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In 2017, Go Where the REAL Money is – in the REAL World!

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Don’t put off your innate greatness one more year. Make 2017 the year you get out of your comfort zone so you may reach those income goals you have set and the status dreams you have put on the back burner. Let me explain… The world of internet marketing is growing – there’s no doubt about that – and, it’s also creating more millionaires than ever. But, please understand, that it takes a certain tenacity and developed skillset and knowledge to prosper in the way that is so often purported to be the “norm,” but, quite frankly, is not. The facts remain that less than 2% of internet marketers ever make a substantial income or even make back their initial investments. “Why?” you may ask… There are reasons.

For one thing, working internet marketing, for most people is something they choose because they believe it will be “easy.” Why shouldn’t they believe it? There’s so much hype about “push button” systems that make money for you “while you sleep,” which is highly deceptive. True, that if you pump enough dollars into traffic and use other methods, which are definitely not auto-pilot, you can make a lot of money on the internet. But, the facts remain, less than 2% do? Why?

fashion, fashionista, fashion lover, fashion week,designer clothing, exclusive, VIP, luxury, luxurious, luxury designer goods, luxury designer products, luxury lifestyle, chic, haute, haute couture, lavish, elite, glam, glamour, glamorous, style, beauty, high fashion, elegant, elegance, earn money, get rich, work at home, work from home, make money, money, wealth, network marketing, privileged, vogue, trend, craze, rage, mania, fad

You can’t avoid people in business, so why not embrace the idea and go straight to them?

We come back to the two points I wish to highlight in this article: 1) The effects of hiding behind a website or lead capture page (squeeze page) and desire to avoid actual human interaction, and, 2) The inability of most people to pay for the amount of traffic necessary to drive leads and sign-ups.

There’s also a 3rd… which is related to #1 – failure to properly follow-up to encourage and support one’s sign-ups and/or losing their downline due to attrition.

Why is all of this happening? I actually believe it’s fear. Why would we, as humans, wish to “disappear” and to hide behind the internet? Why would we want to stay home all the time, in our homes, behind a computer screen, most of us trying to succeed, while we get less and less able to communicate face-to-face with others? And, do we really believe that we can ever succeed if we love our interpersonal skills?

There was a time when we all had to deal with people directly. And, that, my friends, is the only way we can ever really learn HOW to work with other people. Despite the fact that the internet is different than conventional business done offline, it’s still a PEOPLE business! The more time you spend away from actual dealings with people, the less you will be good at internet marketing!

True, some people manage to build downlines, and, have come up with programs or systems that produce, by duplication, large teams that do most of the work for them, and, these are usually the most successful internet entrepreneurs. But, I guarantee you, that in the beginning, they had to do a lot of work with people, in developing their systems and their “force” of workers.

fashion, fashionista, fashion lover, fashion week,designer clothing, exclusive, VIP, luxury, luxurious, luxury designer goods, luxury designer products, luxury lifestyle, chic, haute, haute couture, lavish, elite, glam, glamour, glamorous, style, beauty, high fashion, elegant, elegance, earn money, get rich, work at home, work from home, make money, money, wealth, network marketing, privileged, vogue, trend, craze, rage, mania, fad

You can’t avoid people in business, so why not embrace the idea and go straight to them?

This is the point of this article. Still, the quickest way to a huge income and a highly raised status is to work with people face-to-face. Sorry, my friends, it’s true. Don’t fall for the hype! Earning someone’s “know, like and trust” works at lightning speed in person, and takes nearly forever when attempted to be done “virtually” over electronic means. That’s why people who aren’t afraid of people go straight to them, and use the internet as a support structure or as a way to first gain a lead. They always follow-up personally, and, if possible, they meet the person, within hours or days from when a lead is generated.

I work for a company called GWT, which stands for Global Wealth Trade. The name, really, says it all. But, the top achievers in this MLM are people, who like in the “old days” (haha) of only a few decades ago, are not afraid to go straight into the world of their prospects, and make personal contact. The rich and powerful, who are our customers, know about the power of face-to-face, shaking hands, smiling, and looking straight into people’s eyes, which is why they are always at country clubs, social clubs and every other type of club and party that their class is always going to.

