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Why FERI Flawless? Because, it’s FERI Quality makes it EPIC

People love network marketing the beauty and skin care industry, why? Well, because it’s a multi-billion dollar industry in the USA alone, and, women are addicted to it, world-wide, regardless to their income or status. However, what gauge do buyers have to give them confidence which product line will ensure them the highest quality product for the price?

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It is relatively well known by most savvy shoppers that price is NOT always indicative of quality! Especially, if it’s a network marketed brand. More often than not, a large part of the cost of a product sold via network marketing is used to pay affiliates and their uplines and downlines and the owner of the program. This is expected, of course, but, some brand names pay higher amounts to their affiliates, so the price of the items are often higher, for that very reason. Higher price doesn’t necessarily transfer to higher quality!

So, what about the new FERI Flawless Skin Care and Beauty Line of products? How does that compare? Why would people choose that brand over others, after all, it’s also being sold partially via network marketing? The reasons are simple. FERI is an internationally reknown designer brand that has won critical acclaim over the last few decades for their extraordinary and superior standards of quality. People who know, KNOW, that if it’s FERI, they are assured quality beyond expectation!

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So, yes, the price is high, but, so is the quality! Why not take a closer look at how FERI Flawless, along with FERI’s designer luxury goods and high fashion lines, make the GWT (Global Wealth Trade) MLM program, one of the most lucrative marketing programs on earth! Take a look, here.

FERI’s “Flawless” Skin Care Line Adds Extra Firepower to GWT’s MLM Strength

Since 2005, Global Wealth Trade (GWT Corp) designs & manufactures fashion and luxury products that have become celebrity favorite brand on every red carpet event.

After celebrating their 10th anniversary earlier this year, the company announces its emergence into the trillion-dollar skincare industry, with the announcement of its FERI FLAWLESS luxury anti-aging skincare line.

After 3 years of research, development and formulation the Flawless anti-aging skincare line is scheduled for launch in March 2017.

In the previous 10 years since GWT’s inception in 2005, Founder and CEO Ramin Mesgarlou and Sr. VP and creative designer Sanaz Hooman focused the company’s product lines on the luxury fashion market, creating high-end fashion accessory products such as 950 Siledium Sterling jewelry, Genuine leather handbags, Men’s & Ladies shoes, Optical Glasses, sun shield glasses, fine timepieces and more.

CEO Ramin Mesgarlou stated:

“It took a decade before we finally made it official to release the FERI Flawless prestige grade skincare collection but we wanted to do it right. We knew the skincare companies we had to beat in the MLM industry and with Flawless we know we have done that.

Flawless is a prestige grade skincare formulation priced at the lower masstige level to dominate the MLM industry, Flawless will be an industry game changer” .

This next expansion in to Anti-aging skin care will cause a major ripple in the industry and a huge boost in decade 2 of the company. The FERI Flawless collection will be made up of 5 products.

The first is a Hydrating Cleanser that utilizes a dual action formula to cleanse the skin of dirt, impurities and makeup while still maintaining the skin’s natural moisture and softness.

The second is a Day Moisturizer with 5 active ingredients that work together to effectively provide an all-day hydrated feeling and reduce the signs of aging such as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The third is a Night Serum that contains 4 key anti-aging ingredients, including MicroSilver. This exclusive ingredient is very unique in that the formula actually contains micronized particles of pure silver. The Silver provides an antimicrobial ability to the formula that promotes healthy skin.

Feri Flawless

The 4th product in the line is an anti-aging lip treatment that contains ingredients that will provide a plumping effect and reduce the appearance of lines around the mouth area.

The fifth product is the most exciting of the lineup, the Eternal5 Eye serum. This serum is designed to have an immediate effect on fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. 5 key ingredients work together to provide an instant lifting, firming and blurring effect on crows feet, and deep set wrinkles around the eyes.

The collection aims to be a game changer among both the skincare industry as well as the MLM industry. The well-developed collection of 5 products gives customers a full Flawless experience from cleansing, to moisturizing and specialized treatments for areas of the face most commonly associated with showing signs of aging. The FERI flawless collection regimen is designed to last 60 days and some products in the collection have been shown to have an immediate effect on the appearance of aging.

