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Make Lots of Money with High Fashion but Keep Your Heart

The age old saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is” most often… well, not true and not good. This is not necessarily the case, however, as is any generalization you have heard or any judgment you have made, because beliefs are subject on variables often beyond our own mind.

With that said, from my experience, in the world of marketing, I have found that if it sounds too “hypey” to be true, then it’s extremely unlikely. Worth needs no hype. Truth needs no defense. Reality needs no push to be real. And, you can really tell whether something is real or not, without being convinced or deceived. Sincerity speaks louder than any shouted words can.

Some marketing research has shown that it can take over 7 contacts for somebody to even begin to consider something. But, in my personal experience, it has taken 1 contact to close a sale, when I am sincere, real, and don’t make it about making the sale. Sure, it’s important to represent a business opportunity that has value and is not fake, as the first step. But, if you see your prospect as only a prospect; you quickly pre-qualify them so you can move on to the next prospect and not “waste your valuable time” if they are not “qualified,” you will not be good at marketing, and, you will not be good at closing sales, and, you will not be very happy. 

Why? Because, it’s not so much WHAT we market, but WHY we market. We are supposed to be doing this to make the prospect’s life better after we “finish” with them than when we began. Is our product or service perfect for everyone – no matter how “good” it is? The answer is NO. If a person cannot be easily lead to see how what we are marketing would be a great benefit to their lives, then, it isn’t. How can I say that? Easily. Something is either fantastic or not, but, not so much because of what it IS, but because of whether the prospect believes it is. So, our job is to #1) Care about the prospect, #2) Ask qualifying questions, and #3) If they qualify, quickly get them to benefit from what you are offering by pointing out how what you are offering satisifes their needs or solves their problems. If they do not qualify, meaning that they don’t want it or believe it, you don’t just mark them off your list. You remain true and real friends for a lifetime.

We have the most enjoyable work in the world, but, only if you realize what it is that we are being paid to do. It’s not about selling products or getting as many people to join something as possible. It’s about helping and improving the lives of as many people that we possibly can, and, often that is by finding out quickly that they do not qualify, then, using our hearts to provide them with something more valuable than anything this world has to offer – real, sincere, unconditional brotherly or sisterly love and friendship. Know your product/service. Believe that it’s fantastic for the right people. Make lots of friends, and, make all the money you can, but, never, ever hurt somebody by seeing them as a number and or selling them something that they don’t want, need or that will not leave them better off than they were before. Thank you!

Nothing of Value Comes at no Expense

Or, perhaps better stated. All things of value in life will require some sort of sacrifice, or price. Maybe it won’t be in money, but, it will be in some form of energy. Money is just energy. Everything expended is energy, regardless of form. Even a thought, which seems without form, manifests in likeness to the thought. To believe that you can get something for nothing is not a realistic concept.

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The same can be said about marketing. There are many “free” programs out there, but, you will never get anything that’s really free. Most of the time, if it’s free in money, you will have to pay a lot extra in time, if you expect to get any return for your efforts, and, efforts are a type of paying. The problem is that it can take forever, and, even then, you may not make a significant income from a “free” program.

But, then, it should be said that just because there is a price, it does not mean that you will get a return in your investment. Some things have big pricetags but are not worth the price, at all. So, we must use good judgment based on a considerable amount of research to learn whether something is actually worth the price attributed to it. If there’s a ton of hype about it, that, to me, is the first sign that it’s probably not truly valuable, because, things of value don’t need a lot of hype. Their reputation precedes them and speak for themselves.

This is basically what is the truth behind GWT – Global Wealth Trade. Some people have falsely accuseed GWT of being a “scam” because it has a relatively high cost to get involved. But, that’s not really true. The word “relatively” is quite subject to interpretation. It costs $169 to get started with their premium entry fees, but, that’s not big in comparison to the amount of money that you can generate, and quickly, with GWT. Why? Because GWT’s products are of the highest grade on the planet and sought after by people with lots of money. And, the compensation plan is such that you can quite quickly get wealthy, and people have.