Why not be brave in 2017 and stand up, take a shower (for a change), groom yourself, dress up immaculately, and go meet some PEOPLE! Yes, people. Step away from the “virtual” world and enter back into the world of reality, where the REAL money is! If you want to know just how incredibly easy and profitable my business is, read a little more about it, here, please, for your own sake, and for a truly prosperous and successful 2017: Thank you.

Everybody Dies, but not Everybody Lives

Does this ring a bell — When you first left home to explore being an adult, it was easy to spend your saved dollars on an adventure or even a night out with friends, but, once you run out of that money, the socially defined ‘norms’ of establishing stability set in, bursting the bubble of fun without fear. Once the rigid 9-5 job set in, you begin saving and avoid moments of escapades, being fearful of spending your ‘nest egg.’ Then, time trickles by… Days pass, months pass, and years pass. When on the verge of a possible promotion, you rationalized all dream procrastination, making defined norms of stability your highest concern. Your passion and youth fades, and your job takes over every segment of your being. Your dreams are set aside for a regularly filled wallet and an attempt to not regret not living a life of unpredictability and a feeling of exhilaration of the unknown… We think we can forget, when we settle for less, but, in truth, the nagging feeling that we settled – that we compromised – that we ‘chickened out,’ never leaves our mind.

I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

This is one of the most common regrets people have before they die, recorded in a collection of the most common regrets[1] by Bonnie Ware, a nurse of terminally ill patients with chronic conditions.

Unfulfilling life leads to more regrets

Many people seem to be living in a trance state of a rigid routine accumulated over years. These routines lay out a perception of stability, which amounts to an illusion in a world that is anything but stable. Bland life variety comes from changing television channels or always having ears out for latest celebrity or politician scandals doing their roundabouts.

Many dreams are unfulfilled due to the fact of not choosing to pursue them. Overworking leads to missing interaction with children and partners. Hoarded capsules of resentment and bitterness all through life occur because of lacking courage to express true feelings. Settling for mediocrity and a weak essence of existence fades out true capability.

Many long for happiness in its true essence, but the fear of change comes with a false presentation of contentment to others and themselves.

Friendships and connections slip away when life’s activities capture them in a net of economic priorities and redundant, meaningless activities that ensure separate lives. Beneficial old friends come in the limelight in their final moments, and there is regret about not giving friends the necessary attention and time.

Regret comes mainly in the form of what we did not do, and not about what we did

The journey of our soul is an intrepid myriad; a maze with tidal waves of life experiences blended in with bouts of hurdles and unpredictable storms. When we are in our twenties we are set in a robust mode to take the launch into worldwide possibilities. There is an outburst of passion and energy to explore every hidden corner of the universe. Exploring should have no limits.

To live life to the fullest, allow changes in the present moment

Decide on what is of importance to you. Focus on fulfilling yourself, not what others desire you to be. Everyone has an opinion – but make sure your opinion is the one you adhere to! Even society can be an imposition to your ambitions, yet every breath you take is your own life’s moments. Once you focus on yourself, pieces of the life puzzle come together. It’s not selfishness to focus on self, it’s the only way we can develop fully so we can be of benefit to others. What good can a drone do outside of its programming? Not much, nor can we offer much to others, if we don’t even know who we are.

Your ambitions, hopes, dreams – they matter. Don’t settle down in early stages of life on an illusion of ‘stability’. Take all the risks you need, do not postpone dreams. There might be danger in risks, but remember that every reward has an inherent risk that must be challenged. Looking back on years that passed by, the deepest regrets come from risks and challenges not taken.

Your past is an important thread to reflect on. Lessons are learned so you may step forward with confidence into the future. Plan your future and reflect on your past for lessons learned, but live in your present. Being anxious about the future because we keep our mind on the struggles of the past limits our potential. Live in the present and do not get experience the ‘Why did I?’, “Why didn’t I’ syndrome.[2]

There will always be reminders and memories of your failed attempts. Success comes from persisting through failures, or trying something new. They say, to succeed in life, make sure you keep your eye on the road, looking through your windshield, 90% of the time, while only taking quick glances (for reference) on your rearview mirror.