The highly anticipated launch of the FERI Flawless anti-aging Skincare collection took place at GWT’s 11th Annual International Convention, on March 23rd – 25th in Niagara Falls Ontario. For more information please visit

Jump up Several Rungs on the Ladder of Success & Status with GWT

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Why not get rich by helping the rich spend their money on the Designer Luxury Goods that they crave and have absolutely no problem affording? Maybe you think this is shallow work. Who cares? We all get into marketing to make money, right? And, what’s wrong with providing the world’s highest quality designer garments, designer handbags, designer shoes, designer jewelry, designer menswear and designer womenswear to those who want the finer things and can afford it? Nothing! In fact, it’s quite wise.

There’s money in the luxury goods business. True – the middle class is shrinking fast, but, the richer keep getting richer, and they have an insatiable desire for top quality merchandise. Do you blame them? I remember the days when I used to purchase commonly-available brands, and they always turned out to be totally inferior to designer-grade merchandise. I would ALWAYS be totally disappointed. A pair of shoes, for example, used to be fairly well made, when they were being hand-made in South America, only a few decades ago, but, no longer is that the case. Nowadays, when you buy shoes or a handbag, for instance, they are most likely extremely cheaply made in China and may last no more than a few days to weeks!

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Now, if you could afford better, wouldn’t you prefer to own things that are made to a standard that is now almost unknown to most people? Products that not only look amazing, but, last nearly forever, and, in some cases, increase in value the longer they exist and that can be given away as heirlooms? True, most of us don’t think about things like “heirlooms,” but, that level of quality merchandise does exist, and, the people who can afford it, want it, and, will pay for it, and, you can be one of the ones who helps them to have it, while making a very large commission for doing so!

Normally, it’s not possible to be placed in a position where you can offer this type of merchandise. It used to be nearly impossible for the average person to have access and authorization to sell these world-class top-quality products for sale, because, the conditions were very difficult to meet, and, unless you had a rather large investment fund in place to open a special boutique in a high-end shopping district, you couldn’t do this… But, thank goodness, for you and me, times have changed! Now, just about anyone, who has a passion for fashion and for the finer things in life, can profit, even in the millions of dollars, with a program like GWT – Global Wealth Trade – the name, really, says it all…

Get to rub shoulders with the wealthy upper-class and dress immaculately as your “job description,” and attract massive wealth from your new-found wealthy friends. It’s all possible with GWT. Even for you, if you want it. Contact me, Roderick Mackenzie. I make it my business to help people who know they are worthy of the best to have the best, even if you don’t have a lot of money to start. The process is easy. The costs are relatively low and affordable to just about anyone. But, you have to want it, and you have to be an action taker. Is this you? Do you like fashion, style, glamour, and the idea of becoming, quite possibly, a VIP? If you are comfortable with this idea, then, maybe GWT is a good fit for you. Take a moment to visit my website and contact me for further information. Maybe this is the miracle you’ve been praying for! Thank you very much.

Earth Shattering Success & Status is Easy with GWT!

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I am Roderick Mackenzie ~ Fashionpreneur. Why should you care? Because, I have turned my passion for fashion into a very lucrative career simply sharing my style with my successful friends, and recruiting other fashionistas to do the same… The rich have money to spend, and an insatiable desire for the finer things in life. There’s big money in dealing with the rich! Trust me, it’s the easiest way to riches by simply loving fashion and style and showing off your excitement to the right people.
The company I am involved with is called GWT, which stands for Global Wealth Trade – the name says it all… GWT members reach their financial goals in a faction of the time it would normally take with other companies. It is not only easier to build and make an income in Global Wealth Trade because of its free flowing binary structure and non-capped matching bonuses, it is also easier to build and retain a large residual income. The designer jewelry, designer watches and designer hand bags are so beautiful and unique, they sell themselves, the global sales in high end fashion goods continue to increase year after year. Global Wealth Trade business opportunity is in a class all its own. Luxury designer goods is BIG BUSINESS!

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Follow me to your Fashion Fortune!

Looking for a good reason to choose GWT over other network marketing opportunities? How about FOUR really good reasons?