GWT is the marketing arm of FERI luxury designer goods. This company has maintained an A+ Rating from the BBB. This company is as excellent as the products they represent. I have seen marketing “training programs” that go for as much as $2,500 for training that you can get for free by doing some Googling. I mean, ‘cmon! GWT has recently begun a program that you can join for “free.” I’m not sure why they did this, and, it’s not as lucrative as the one you pay to get in, but, it’s still better to get in, and work your way up, than to avoid this amazing program because you think $169 is too much money to invest in yourself.

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Either way, free or paid, GWT is a shining example of how you can get involved in the exciting world of luxury goods, quickly and easily, and, become as rich as your clients, for minimal expenditure of energy and time. In the old days, it would have been pretty much impossible to get in the door to this world without having spent years if not decades in finding a way in. Now, it’s been simplified with GWT. If you are remotely interested in this opportunity, visit my page here, and contact me, asap. Thank you!!

Do your Due Diligence When Researching MLM’s

As most of us here know, the network marketing industry is very competitive and somewhat cut-throat, with companies ranging from highly honest and lucrative to downright illegal and fake. Because many of the CEO’s or founders of these companies want to find a way to rise higher in popularity, so they can make more money, will often engage in actions, such as to post fake negative reviews of their competitors or put out disinformation campaigns, much like the “fake news” that has now become so popular, that people aren’t sure what to believe or not to believe. Then, people read them and write other innaccurate content online that causes even more confusion. So, what to do?

Do your due diligence and spend some serious time reseraching the companies you are considering joining. If you join a company that’s sincere, and of high integrity, you will notice one thing. They don’t do hype. They don’t post fake negative reviews about other companies, and, they don’t make false claims. The real companies let the substance and/or products of what makes their companies great speak for themselves. And, they won’t try to convince people that just because they have a certain high number of affiliates or members, that this makes them better or legitimate.

I was scouring though the internet, and I ran across another example of what I am referring to. I was reading reviews on the program that I have been involved with for a few years, Global Wealth Trade, aka “GWT,” which is based in Canada, and owed by the man who owns and founded FERI designer luxury goods and high fashion, known the world over for producing the highest quality merchandise available.

Global Wealth Trade maintains an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, and has NO official complaints to justify the attacks it’s getting from fake reviews and confused people reading fake information. My advice to you all is to AVOID HYPE of all kinds. Real and legitimate products, programs, services and companies don’t need hype to convince people. What they ARE and what they offer speaks loud and clear.

Below is an example of the type of confusing information that can be found online, on one site I ran into today:


Global Wealth Trade (False and innacurate claim)

My son almost got sucked into this. They go to the cult, er, sales meeting. Hear the pitch. They are then told not to say ANYTHING about it to anyone unless they come to a meeting too. They are all pumped to sell travel packages and junk jewelry to friends, family, and peers. They are told how much money other people are making.

I had to really work to get the piece of paper (sign up sheet) they sent home with him. There is a yearly fee, and then packages of jewelry to buy, etc.

So, I looked up their name on the net.
They were called Treasure Traders International before. (turns out to be false)
Before that they were Women Empowering Women. (turns out to be false)…off0142437.htm

Always the same rip-off, er ringleader artists.

This has taken my city by storm. My son is the only who told me what it was about, but I’ve been invited to sooo many of these secret meetings, but I never go because I won’t go unless I know what the heck it is about.

My son was told that these junk rings sell for like $2500 each on ebay. You have pay $1500 for one! I saw on the rip off report that they sell for much less actually.

ei. a ‘gem pack’ touted at TTI meetings supposedly worth $1350 sold for $45 dollars on E-Bay.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has heard of them? My son, who is 17, almost got sucked in. Thankfully, after I showed him the websites, he threw out the sign up sheet. At first he said my negativity was expected, but the more websites I showed him, the more it got to him. I had to stick to my guns though. I showed him that each company averaged 5 years. This Global Wealth one is just gearing up, and should be toast in 3-4 years. They are selling jewelry and travel packages. They are aggressively recruiting in my son’s high school.…ax-on-bim.html

The aim is to become captain, which requires the recruitment of 31 other people who pay more than $1,000 each.