Be not afraid to take action on your ideas creatively, mindfully and with awareness. It took Edison over 10,000 ‘failures’ before he successfully figured out how to keep that filament from burning up instantly on his now infamous light bulb. The idea of putting the fillament in a vacuum sounds logical now, but, before it was tried, it was not a logical thought. Sometimes, we must keep trying, because, we aren’t handed a manual on how to move forward with anything, whether it be love, relationships, or business. [3]

And never forget, especially once you can relax and reflect upon what really matters — to express your love to your friends and family as often as you can. In this world of matter, it’s the only thing that really matters!

If you want your 2017 to be one of non-regrets, why not take a chance and reach higher, this time. This is your chance. You have a new, fresh start. Make it count. Reach for the higest rung in the ladder of success, prestige and wealth. Don’t settle! Reach, stretch… BE BOLD. Click this link to see how you can be instantly set in the stage where extreme wealth and success can easily be yours: Don’t ever regret again. Thank you!



[1] Regrets of the Dying, Bonnie Ware
[2] Living in the Moment is Key to Happiness, Planet of Susccess
[3] Journey Of My Soul, Tu Nokwe

Give Thanks That Your Cup Runneth Over

This is my favorite time of year, and, each year at this time, I not only give thanks for this blessed time of year, but I give thanks for the “attitude of gratitude” that is exhibited in greater measure during this season. Why is it that people tend to experience joy during the holidays more than at other times? Because of gratitude.

I have found that “Gratitude is the Attitude” for true gratification of life. It’s the attitude that plants a seed for abundance in every area of our life experience. How can we have more if we think we have little to nothing now? We are all so much more abundant than we will usually give thanks for, or acknowledge with a “nod to God.” When we count our blessings, the true awareness of how blessed we are naturally surfaces.

What matters is not matter, yet, we have lots of stuff in our lives – all of us do. Even homeless people walk around with shopping carts full of stuff, when, in actuality, they don’t need 90% of what they have – they just think they do. When we give thanks to God, we can thank him for our car, our home, and our possessions if we want, but, only when we give thanks for our lives, our family, friends, kids, and for every time God has come through for us by providing our needs and solving our problems – only then do we experience joy.

So, give thanks this season, and try to make it a habit for every day of the year, not just during the holidays. God created the world for our enjoyment, but, He refuses to force us to follow His Guide to a joyful life. He even went as far as to Bless Us forever with a living demonstration of what it is to live a life of unconditional Love, acceptance, non-judgment and Holy Sacrifice, when Jesus embodied all of these traits of God that guarantee a happy life. Jesus is the Reason for the Season, but, the basis of that Reason is Love, because God is Love, and, since we are His Children, we must also be Love, whether we recognize that or not. Giving thanks is a way to realize how much Love exists in the world and How Loving our God really is. What better way to spend our limited hours on this planet in these human suits? Every other thought, every other passtime, pales in comparison. Merry Christmas!!

I give thanks for everything in my life. I will not use this opportunity to talk about my business or why this or why that is better than that or this. I truly want us to focus on what matters – God, Life, and Love, which are all really the same thing. I wish you all a Christmas full of heart-opening, eye-tearing overflowing love, laughter and forgiveness of all that really doesn’t matter. What matters is what God hath given us, which is everything and everyone whom He has surrounded us with. Whether we like it or not, we ARE Blessed with everything and everyone!! Maybe it’s time to realize that. Give thanks and you will…. God BLESS you all!!

Mindset is Better than TV Set!

We all have goals we’re striving for whether it’s losing weight, getting healthy, learning something new or just starting any new positive habit. We set that intention to be consistent, willing and ready to persevere but often we can get to a point when we just think “I can’t do it”.

It sounds familiar? Our mind is good for a lot of things but sometimes it can play havoc with our willpower and manages to convince us that we just can’t do something. But what if this isn’t true? What if you dare to question your mind and the belief that your goal that was once attainable is suddenly impossible?

The Power Of Admitting “I Don’t Want To Do It”

When we get to that point where we feel frustrated and unmotivated we tend to automatically assume that we are just incapable. But if we’re really being honest with ourselves it’s probably because we simply don’t want to do it. 