  1. GWT is the only company with luxury designer products involved in Network Marketing.
  2. GWT is the only company in the luxury designer industry that distributes high-quality designer products via word of mouth.
  3. GWT is easily (and already) adaptable to the future of global economy: E-Commerce. The features mentioned above make GWT the most compelling opportunity in the entire industry of Network Marketing. I want you to remember these factors every time that you share your GWT business. And, maybe the most compelling reason…
  4. Let’s be real… WHO wouldn’t want to be PAID (like top celebrities do…) to wear top designer high fashion garments and accessories? With GWT, this can be more than just a dream. It can be YOUR reality. All you need to do is contact me, Roderick Mackenzie, and I will take you with me to the top of the fashion world!
At Global Wealth Trade everything is “first class.” Global Wealth Trade is a company like no other and our LC’s are proud of the fact that we have no competition in the highly contested home based business industry, since GWT does not compete in the status quo. Timing is everything in business and the timing is truly perfect to start your Direct Sales profession with GWT Corp TODAY.

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Never struggle again trying to get rich $5, $7, $10 or $15 at a time!
We feature the most advanced, attractive, exclusive and multi lingual Virtual Designer Mall (VDM) in existence, pre-loaded with tens of millions of dollars of the latest and hottest fashion, luxury goods and jewelry. The VDM is complete with easy to use shopping cart and credit card processing system that can be utilized from anywhere in the world. Global Wealth Trade exudes quality…. quality products, quality management, a quality compensation plan and quality training system.

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You are assured unsurpassed quality and high fashion that has no equal, when you shop, securely, at our Virtual Designer Mall. Expect the best. Look fabulous! BE fabulous!!

Look Fabulous and get PAID for it!!

Get out from behind that computer and live an exciting life in an exciting field! The world of luxury designer goods and high fashion is a very fun lifestyle to live. Who enjoys staring a computer screen and sitting in a chair all day – NOT ME. Getting out, meeting people, sharing your excitement for looking fabulous is the kind of life that I want to lead… besides, rubbing shoulders with successful people has a “rubbing off” effect, where their success in wealth and status tends to elevate you to the same level.

It’s a proven fact – you become like the people you surround yourself with. When you are behind a computer all day, who will you become like – your desk? your monitor? the people wasting their lives on Facebook, scrolling down their newsfeed and commenting on stupid posts all day? Is this what you wish to become like? Beware of falling into the pit of time wasting and poverty. Get out and break out of your shell and learn to live LARGE. With GWT, you can do this more quickly and easily than with just about any other means!

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Now, by this point, you may be saying, “Sure, this sounds like a very fun and exciting way to make money, but, there must be a catch!” You probably assume it’s very expensive per month or requires some sort of huge up-front investment on your part. If you assume this, you’d be wrong. GWT has a very low start-up cost, but, yes, there is a cost. Why? Because this is REAL, that’s why. And, you do get what you pay for. Of course, I will not lie to you, it takes work and determination and being smart. It takes getting out and meeting people, but, SO WHAT? That’s fun! And, it’s the only way to make big bucks without having to spend years and tens of thousands of dollars building a business or spending tens of thousands of dollars on promotional campaigns to get enough people on a list to buy your stuff.

So, with that said, why not contact me by clicking this link and/or click on any of the images above, and I will be happy to tell you the good news of how easy and affordable it is to get started with GWT and guide you through the process of success. If you are ready to see real success in your life, and tired of wasting time and money on stupid programs, then, this may be the bizop opportunity that you have been waiting for… I’ll be waiting to hear from you. Thank you and see you on top of the world!

Some Fashion Happenings of Late

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd Are Coachella’s Best-Dressed Couple 

As a couple, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have been virtually inseparable—and that his-and-hers mindset extends to their standout vacation style. It began on a trip to Italy that brought out matching jackets, followed by a stopover in Buenos Aires that called for coordinated sneakers on a romantic city stroll. Now, back in the States, it looks like the singers still see eye-to-eye on style, judging by the twinning tinted sunglasses they took to Coachella this weekend.

While soaking up the sun on Saturday afternoon, Gomez and The Weeknd posed for a rare affectionate selfie in rosy pink Alain Mikli aviators and dark round lenses, respectively. They were spotted in similar fashion the day before—she in yellow shades, he in bright cherry-red ones—proving that two statement frames are always better than one.

Working with stylist Christian Classen, Gomez also took the time to rework the Coachella uniform. Steering clear of the ubiquitous flower crown and festival choker, she put on a pale blue HVN spaghetti-strap dress covered in lilies, with a matching scarf wrapped around her neck. It gave her outfit a subtle Western vibe—perfect for the California desert—while a pair of Ash sneakers were the ideal choice for impromptu dancing, as her boyfriend performed a surprise set with rapper Nav. As for The Weeknd, he seemed to smartly take his sartorial cues from his significant other, wearing distressed jeans, a patchwork flannel jacket, and a similar pair of white sneakers. Here’s hoping for another bout of couple’s coordination next weekend, when Coachella returns for round two.