I’m away for about 2 weeks, but do hope that the word can be spread about this new company of Alan Kippax’s. I almost lost a family member to it, and now know what other folks around me are getting into. They will even quit their jobs to devote even more time to it, and one is back grovelling for work in this recession time. It’s really quite sad.

Global Wealth Trade (Rebuttal and factual info)

I completely appreciate that you are looking out for your son. I have two sons and would definitely look out for them and look into anything they are getting involved with. It is excellent to take an active interest in your children’s lives. I come from a Banking background and regardless I like to do serious due diligence on any business I get involved in.

In doing due diligence though one has to be very careful that you have gotten the facts straight. The information and companies you have done your research on are actually completely different companies that have nothing to do with Global Wealth Trade. You even talk about this company being owned by Alan Kippax who has never owned or had any involvement with Global Wealth Trade whatsoever.

Global Wealth Trade is a Canadian Designer company that in almost 5 years in operation to my knowledge has never had a member complain or make a statement about being deceived or losing money. In fact if anything it has members who make glowing recommendations about the company and what it has done for their lives. I started my own due diligence by going to see first hand what the company offers and how it works and talking to the corporate team and existing members.

For myself it has allowed me the freedom to leave that bank job, be in control of how I spend my time and the freedom to spend precious and valuable time with my young sons.

As you live in Alberta I would be happy to set you up with one of the Pastors or former RCMP officers who are members of Global Wealth Trade to show you exactly what this company does. Some of these RCMP officers come from 25 years experience in RCMP in the Fraud Investigations division and believe they did serious due diligence ahead of joining the company.

I actually suspect that your son went to see one of these other companies that your post speaks about and somehow you managed to mix those up with Global Wealth Trade.

Global Wealth Trade has actually been a program that has seen extraordinary verifiable success achieved by young people age 18 to 30 some of whom we would be delighted to introduce you too and who we are sure you son would enjoy meeting and identify with.

So once again I applaud you but if it is Global Wealth Trade you truly want to look into and do due diligence on then let me know and I can arrange a meeting so you can get all the facts and info on the company and then make fully informed decisions and statements that are in your sons best interest.

If you want to be involved with a network marketing company that is of the highest grade and integrity, it’s very hard to beat Global Wealth Trade. Click here to get all the FACTS and to learn how EXCITING and LUCRATIVE this business is. It’s not second class… it’s the finest there is out there. Thank you for reading.

Becoming Wealthy without a Matching Lifestyle Lacks Satisfaction

One of the sadder concepts I have heard of in my lifetime is of the “hoarder” who dies with a house full of stuff and the “miser,” who dies with a bank or mattress (hehe) full of cash. It honestly doesn’t make much sense to me. I had always thought that life was for enjoying the fruits of our labor, and, if our cups should be overflowing, not to find additional storage lockers to store the stuff, but, to share it with those who have less. Money or stuff piled up serves nobody well, but, especially to the one who accumulated it.

Have  you noticed that, as you earn money, and get to the point where you no longer worry about paying your bills, after that, and your finances begin to accumulate, that, you begin to lose the joy of earning? Maybe you get excited when you see an extra zero being added to the end of your bank account balance, but, not I. What good does a zero do to add to your life experience? I would dare say, zero. I guess you can get a sense of “security,” which I would deem as false, because, all the money in the world won’t make you a happy person. And all of your accumulated stuff won’t make you feel fulfilled.

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But, spending that money on expressions of living, such as dressing in designer high fashion – looking fabulous daily, might make you happier. And, giving some of your useless stuff away might make you feel a little joy in your heart. 🙂 So, please, don’t be one of these sad millionaires or billionaires. I mean, if you’re going to be sad, might as well not spend so much of your life trying to get rich. Have you ever spent time in a 2nd or 3rd world country? If you have, you might’ve noticed the phenomenon that you can only witness in a 2nd or 3rd world country – that is, very poor, very happy people. We’re talking people who are happier than we Westerners are, living in grass huts with dirt floors and no indoor plumbing. Have you ever wondered why?

