown. Forties, on the other hand, represents an attractive combination of financial security and business experience.

“I think experience, greater perspective and in some cases a little more resource to prime the pump means in many ways your 40s are a great time to start a business,” says entrepreneur Duncan Cheatle, 47.

By your 40s, Cheatle says, “you have typically made plenty of mistakes to learn from, built great networks but still have passion”. He believes that one of the many benefits of starting a business further along in your career is that “you know what you’re good at and what you’re not – and therefore need to delegate”. It also means you are more likely to have built a strong network of contacts and a good industry reputation, which can open doors when raising capital.

For Marcus Angell, 45, founder of SilverDoor serviced apartments, the experience and qualifications he gained early in his career meant that he was in an excellent position to spot a potential gap in the market.

“I’ve always been involved in property, redevelopment or construction one way or another. I have an MSc in Building Heritage and Conservation and a particular interest in the conversion of old buildings for use in contemporary residential and commercial life,” he says.

He came across the concept of serviced apartments in 2000 and saw the potential for a new business venture. “I thought they were a fantastic alternative to a hotel room for corporate and business travellers,” Angell says. “I couldn’t see a reason why you wouldn’t choose to stay in a serviced apartment instead of a hotel if you had the choice.”

Marcus Angell
 Marcus Angell, founder of SilverDoor serviced apartments. Photograph: PR

The company now has a strong focus on training and development, with a small company academy and a history of recruiting apprentices once they have completed their training. For Angell, this is “one of the things I am most proud about at SilverDoor”.

For many first-time fortysomething entrepreneurs, their business idea is a result of years, sometimes decades of thinking, planning and building experience and funds. By this point in your life, you know what you want from a career and what you don’t, so are in a good place to create a business and a lifestyle that is right for you.

Sara Leigh, 46, a business analyst at an investment bank, started her craft business, Re-Creation, last year. Leigh, who is on the autistic spectrum, says she finds working in a large corporation quite difficult. “I’ve always been interested in crafts from childhood and done lots of courses,” she says. She discovered that often the only way to access the equipment required for specialist crafts was by enrolling on a course – “I wanted to find a space where I could get the equipment and materials without committing to a 10-week course. I wanted a more flexible solution.” she continues.

Leigh has her own studio, where friends used to come and try out crafts. “I thought it would be nice to share it with the wider population, so that’s what [Re-Creation] is all about.”

Like many forty-something entrepreneurs, Leigh is at a perfect point where she has enough capital to support a fledgling business, and also has a clear idea of what she wants from her life and career.

“I think the fact that I earn a decent salary and can cover it is great. I had a plan for it for about 10 years, I kept putting it off and then I thought, you might as well do it.”


For those of us who are serious about making money and becoming an online entrepreneur, I wouldn’t be surprised if the average age for that is also in the 40’s, because, it can take a while for a person to realize that a regular job simply will never satisfy or build up a retirement fund. Plus being in our mid-40’s should have given us enough time to perhaps save up a little money to invest in the better marketing programs, all of which do cost a little to get started in.

Don’t be deceived… You not only get what you pay for, but, no decent business can be started without some investment in money and certainly quite a bit in time and dedication. By the time we are in our 40’s, we are okay with that, or, at least, we should be. You don’t get something for nothing in this world, another reality we normally have learned by the time we exit our 30’s.

Don’t make the same mistake so many newbies make in network marketing… be NOT afraid to go for the gold. In fact, if you really want to really make it – I mean beyond just earning a lot of money, but, raising up in your social status, as well, forget the gold, and go for the platinum and diamonds. Might as well do it right from the get-go. Choose GWT – Global Wealth Trade – the name says it all. GWT is a global designer luxury goods business with world-class, fabulous clientele whose success will rub-off on you, quickly.

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Okay, some of you may think I’m pushing the envelope too often about the value of dressing immaculately and the positive effects it has on our personal confidence and how it attracts the elite and wealth. Why shouldn’t I persist? There’s a lot to be said about people who dress for success, because, there is a power in dress that cannot be denied, if you look at the facts.

Yet, people deny it. Why? Because, in truth, they are afraid of it. People are almost petrified around an immaculately dressed man or woman. They become like “deer in the headlights.” Just like a doctor, or a chef, professor or an artist might dress, every field of expertise has a “uniform,” and, these uniforms evoke certain feelings in the people who encounter them. It just so happens that the uniform of the field of wealth and super success is a fine tailored and well fitted suit.

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I don’t think there’s anyone that wouldn’t either openly (or in secret) admit that they would love to have the confidence to dress up like these amazing achievers, but, they are afraid. Of course we won’t feel comfortable doing something like this until we do it. Just like we’re afraid to speak in public or drive in a Lamborghini, it becomes less and less uncomfortable as we do it… and, after a while, we begin to love it… a lot. When we dress like the rich, we begin to think like the rich, and we begin to attract wealth… big wealth. Not only wealth will we attract, we’ll begin to suddenly noticed by the elite, and invited to fabulous parties, and make more amazing connections that will multiply our wealth, exponentially.

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Beware of Becoming an Internet Marketing BLOB


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Global Wealth Trade
The NAME Says it ALL!

What is “wealth” to you? To most, it’s about money. To a few others, it’s about health, but, “health” is a multi-faceted term, which often is attributed to only physical health… what about social health? What’s that, you may ask? I have seen a definite decline in people’s real-world social lifestyles since the age of the internet. People are forgetting that there was a day when people would dress up and go out and socialize with real people.

Perhaps you are one of the people who no longer know many “flesh and blood” people, and now only spend their days engaging with “virtual” people. Many studies have shown that people online are not really the same as they are in person. And, this may be true for you, as well. Wouldn’t you rather be real and have real friends and have real fun?

This is where Global Wealth Trade, and FERI luxury designer goods can come in and cause a major uptick in your social health and social wealth. Go from being a person living a boring, dull life, to being “fabulous!” Global Wealth Trade puts you in the world of the rich and sometimes famous, who you get to rub shoulders with as part of your “job description.

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Maybe you are one of these people who don’t mind descending further daily into mediocrity and a very dull life, so long as you are earning more and more money. So many people nowadays equate their indentity and success on mere income criteria, and forget that life is more than how much money you have in the bank.

Since you “can’t take it with you,” why not enjoy your earnings and go from being “one of the herd,” of internet marketers who stay home behind a computer screen all day, with an occasional trip to Walmart, forgetting to switch out of their PJ’s, because, they no longer care about what any real-world people think, but only what their “virtual” friends and customers think of them. Beware of this type of life! You don’t want to be a drone.

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If you are ready for a fabulous lifestyle, know that you can have it, and still be a marketer – but only with GWT. Every other marketing program out there is a mostly stay-home behind the computer screen type of career. GWT puts you out there, dressing to the hilt everywhere you go, and getting a lot of head turning, people asking you questions, and opportunities to tap into the bottomless wallets of the ultra-wealthy, who crave the designer luxury goods, including designer high fashion garments, and designer jewelry, watches, handbags, and the like, that you can help them have, at a discount, and delivered directly to their doorstep.

Take a leap of faith and really start to live large, instead of small. Stop shopping at Walmart, and start really living… You’ll be very glad you did. Not sure if this is a “fit” for you? Then, why not take a look at a little more info on the subject, by clicking here. Thanks!

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