Melania Trump Wears Pink Hervé Pierre for the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll

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This weekend in Palm Beach, Florida, Melania Trump chose a simple white cocktail dress by Simone Rocha to celebrate Easter with her son. But this morning, back in Washington, D.C., the First Lady was tasked to join her entire extended family and the press in the annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House South Lawn. For this larger occasion, Trump looked once again to Hervé Pierre, the man responsible for her inauguration ball gown, and asked him to deliver a custom blush-colored dress for the day.

The light pink sheath looked structurally similar to the emerald green dress she wore to meet Queen Rania of Jordan two weeks ago, which was also designed by Pierre. Today, however, she exchanged stiletto heels for matching flats that grounded the look.


The Enduring Legacy of Billie Holiday’s Exquisite Style

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What would you wear to the police station if you were arrested in San Francisco in 1949? If you were the iconic singer Billie Holiday, you would swath yourself in a vast mink coat with enormous sleeves, wrap your head in a perfect turban, and view the entire degrading affair through a pair of chic dark glasses.

Holiday was born 102 years ago April 8th to a very young mother. By all accounts, she had an extremely rough childhood. By the time she was a young teenager, she was developing the utterly distinctive voice that would transform American music—as Frank Sinatra told Ebony magazine in 1958, “With few exceptions, every major pop singer in the U.S. during her generation has been touched in some way by her genius.”

Holiday served jail time for drug charges, but heroin was only one of the challenges she faced. She was also the victim of unrelenting racial prejudice. “You can be up to your boobies in white satin, with gardenias in your hair, and no sugar cane for miles, but you can still be working on a plantation,” she once declared, describing life on the segregated road.

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But oh that satin, those gardenias! Holiday’s incredible fashion sense—her off-the-shoulder dresses; her bejeweled frocks; her head wraps; the big glittering rings, bracelets, and earrings she favored—inspires us not in spite of, but because of, her fierce resistance. But, of course, it didn’t matter how splendid you looked in your silk and your pearls—you were still barred from many hotels and restaurants as you toured the South with the biggest bands in the country, you would still be asked to leave a bandstand rather than share it with white performers, and you would still be instructed to use the service elevator at the Lincoln Hotel, right here in New York City, instead of the passenger lift.

When Holiday sang “Strange Fruit” at Café Society in Sheridan Square (The lyrics describe a lynching, and she said it always reminded her of her father, who she believed died because he was denied proper medical attention.), the lights in the cabaret dimmed, leaving only a spotlight on her face. At the end of the song, the room went dark. By the time the lights came back on, Holiday, in her sleek gown with a gardenia planted firmly on her exquisite head, had already vanished from the stage.

fashion, high fashion, luxury, luxury designer goods, luxury goods, FERI, get rich, network marketing, MLM, first class, high class, wealth, exclusive, VIP, haute, chic, style

We will never sit in that audience at Café Society and be in her presence, but we can pay homage to Lady Day and honor her courage and her inimitable style on what would have been her 102nd birthday.

If you want to be remembered for your incredible style and look – a look so compelling that it overshadows how many times you have been carted to the police station – then, join me in my quest to put the most enduring designer high fashion garments and accessories into the hands of fashionistas, worldwide, and, get quite wealthy doing so? Who doesn’t want to be fabulous, but, perhaps, hasn’t thought they were “good enough” for that recognition? Well, let me tell you my friend, you ARE good enough. Are you brave enough? Hmmm… That’s a different question. If you are brave enough to enter into a truly exciting business opportunity where the red carpet isn’t the limit, but the road to success, where rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous isn’t a dream, but, part of the job description, then, click here. Thank you and GOD BLESS!

10 Ways to Focus and to Function Flawlessly

Uncovered are 10 not often spoken of productivity secrets that are both fundamental AND will have a massive impact on the amount AND quality of the things that you get done…

These points are not taught in conventional educational institutions… so, focus, and listen up!

1) Meta or “Bettah” Planning by Advantageous Perspective

Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying:

“A problem cannot be solved at the same level of thinking in which it was conceived”

He is talking about going meta: moving to a level “above,” it, or, changing perspective to one outside or above, to see the problem from a vantage point that gives advantage to solving it.