We often berate ourselves for the lack of effort we put in to something because we synonymize it with failure and by telling ourselves we can’t do it, we’re validating this thought pattern and mindset. By admitting that we just don’t want to do it we are no longer cutting off the possibility of achieving it – we are just simply saying that at this moment we are feeling frustrated and unmotivated but that doesn’t mean shutting down our goal altogether.

“I Can’t Do It” vs. “I Don’t Want To Do It”

The beauty of taking each present moment as it comes is realising that how you feel now, won’t necessarily be how you feel in the future. So you’d rather binge-watch Netflix right now instead of dealing with a project you need to finish, you haven’t spent enough time putting energy into your goal lately and you feel a sense of never getting your mojo back again. In these instances of procrastination, we start to feel like a failure and the failure mindset kicks in allowing us to believe we just can’t reach that once-attainable dream.

Try switching your mindset to “I don’t want to do it” and accept that it’s perfectly okay in this moment. It’s about releasing the pressure we put on ourselves and giving ourselves a break allowing us to cultivate a mindset of “I can still achieve my goal.”

For example, say you’ve set a goal of losing weight through running – you set the goal and it feels good, you feel motivated and happy believing you will achieve the optimum weight loss you want.

Things are going great, you’re on track but a couple of weeks in you start to miss a session here and there, you start to make excuses why you can’t go for a run, you start to lose motivation and that visual you had of your slimmer self starts to wane. It’s at this point that your mind will scream I CAN’T DO IT!

But this isn’t true – it’s simply your mind overruling sense and logic, panicking that you’re not going to ever get to your target.

It’s your mind undermining your confidence and leading you to conclude absolute failure in your capabilities.

Instead admit that your mind is detracting from the fact that you don’t want to go running. Sometimes we don’t want to face up to the possibility that we’ve lost motivation – that it was harder than we thought it was going to be and this doesn’t equal failure. This just means we didn’t set achievable goals. Perhaps you started too fast too soon, maybe you didn’t prepare yourself for slow and steady results, or maybe it could simply be a case of finding a running buddy to keep you going and help make it a regular habit.

3 Steps To Take When You Think “I Can’t Do It”

Step1: Take a step back and be honest with yourself

When you think to yourself “I can’t do it” just stop and ask yourself why. What exactly makes you think you can’t? Assess your mood and motivation and ask yourself is it likely to be a case of “I don’t want to do it”?

Step 2: Give yourself a break

It’s important to be kind to yourself and admit that right now you’re not on track to achieving your goal and that’s okay. Each new moment and each new day is a clean slate for you to start again. Taking the pressure off yourself can help you deal with the “I can’t do it” mindset much more easily.

Step 3: See it as a chance to reassess small, attainable goals

Don’t immediately see it as failure. By doing this, we inadvertently knock the confidence out of ourselves when really it’s a great opportunity to step back and reassess a better strategy whether that means cutting it down into smaller goals, or even finding a new way to achieve it altogether. With the weight loss example, you could draw up a new schedule that works better around your daily routines, run shorter, easier runs, find a running partner, join a local running club or find a new sport altogether.

Remember when it comes to achieving our goals – small or large –  it’s all about mindset. Self-belief is key to achieving our dreams but we need to recognise that simply saying we can’t do something is just our mind trying to give up at each hurdle. Having doubts and fears around our set tasks is only human and we can’t be expected to be motivated every step of the way. Just be honest with yourself that your mind exclaiming “I can’t do it!” is really its over-dramatic way of saying “I don’t want to do it!”. Accept it, adopt the mindset, reassess and realise you are capable of carrying on the path to achieving your dream.


Please don’t tell me it will still be in “procrastination mode.” What qualifies as procrastination? More than we want to admit. Procrastination can be, watching endless TV or videos on YouTube or videos on FB, chatting with friends on Messenger, flirting with others on social media, posting too many selfies or silly posts, and even appearing like we are looking for a more appropriate business opportunity here on IBO Toolbox, while never choosing one, or choosing many and never focusing on one; never actually working any of them because our mindset is on the TV set.