This is the bottom line. It takes hours, hard work, and smart work, to get rich. Might as well enjoy the fruits of your labor! But, how can you, if you are working one of these BORRRING stay-at-home, staring at the computer screen all day programs where you promote dull stuff, build a bunch of hype, and see everybody as a number, never getting out, remaining dressed in your PJ’s, and, getting pimply faced from all the junk food you eat, as you get fatter and blobbier every day (is blobbier a word?)? Well, you can’t. Choose to be fabulous, instead! LIVE LARGE. Spend that money. Look and BE fantastic. Join the elite crowd and feel the vibe of the VIP and exclusivity. It’s fun. Much more fun that what you are probably doing now.

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Heck, nobody cares what color you are or how ugly or not your face is. What they care about is that you are confident in  yourself, know how to appreciate your wealth, and are not afraid to enjoy your life, while you have it. People notice your style and your grace, more than your prudence and your face. LIVE!! You can do it! You may think it’s hard to get fabulously wealthy and become part of the “in” crowd. It’s not. It may once have been, but now, Global Wealth Trade has simplified it for you. All you need is a love of the finer things in life. If you like the look of a well dressed man or woman, you’ve got what you need to be a huge success with GWT. And, in the luxury goods business, you will soon find yourself surrounded by the very type of person you will soon become like. Visit my website that explains how lucrative, easy and affordable it is to get started, today! Thanks and see you at the top of the world!

What Motivates People to buy & Values that Influence People to Consume Luxury Products

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Luxury Product
An item that is not needed to live, but is deemed as highly-desired within a culture or society and is associated with wealth and prestige. These items often have a well known ‘name’ and are typically more costly than products that have the same functions, but may not be of the same high-end quality and/or have the same ‘name’.

Examples are not limited to, but include things like cars, clothing, purses, jewellery, watches and high quality food.

Luxury Value
Financial Value $
Functional Value
Individual Value
Social Value
To Buy, Or Not To Buy…

Questionaire Results
We will focus on consumers’ perception and motivation specifically related to the consumption of luxury products.
“Measuring Consumers’ Luxury Value Perception”
Variety of reasons that consumers buy luxury brands.
Satisfy multiple facets of the human psyche, that are directly correlated to the consumer’s individual, social, functional and/or financial values.

When individuals are supposed to be rational creatures, why do they choose to spend more money on luxury brands that have no more perceived usefulness than their cheaper counterparts?

Model Seeks to Explain:
Related to a consumer being driven by their emotional needs
pleasure is a strong motivational factor
consumer’s hedonic drive will play a role in their decision

Suggest that humans find enjoyment and increased value in the task itself when it comes to hedonic value, as opposed to the wholeness they feel from mere task completion.

Young consumers make up more than 45% of the luxury goods purchases
Luxury goods are an increasing market and have continued to grow 15% each year
Marketers need to be aware of luxury goods in order to be successful

– Focuses on the product in terms of dollars and cents
– High prices are expected with luxury products, and they rarely go on sale.
– Most people have a Luxury Relationship Perception.
– Buying something for financial value uses a very concrete, reason-based analysis.

luxury lifestyle, luxury goods, FERI, designer handbags, designer shoes

Consumers asks themselves three questions…

1. What is the functional use of this luxury product for me?
2. What funds do I have available?
3. What is the long-term worth?

The company and market determine what the luxury product price will be.

– Consumers with primary goal of increasing their social status
– Consider how they will appear to others, as opposed to what practical use the item will serve in their own life, status, power, affiliation…
– Strengthen status by buying things they cannot afford, and/or settle for a knock-off or counterfeit brand to show prestige, wealth, status

Media plays a very influential role on consumers’ and their desire to be like the successful, beautiful, and famous people they see and hear, in order to have greater social acceptance.


– benefit and utilities that drive the consumer to desire high-end products.
– quality, uniqueness, physical performance, attributes, usability, reliability, and durability of the product.
– brand names of luxury products are very well known and greatly influence their perceived value.
– people who purchase a luxury product for functional value- desire a basic benefit and practical use.
– buying is rationale and task related.