For example, effective leaders of a community can stop operating at the level of the social group (the individual relationships between the people) and spend more time operating at a level ABOVE their community, whereas the members of the community spend the majority of their time existing within the business system. It’s always best to stand back from the canvas of your issue or problem, so that proper perspective can be attained. Can’t fix a problem, if you can’t correctly identify it. The saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees,” makes more sense, when you think of it from this context.

Albert suggests that you spend at least 15 minutes at the start of your day… going meta.

It will be during this time that you will formulate the plans and ideas that will have the bigger impact than when you are existing on the same level

2) The Grey Zone is a Dead-end Zone

Everything that exists must include, somewhere within it, its polar opposite.

  • Day/Night
  • Darkness/Light
  • Love/Fear
  • Ying/Yang

And most interestingly… Focus and Non-Focus.

We all know that to achieve what we want to achieve… we must focus. People THINK they can focus for 12 hours a day without rest. As mentioned above, one experience must also have its polar opposite, so in order for you to effectively focus, you must also effectively not-focus, or rest.

Therefore, if you try to focus for 12 hours straight, without rest, what you will actually be doing is spending most of your time in the “Grey Zone,” as explained in Tony Schwartz’s book: The Power Of Full Engagement. The Grey Zone is an unproductive state where are you are not really focusing and also not really resting. This is a state that all of us should try to avoid being in, but, which all of us find ourselves in, much of the time.

Once you understand this… you can schedule in focused blocks of time AND blocks of rest time, minimizing the amount of time you spend in the Grey Zone.

3) Nurture and Nourish or Neglect Yourself and your Output

This one may seem unexpected…

People are more productive when they balance both work and play. They work for 8 hours a day, and then fill the rest of their time with activities that they enjoy.

Do burn out with 80/90 hour weeks because it often leads to days of inactivity.

This can also work on a micro basis…

E.g. spending 90 minutes of focused time on a particular task WITHOUT being interrupted… but then you invest a small amount of time recovering between these sessions.

This will enable you to perform more of these sessions effectively.

4) Decision Fatigue is Exhausting!

  • Why does Mark Zuckerberg wear the same clothes each day? Or, is this a myth?
  • Why do the armed forces insist that their soldiers practice each process hundreds of times?
  • Do I delegate as much decision making to my team members as I should, or too much?

Everyday, you have a certain amount of decision making thinking to use. Once this is gone, that’s it. It is not replenished until you wake up the next morning. And the problem is that MOST people waste this most precious resource on overthinking decisions that do not radically improve their productivity.

For example, should I wear the black dress with white shores, or the white dress with black shoes… or the black dress with the black shoes…… OR the white dress with the white shoes, today?

What to do about this?

You need to become aware that with every decision you make, you are less likely to make effective and productive decisions later in the day, because you will be “thought” out.

The solution?

Become aware of the little decisions that you are making each day that are currently depleting your will power… then ritualize them.

For example, one of my founders Tom has the following morning ritual:

  • Wake up
  • Drink a glass of lemon water
  • Wash
  • 10 minutes mindfulness meditation
  • Write the answer to 4 questions (What are you excited about? What did you do well yesterday? What are you grateful for? What are you afraid to lose?)
  • Write out affirmations
  • Move through 4 visualisations
  • Exercise

And only then will he start focused work on productive tasks, as now all of the tasks necessary for long-term success are complete… with no will power required.

Humans, unlike computers, make better complex decisions. Don’t waste this ability on futile decisions that have no impact on the lives of yourself and others.

5) Don’t allow White Space to Draw You from Your Priorities

Many of the small, relatively inconsequential daily decisions need to be automated OR all made ahead of time. This will enable 100% focus on priority tasks that create the most value for your business/other people. The simplest way to ensure you spend your time fully in priority-mode is is to plan your day, down to the nearest 15 minutes for ALL activities, but also allowing that an unexpected disruption can come along anytime and change your plans altogether. Accept the fact that it’s best to plan in detail, but allow the unavoidable all the time it needs to happen, especially since we can’t usually do anything about these unwanted interruptions.

Try to schedule non-priority activities, such as eating, sleeping, exercising, AROUND doing our priorities, allowing for a change to occur that’s out of our control. So long as our priorities are our priority, and we try to schedule the rest so we don’t allow our priority to lessen in priority, we will be operating at a higher level of effectiveness in achieving our objectives.