Maybe you are stuck because you keep finding opportunities that don’t spark a fire in you? Hmmm… Perhaps it’s because so many of them either have no substance and offer no real value, are not legitimate in the slightest bit, or, are simply boring. Forget boring! Forget lack of value! Reach for the highest rung on the ladder of success in 2017 – go for the PLATINUM and DIAMONDS – GWT! GWT stands for Global Wealth Trade, and the name says it all. Realize your highest dream and become a luxury designer goods consultant and make money big and fast while you look amazing doing it! Don’t think this is possible? Maybe you’re just a little afraid you aren’t worthy? Read this and you will change your mind: Thank you and have a breakthrough 2017!

Tips on How to Start a Meaningful Conversation

Whether you want to start a conversation with a new guy or girl you find attractive or you want to get a training session off to a great start, a good ice breaker can help you make a memorable first impression. It can turn that first encounter with someone new into something wonderful that blossoms into lasting friendships and valuable partnerships.

A bad ice breaker, however, can be a recipe for disaster. It can spiral out of control pretty quickly and at best be a terrible waste of time or worse an embarrassment for everyone involved. So, how do you start a meaningful conversation with someone new and avoid embarrassments or awkward moments of silence? Where do you begin?

Understand that it is normal to feel a bit nervous when approaching someone new. Everyone gets a little shy at first; after all, you don’t know what this other person is like. The person could be a grumpy, mean guy, but the only way to know for sure what the person is like is to get over being shy and approach them. That person might turn out to be the nicest, kindest person you ever meet.

Start by filling your idea vault with possible ice breakers to start a conversation and follow-up questions to sustain the conversation. Listen attentively to the other person’s responses because this can make or break your follow-up questions. To help you out with ideas for starting a conversation, here are ten of the most effective ice breakers you can use in different scenarios to get a conversation off and running.

1.  “How are you doing today, miss?”

A genuine hello accompanied by a heartwarming, three second smile is one of the most basic, highly effective ice breakers there is. Often, we brush simple things aside as being too simple not realizing the simplest things can have the biggest impact in life.

Think about the people who say “good morning” or “howdy” to their neighbors. This simple greeting is usually followed up with “how are you” or “how are the kids?” Before long, the two parties are talking about their families and even favorite sports teams.

2.  “Nice earrings!”

This comment represents a classic technique that is quite effective for starting a conversation.

Regardless of whom you are talking to, saying something genuinely nice about their outfit, accessories or even mood will usually be received well.

The person receiving the compliment will thank you and possibly say something nice about you in return. In doing this, a dialogue begins. Keep the dialogue going by asking a question like “Where did you buy the earrings? I really like them.”

3. “Does this shop always have such long queues?”

Simply commenting on an unpleasant or uncomfortable situation that you both experience in your immediate surroundings is another effective strategy for starting a conversation. You can comment about a long bathroom line or wobbly waiting-room chair.

By focusing on an unpleasant situation that you both find yourselves in and subtly complaining about it, you cleverly suck the other person into an unwitting pact that unites both of you against a common enemy.

4. “Chicago really is the windy city!”

Yes. Talk about the weather. It may sound clichéd, but it works wonders in real life.

People talk about the weather all the time—It’s a topic everyone has an opinion on. Think of how you have an opinion about what dress or fashion choice is right for different weather.

Once the person responds, you can ease into the conversation with “small talk” like, “The wind is so strong; it nearly blew me over!”

5.  “Oh, did you hear about…”

Kick-start a conversation with a description of an interesting, entertaining and/or funny story.

Get right in to your story description and then allow the other person to make a remark or share an opinion of the story.

If your story is interesting enough, there really is no telling where it could take the ensuing dialogue and for how long you could stretch the conversation once your new friend gets on board.

6.  “What kind of drink is that?

People love eating and drinking. If the person you want to start a conversation with has a nice-looking drink or a delicious-looking burger, comment on how delicious (or not delicious) the burger is. Alternatively asks her what kind of drink she’s having.

When she replies, follow up with something like “Do you really like it?” or ”Can I buy you another?” Introduce yourself and don’t forget to flash your best charming smile.

7.  “That’s a lovely name; are you named after someone?”