The conclusion we at Global Wealth Trade have made decades ago is that yes, it is indeed possible to buy quality merchandise from a non-designer, no-brand name. However, it is a gamble to do so, because reputation is everything in determining how likely the product you purchase will truly be worth the cost you paid for it. When it comes to famous designer luxury goods, such as high fashion garments, accessories, handbags, shoes, watches, jewelry, etc., who, regardless of how much one has to spend, wants to waste both their time and money in taking a chance on brands that are not known to satisfy?
Thus, people are willing to pay more for a known designer’s products, because, they can be reasonably sure that they are buying something that will be astonishingly well designed and crafted to WOW and to last, perhaps so long as to be given away as heirlooms. This is the level of quality that FERI designer luxury goods offers its discerning clientele. Global Wealth Trade is the marketing arm of FERI and has come up with one of the highest rated global MLM’s on earth today. GWT has created more millionaires, worldwide, faster than just about any other network marketing company.
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Regardless of why people buy designer luxury goods, the fact remains that luxury goods are an increasing market and have continued to grow 15% each year. WHY NOT take advantage of this and dramatically raise your income as well as your status? Quit playing with dull and lifeless programs that won’t ever get you the wealth you deserve and the status that may indeed frighten and excite you at the same time. BE BOLD. One does not become fabulous by hiding behind their computer in their pajamas every day. Take action, like the most successful people on earth do, and click this link, right now. Thank you for having what it takes to rise to the top.

“We Don’t Make Shoes, We Make Luxury Transportation” ~ FERI

high fashion, designer high fashion, designer clothing, designer handbags, designer shoes, designer jewelry

C’mon, don’t lie… If you could, you would purchase designer quality products. What we tend to do, when we don’t have the income to comfortably do so, we criticize others who purchase ultra-high quality designer merchandise, frankly, because we don’t want to admit that we are disgruntled that we can’t afford the best. And, that’s the subject of this story. The products that cost more are worth the price. I didn’t say that they might be more expensive than they ought to be, but, they ARE the best, and, that quality will show in the look, the level of comfort, and the longevity of the item.

So, let’s say you are working hard, and, you want to get rich. That’s a great mission! Why not? Better rich than poor. But, have you ever thought that you could be working with the rich and dressing like the rich, as you get rich? You can with GWT – Global Wealth Trade – the NAME says it ALL. GWT is the marketing arm of FERI designer luxury goods, that, not only is the fastest growing designer brand, but, has also just introduced their new designer skin care line, FERI Flawless!

This is all I’ve got to say: Quality will always be in style, and I can say Quality will never go out of style. Either way. And, there will always be a market for it. The people who can afford it, want it, and buy it, and, they not only love the products, but, they attach some of their self-worth to the items, therefore, you don’t even have to convince anyone to buy. They will come knocking down your door, when they realize that you can get them this merchandise, conveniently delivered to their door, at a discount.

Yes, these are the exciting things you can get proudly behind, as you make your own fashion fortune. And, since the addition of the skin care line, you now have even more ways to make lots and lots of money, fast. This it not even to mention the recruitment method of earning. In fact, there are over a half-dozen ways to make money with GWT, all while you drive around, rub shoulders with the elite, looking fabulous; being fabulous.

If you’re tired of dressing like you forgot to get out of your “at home” clothes each time you go out, and would prefer to have people turn their heads, wondering if they just spotted a celebrity… if you are tired of living small and are ready to LIVE LARGE…  if you are tired of making $5, $10, $17, $37 at a time, and wouldn’t mind making $150, $750, $3,000, $15,000 at a time… contact me, Roderick Mackenzie ~ Fashionpreneur. I will show you how easy it is to rise to the top and become the cream of the crop! Also, you can check out my link, here, for more info on how to join. Thanks! 

How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles – The Feri Flawless Secret

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Many of us are looking for a guaranteed way to reverse the signs of aging. You will learn a sure-fire way of how to get rid of wrinkles. You will learn about the exact products that will visibly reduce the signs of aging after the very first application.