When you start each day, you’ll have made all these plans and decision (preferably the night before), so that you can jump right in and use ALL your energy of the new day to do the tasks that matter most, or are of the highest priority. Always know what you are going to do, in priority, the night before, if possible.

6) Leverage A Global Talent Pool

Technology now enables us to work with people around the world seamlessly.


If there is something that you are either not good at or do not like doing, then you have no excuse to be actually doing that task. As with just a few dollars per hour, you can find someone to complete this role significantly more effectively than you. If I was a gambler, I would be placing money on the possibility that you are spending time doing things you shouldn’t.

For example

  • Are you covering your customer support 24/7?
  • Are you completing your competitor research?
  • Are you stuck scraping websites to generate leads?

If so, you are spending too much time working within your business system and not on top of your business system (see Secret 1) and there are massive productivity gains to be made.

7) No Notifications! Non-essentials can wait.

OK, so I think we should definitely move fo —- BING wait a second….

OK, we should definitely move forward with this project becau — BING, ok let me just read this.

Yes, this project is importan — BING.

Does this look familiar?

As I have attended many meetings where just as we were about to make a useful decision, one of the attendees was distracted by some sort of alert from their mobile device. Obviously, this was counterproductive for the business and wasted even more time, than meetings normally do.

Let’s take a quick look at why this is happening…

Humans have evolved to look out for changes in our environment, especially those that could notify you of a negative event occurring (e.g. being eaten by a sabre tooth tiger). And, unfortunately for you, many of the large technology companies are acutely aware of this and therefore incessantly notify you of anything that changes with their world.

Are they doing this out of the kindness? Maybe… who knows.

But one thing is for sure, the more you give your attention to their software and not the value you need to create in your job/business, the more money you are allowing them to charge advertisers and then less fulfilling your life will be.

8) Clean Your Desk/Desktop

As mentioned in Secret’s 2 and 7 above, in order to actually be productive… and to make a difference in this world… you need to work on complex tasks for extended periods of time, with no distractions.

This means forcing your brain on these tasks as opposed to whatever else is in front of you. And the easiest way to do this?

Make sure that those tasks are the only thing that are in front of you, both in the physical world and the virtual world.

  • Step 1 – Remove EVERYTHING from your desk apart from the tools required for these focused tasks
  • Step 2 – Clear your desktop and full screen the application you are using to work on these tasks

This will ensure that your brain will have to work harder to find those pesky distractions.

9) IIR – Issue, Impact, Recommendation for Resolution

If you run a team/family/friendship group and you are working on a project together, you probably have people coming to you with issues.

This is understandable. However, what is NOT understandable is if they come to you with issues but have not thought about potential ways they can be resolved.

This is where IIR comes in…

  • Issue – What is the problem?
  • Impact – What is the impact of this problem?
  • Recommendation for resolution – What should we do about this problem?

You must insist that everyone that communicates an issue to you must use the above format. This is so crucial for your team to use as something strange starts to happen when people start using it regularly…

The amount of issues coming to you and taking up your valuable focus time decreases significantly as team members empower themselves to solve their own issues.

10) Meditate to Clear Out Mind Clutter and Learn to be in the NOW

You may be asking, “how could sitting down, clearing our thoughts by being still and breathing methodically possibly help to become more productive?”

But first, we must understand a little more about meditation: We all do it, but, do we do it purposely and with intention?? Spacing out – or, daydreaming of nothingness – is a form of “meditation,” but, without the intention, it just leads to nothingness and a waste of precious time.

It’s all about learning to be in the NOW.

Meditation is intentional focusing of the mind, but on “mundane” “now” things, such as breathing or counting. And when you are able to train yourself to do this for extended periods of time through repetition… Your ability to focus your mind on difficult to focus in-the-now things that have no easy or predictable pattern increases dramatically, thereby making you able to think more effectively about complexities, such as problem solving, which happens all day in business.

Being in the Now means no longer expecting your next Facebook notification or Whatsapp message, but being able to become deeply immersed in tthe process of being fully engaged in whatever task you are doing – NOT expecting.

Which of course, will lead to MUCH higher productivity.

BONUS – 11) Productivity and Focusing Tools

Here are a few lesser known robots that you can use to increase your productivity even further:



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How to Stop Worrying and Regain Control of Your Life

Have you ever experienced this — your brain couldn’t stop replaying worst-case scenarios as you close your eyes?

What if I can’t make a great impression on my first day of work? Let’s see, I will wear this shirt with that pair of pants. Will I overdress? Oh no, I need to wake up earlier to iron my shirt. Wait, did I lock the door?

Usually, most of these worries are unnecessary.

In a study done in 2015[1], researchers discovered neurotic, worry-obsessed, and anxious people tend to be more creative. Unfortunately, while over-worriers are blessed to be extraordinarily creative, it is their creativity that fuels their anxiety.

Over-worriers put their thoughts in the wrong places

They use their imaginations in the wrong way. They tend to put their creativity to generate what ifs, could haves, should haves, instead of solving problems.

They focus too much on the future. American motivational speaker Leo F. Buscaglia says it best, “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”

They keep guessing other’s mind. Reading someone’s mind doesn’t work usually. It will end up in more worries and misunderstandings.

Many people with the tendency of over-worrying believe they can hardly change this habit, or although the panic brought by over-worrying is unbearable, they can live normally after the panic recedes. So they choose to leave the problem unsolved. If that’s your thought, you should abandon it as soon as possible because…

It takes a toll on your mental health and physical health

Hypervigilance. Because of anxieties and worries, an over-thinker is constantly on the lookout for possible threats, even in the tiniest things.

Reduced concentration and indecisiveness. The brain of the over-worrier drifts in and out of their thoughts. Without focus, they can’t think properly or make decisions.

Problem-focused. Worriers are obsessed with problems instead of solutions.

Worries lower your immune system. Constant worries put you in a more tired and lethargic place, which makes you more prone to infections.

Worries cause insomnia. With your head spinning and thoughts tossing you left and right, it’s hard to get a good night sleep.

So how can you stop worrying and overthinking?

Write off your worries

How? Whenever you are worried, list the problems bothering you and possible solutions non-stop within 3 minutes. You don’t have to be organized with your thoughts, just write as your mind flows.

Why? It’s usually the abstract and ambiguous thoughts that make you worry much. By turning the thoughts into something concrete through writing, you can empty worries and fears out of your mind. Also, thinking more of solutions can shift your attention to the outcome and action instead of the problem itself.

Example: You made an insensitive remark towards your co-worker, and you are worried she is upset with you. Instead, write down the possible actions you can take to solve the situation, like apologizing to your co-worker.

Focus on external environment instead of your inner thoughts

How? When your mind is not occupied, don’t wander off to your worries and inner thoughts, but shift your focus to something else — the details of what you see.

Why? Science has found that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.[2] A wandering mind usually creates negative thoughts, and most worries are self-produced. Occupying your mind with objective facts rather than subjective imagination can help you live in the present.

Example: When you are commuting to work, don’t let your idle mind wander off to personal troubles and distresses, but pay attention to the people, the scenery, or the little things next to you.

Challenge your irrational anxious thoughts

How? List your worries out and ask yourself in a third-person perspective.

  • Are there any evidences to support this thought for being true/false?
  • Can I look at this situation more positively and realistically?
  • What’s the possibility of this worry going to happen?
  • How will worrying about this help or hurt me?

Why? As humans, we are easily convinced and persuaded by our irrational thoughts because of our confirmation bias. Take a objective look at your own worries can help you eliminate unnecessary thoughts.

Example: You just pitched an idea to your boss, and you thought your performance was less than satisfactory. Start asking yourself these questions:

  • Could your boss spot the one tiny point you missed?
  • Would worrying increase the chances of your pitch being chosen?

When you rationally challenge yourself, you’ll soon realize these worries are insignificant.

Need more guidance? Here are two books to further lead you to a less anxious and worrisome life:

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living


This book deals with the fundamental causes of worries, and provides solutions to improve your physical health, mental health, and overall psychological mindset.


The authors suggest to get rid of worries, one of the most important ways is to be mindful and clean up your mental clutter.

Think Tank: Why Millennials Are the Future of Luxury

Gabrielle Rein discusses why Millennials are important, and how brands are wooing them…

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Milennials are the future of brands.


Every smart brand is targeting Millennials, so why should it be any different in the luxury space? Millennials include anyone born between the early Eighties, an era predating cell phones, and the early 2000s, the Internet age. Although there was an epic jump in technology during those 20 years, most Millennials have one thing in common — a disruptive mind-set. They are a free-thinking, individualistic generation that’s over 80 million strong.