Imagine having your friends and family constantly giving you complements on how wonderful your skin looks. How would you feel if people regularly asked for your advice on reducing wrinkle lines. I’ll bet you would feel wonderful, won’t you?

Click here to learn more about these exciting products.

According to the National Institute on Aging, the skin changes and develops wrinkles, age spots, loses fat, as well as become thinner and drier with age. While it is currently impossible to stop the normal aging processes, you can use skincare products to help eliminate signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin and dull glow-less skin.

However, multiple clinical studies published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have found that some skincare products contain potentially harmful ingredients including parabens, sodium laureth sulfates, and propylene glycol.

For this reason, you should only use skincare products formulated with all-natural ingredients.

Why You Should Avoid Cosmetics with Toxic Chemicals

An article published by the National Institute of Environmental Health Science states that many cosmetics including shampoos, skin cleansers, nail polish and skin lotions contain chemical compounds that can adversely affect pregnancy outcomes, sperm count, and birth defects.

For these reasons, US legislators have recently proposed giving the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wide ranging legal powers to weed out products that contain harmful ingredients or willfully fail to disclose all their chemical ingredients.

For instance, according to the NIH, tests on one hair straightener that was marketed as formaldehyde free found that it contained 10% formaldehyde by weight. Even worse, consumers and beauty salon workers who used the said product experienced respiratory tract problems, vomiting, skin rash, nervous system disorders, and chest pains.

Other harmful ingredients found in beauty products include phthalates, parabens, lead (found in some lipsticks), diethanolamine (DEA) and retinyl palmitate. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says these compounds can cause cancer, skin tumors, insulin resistance, ovarian aging, low sperm quality, and disrupt optimal functioning of the endocrine system.

Luckily, you can avoid these health problems by using Feri Flawless products. Which is formulated from all natural ingredients from all over the world.

An Overview of Feri Flawless

Feri Flawless is a range of skincare products formulated with proven natural ingredients sourced from different parts of the world including North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. These products include Revive 5D Day Moisturizer, Quad AG Night Serum, Dream Lips Lip Treatment, Eternal 5 Eye Serum, and Dual Action Hydrating Cleanser. Each product is based on a formulation that revitalizes the skin and removes signs of aging.

The Science behind Feri Flawless

The science behind Feri Flawless is hinged on several pillars. For starters, all formulations are based on extensive and exhaustive clinical trials that are conducted under the supervision of a scientific advisory board that is led by Tom H. (GWT formulator) and David O. (international expansion consultant).

Since he graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.Sc. degree, Tom H. has worked with some of the leading brands in the cosmetics industry including Estee Lauder, Revlon, Beecham International, and Faberge International during a career that spans more than three decades.

David O. is also a University of Toronto graduate (science degree) who specialized in urologic laser applications before turning to research and development of medical products. It is worth noting that David O. has in depth knowledge of the regulatory frameworks and registration requirements that apply to cosmetic products.

This shows that the manufacturer of Feri Flawless — GWT — has invested heavily in research and development.

Besides this, Feri Flawless products come with a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) label to show that clinical tests do not involve animals. The label also assures consumers that GWT beauty products do not contain animal-based ingredients.

Feri Flawless cosmetics also come with a Nano Free label to show that they only contain a micronized and inert silver element that is harmless to the human body. In fact, GWT says its formulations do not contain silver water and they are manufactured in accordance with ISO 133201-1 standards.

Before market introduction, each product is reviewed and tested under the supervision of a qualified dermatologist to ensure it is safe for human use. Finally, the results recorded during clinical trials are sent to independent laboratories for verification.

These balances and checks ensure that consumers get quality products that are not only safe, but also work as advertised.

The Wonderful Range Of Products

Revive 5D Day Moisturizer

The Revive 5D Day Moisturizer cream keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day. This is in addition to protecting the skin’s moisture barrier and smoothening wrinkles to give you a healthier and youthful look. Unlike other products, this moisturizer does not make the skin feel oily/greasy, which makes it ideal for individuals who lead active lifestyles.