By 2035, Millennials will have the potential to become the largest spending generation in history, according to the white paper, “Five Luxe Trends for 2015” by marketing expert Pam Danziger. Millennials’ influence will be felt by 2020 as the oldest Millennials (let’s call them “Millennial+”) are beginning to enter their peak earning years and will have disposable income for luxury experiences. We can expect this shift to continue as more Millennials become Millennial+.

Millennials have redefined the term luxury. Luxury no longer refers exclusively to expensive bags, shoes and watches. It now includes experiences like farm-to-table dining and “über-luxe” travel. Millennials prefer experiences to things. Fashion brands are blurring the lines between luxury items and experiences. Luxury shopping is an experience, that’s the whole point. Digital platforms are creating new, interactive experiences every minute.

This year, Instagram is taking the fashion world by storm. According to digital marketing research there has been a 400 percent increase from last year in the Instagram posts of fashion brands. Designers are focused on giving Instagram influencers special treatment and access to their shows and collections. They are trying to make them fall in love.

Luxury: It’s a Love Story

It’s all about falling in love; you just need enough people to fall in love with enough things. As new fans fall in love with a brand we need them to covet the brand’s products and believe in the brand promise. In luxury they need to have a dream, a desire — something to aspire to.

As a young brand fan’s loyalty deepens and his or her taste develops, that customer can grow into a brand and start to make larger purchases. For example, a Millennial may purchase a Burberry fragrance as her first signature scent, a scarf in college, and a trenchcoat when she gets her first big bonus at work. The relationship with the brand only strengthens with each purchase and branded experience. The goal is to get ordinary people to crave extraordinary things so that when they grow up and make it big, that extraordinary purchase will be their everyday.

Power Millennials like Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid are on top of the pop culture world and making a huge splash in fashion. They are style icons featured in all the hottest runway shows and campaigns. These women have influence over Millennials, and they are drawing them into luxury brands. So what brands are poised to win them over?


Both Louis Vuitton and Burberry are top contenders for Millennial fans. These brands are huge, global powerhouses. They have celebrity ties and incorporate hot names into their marketing regularly; they know how to speak to Millennials. For example, Louis Vuitton is featuring a pink-haired video game character from “Final Fantasy” in its spring campaign. Nicolas Ghesquière posted a teaser of the series in December on Instagram.

Lightning, the powerful female character chosen, is one of Final Fantasy’s main protagonists and has millions of devoted gaming fans worldwide. Ghesquière says: “She is the symbol of new pictorial processes. How can you create an image that goes beyond the classic principles of photography and design? Lightning heralds a new era of expression.” Lightning has commented since the launch of the campaign, saying she “feels nothing but pride” in an exclusive Q&A released to The Telegraph by Louis Vuitton.

Both Burberry and Louis Vuitton have a wide variety of products in the hundred-dollar price range all the way up to the thousands of dollars range. A fan can engage the brand on multiple levels with multiple experiences throughout their lifetime. These brands are not afraid of innovation. They will collaborate and adapt to draw excitement from customers and create the unexpected.

In 2015, Burberry collaborated with Apple to create an exclusive curated channel on Apple Music to engage fans in the digital space. Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s chief creative officer, described the collaboration with Apple on the project as a “celebration” of their relationship as well as a “shared foundation” between the two brands in regard to design. Burberry’s Apple Music channel features music from the Burberry Acoustic initiative, a program that gives a voice to up and coming artists, according to reports.

The channel incorporates exclusive video footage, content, playlists, and individual tracks. Some of their current playlists include Burberry Celebrates Elton John and Live From The Burberry Runway. Elton John starred in the Burberry festive campaign and now the Apple Music platform allows fans of the campaign and brand to take the experience a step further. The Burberry Runway playlist is all of the songs from the latest fashion show. How cool is that?

The luxury brands that will capture the minds of Millennials will have authentic, original content. They will not be afraid to play in the digital space and appeal to independent thinkers in new and interesting ways. They will be the arbiters of cool and make unexpected connections. If Millennials are the future, luxury brands need to rise to the challenge, and embrace them.

Gabrielle Rein is cofounder and creative director of Viceroy Creative, a boutique creative, design and marketing agency based in New York.


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