Before applying this moisturizer, the manufacturer recommends cleaning the skin with Feri Flawless Cleanser. To do this, squeeze some Revive Moisturizer onto your fingertips and gently massage the cream on your skin. Avoid direct contact with the eyes and give the skin a few minutes to absorb the cream before applying makeup. Of course, you should keep all cosmetic products away from children and pets.


Key ingredients in the Revive Moisturizer include:

• Spruce Knot Extract

Research published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention found that spruce knot extract has potent antioxidant and antitumor properties. Toxicity tests showed that the extract is safe for human consumption. Another study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that the lignans in spruce knot extract enhance mineral bone density, lower breast cancer risk, and ease hot flashes in postmenopausal women.

• Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

A study published by the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal found that argania spinosa kernel oil inhibits the melanogenic enzymes dopachrome tautomerase (DCT) and tyrosinase (TYR) making it suitable for treating hyperpigmentation disorders. This particular study also found that argania oil has antioxidant properties. Besides this, research published in the journal Clinical Interventions in Aging found that argania oil improves skin elasticity.

• Peony extract

According to research published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, peony extract contains paeoniflorin, which can reduce the severity of some hyperpigmented skin disorders. A series of randomized and controlled clinical trials appearing in the journal Drugs & Aging found that peony extract reduces skin wrinkling significantly. Moreover, research published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology found that peony extract inhibits acute and sub-acute inflammation.

• Iris Florentia extract

A study published by the NIH found that iris florentia extract induces apoptotic or programmed cell death in human leukemia cells.

• Manihot Esculenta Root Extract

Research published in the Journal of Pharmacy & BioAllied Sciences found that manihot root extract contains antioxidants including flavonoids, polyphenols, alkaloids, tannins, glycosides, saponins and anthocyanins.

Quad AG Night Serum

This skincare product contains ingredients that rejuvenate the skin. In addition, it contains a potent micro-silver compound that support the skin’s natural flora and removes harmful bacteria.


For starters, use Feri Flawless Cleanser to remove grime from your face at night before going to bed. After this, squeeze Quad AG Night Serum on the palm of your hand and use your fingertips to massage the cream on your face and neck area. Once again, avoid direct eye contact because this serum is only meant for external use. People with acne-prone skin should not use Feri Flawless Night Serum while on acne medications that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. If you have doubts or experience adverse effects, stop using the serum and consult your physician or a qualified dermatologist.


• Goji berry extract

An article in the Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences journal states that goji berry extract protects the skin from UV radiation-induced damage. A publication in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine says consumption of goji berry juice enhances general well-being and gastrointestinal functioning.

• Palmitoyl hexapeptide

The NIH says that palmitoyl hexapeptide stimulates collagen production leading to smoothening of wrinkles and fine lines.

• MicroSilver

A study published in the Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology found that microsilver has powerful antimicrobial properties and restores the skin’s normal condition by repairing the stratum corneum lipid film.

• Spruce extract

Research published in the journal Advances in Wound Care found that the resin acids in spruce extract have substantial skin regeneration, wound healing, and antimicrobial properties. A publication in the journal Drug Metabolism Letters states that resin-salve from Norway spruce is effective in treating chronic skin ulcers.

Dream Lips Lip Treatment

Dream Lips contains ingredients that oxygenate and moisturize the lips. These ingredients also prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the lips.


Squeeze a small amount of Dream Lips cream onto the tip of the provided applicator. Apply and gently massage this cream on your lips and the skin around the lips. Remember to avoid direct contact with the eyes and keep the cream away from children and pets.


• Hyaluronic spheres

Hyaluronic spheres remove and prevent the appearance of fine and coarse wrinkles according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology.

• Swertia chirata extract

Research published by in the Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology found that swertia chirata extract exhibits beneficial antiviral properties against herpes simplex virus type-1. Another study published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology found that swertia chirata extract has significant antifungal, antibacterial, and antipyretic properties.

Dual Action Hydrating Cleanser

The Feri Flawless Dual Action cleanser removes grime that clogs the skin’s pores while moisturizing it to prevent drying, flaking, and the appearance of scales.


Dab your face with warm water and then squeeze a small amount of Dual Action Hydrating Cleanser on your wet hands. Use your fingertips to massage the cleanser gently on your face preferably in a circular motion. This should be done while avoiding direct contact with the eyes. After this, use warm water to rinse your face thoroughly. For the best results, you should cleanse your face every morning and evening.


• Caprylic/capric triglyceride

Research published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science found that caprylic/capric triglyceride (CCT) elevates skin hydration, conductivity, and texture significantly. Clinical studies have also found that CCT could be used to ease mild-to-moderate ALS disease symptoms, according to the NIH.

• Lauryl glucoside

An NIH publication says lauryl glucoside is a surfactant widely used in cosmetics to prevent and relieve skin dryness, itching, flaking, itchiness, and irritation.

Eternal 5 Eye Serum

Eternal 5 Eye Serum is designed to remove and prevent the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles around the eyes. According to the manufacturer, the Feri Flawless Eye Serum is a skin relaxer combined with a skin-oxygenating ingredient that removes fine lines and wrinkles while giving the area around the eyes a plumper look.


Squeeze a small amount of Eternal 5 Eye Serum on the roll-on applicator and then apply this serum gently on the area around the eyes. Make sure there is no direct contact with the eyes.

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic spheres

Hyaluronic spheres contain hyaluronic acid, which researchers have found plays a role in skin aging. In fact, a study published in the journal Dermatoendocrinology found that hyaluronic acid or HA modulates skin moisture while enhancing skin resilience and pliability.

Other Ingredients

Other ingredients found in Feri Flawless Eye Serum include Safflower oleosomes, covalumine AS, activen and perfluoro compounds.

How To Get These Exclusive Feri Flawless Products

Currently, the manufacturer is offering all five skincare products at an affordable price.


I do hope you have gotten enough information on how to get rid of wrinkles.

One of the most effective ways of giving your skin a youthful look is by using anti aging skin care products that do not contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates and even lead.

Fortunately, Feri Flawless offers a wide range of all-natural anti-aging products. More importantly, all Feri Flawless products undergone extensive clinical trials and tests to ensure they are safe for human use.

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Google’s Amazing 2017 Skin Care Trends Report

Google’s Amazing 2017 Skin Care Trends Report

With every query typed into a search bar, users provide a glimpse into their considerations and intentions. By compiling top searches, we’re able to render a strong representation of the population and gain insight
into their behavior.

In this Google Beauty Trends Report, we are excited to use Google data to identify and compare skin care trends across three different markets: U.S., France, and Japan.

The goal of this report is to help marketers, researchers, developers, and beauty mavens understand their global audiences and the trends that are top of mind. I am proud to share this iteration with you. It was put together by Olivier Zimmer & Yarden Horwitz – Trendspotting Project Leads, Google

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Key Takeaways

> Each market has distinct values when it comes to skin care.

Beauty can be experiential or clinical, depending on where you look. In the U.S. and France for instance, consumers view bathing as a way to create a personalized experience. In contrast, Japanese consumers highly prioritize understanding the science behind different beauty regimens and are quick to investigate new methods like carbonated beauty products.

> Skin care trends are spreading from market to market, despite different values.

Hoping for a crystal ball to reveal what’s next in beauty? Look abroad. Trends like masks saw traction in Japan and then traveled to the U.S., and trends like bath bombs took off in the U.S. and then picked up later in France. New regional trends that haven’t yet spread may indicate what’s coming next to the other markets.

> While trends spread across markets, they evolve differently within each market.

Although Japan is leading the way in terms of many skin care trends like masks, trends evolve differently in each market based on cultural behaviors and values. For instance, a trend in the U.S. may evolve to cross products and uses. France, on the other hand, will add an organic or natural spin to new trends…


If this is of interest to you and you would like to read the full, comprehensive report that would be of immense value to you, as a marketer who promotes skin care products/programs, please click here to receive the FREE full 78 page .pdf report published by Google Trends.