This works especially well in a workplace setting, business meeting or conference where people are wearing name tags. If she has an interesting name, walk up to her and say something like “Camille, lovely name. What’s the origin of the name?”

She’ll probably be excited to tell you about her French name and before you know it, a conversation has ensued. If her name is ordinary or common, however, you might not find too many interesting questions to ask.

8.  “Hello, do you work here?”

This also works well at a workplace or business setting where people are wearing name tags. Even if you know the answer, ask whether he works there anyway. If you know some people who work at his company or retail store, mention them to him.

Follow up with related questions like “What do you do here?” “Have you been working here a long time?” “Do you like it here?” “What’s your favorite/worst part of your job?

9. “People call me (Your Name Here), but you can call me TONIGHT.”

Okay, telling a joke is easier said than done. Jokes can be tricky, but they’re some of the best conversations starters you can throw at someone new. They help the other person see a witty, fun and likable side of your personality.

That said, unless you’re really confident about your joke-telling skills, it’s probably a good idea to avoid them or start with a self-deprecating joke. You can’t possibly offend yourself, can you?

10.  “Excuse me, I just thought I should come over and talk to you.”

Sometimes the best and most fun ice breaker is honesty. Walk up to her and just be honest. Tell her you want to talk to her. Point out how awkward and funny the situation actually is for both of you and that you are trying to make the best of it.

Honesty really can be the best policy. Who doesn’t love a refreshing bout of honesty, anyway?

There you have itten of the most effective ice breakers you can use to initiate a meaningful conversation with someone new.

Over to you now. What are your best conversation starters? Do you have any tips you can share?

What better way to break the ice than to look amazing and enviably successful? Appearing fabulous not only makes people really want to speak to you and learn your secret, but, it also is a way to quicker fortunes and increased opportunities. That is why I work as a luxury designer goods consultant for GWT, the marketing arm of FERI luxury designer goods. I get to surround myself with the most successful people on earth, and dress the part, as well, in the latest high fashion garments and accessories, as I increase my wealth.

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5 Ways to Think Like a Millionaire

The road to financial independence is not based entirely on your income, it has more to do with how you think about money. There are four key components to the millionaire mindset. Mastering them isn’t guaranteed to make you rich, but it is certainly going to get you on the right path.

1. Learn the Difference Between Assets and Liabilities

We all know the traditional definition of assets. Things like homes, investments, and cash all add a nice big plus sign to your net worth. However, an asset is not just something that has value. It’s something that adds value.

Let’s say, for example, you want to buy a car. The car certainly has value, but it will not add a single dollar to your net worth. In fact, it’s going to cost you money. Every month you’ll have to pay for gas and insurance. The car’s value will depreciate as it ages, it’s value decreases every single day that you own it. This makes the car a liability.

If you were a taxi driver, the car would be an asset as it makes you money every day. But for the average consumer, a car is often nothing more than a money pit. Thinking this way will remind you to spend your money only on things that will help you grow financially.

2. Identify Ways to Generate Passive Income

Most people earn their living by working a job. This is an example of an active income. You have to go to work every weekday, if you want to continue to earn. If you stop going to work, you stop making money. Your wealth is limited by how much you can work.

For most people, generating passive income is a simple matter of making some financial investments. Investing in the right stocks or bonds can earn you interest every month, without requiring any direct involvement on your part. Many millionaires look for other sources of passive income, for example investment properties that are rented out through a management agency.

Another example would be investing in online or offline businesses. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to invest money. You can also invest time. Creating a business that runs on its own, like a website, will require a little more work up front. But once the work is completed, it’s a set-and-forget system.

3. Don’t Let Yourself Be Influenced by Fear

“Buy low, sell high” is a common colloquialism used in reference to business. This can pretty accurately sum up nearly every piece of business advice you’ll find online.

Remember the economic collapse of 2008? Financial publications would have had you believe that anybody investing in the stock market during this time was simply a fool! And yet for the three years following the recession, the average annual gain was a whopping 11.9%

Billionaire investor Warren Buffet said it best himself: “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.”

4. Live Below Your Means

It doesn’t matter if you make $20 thousand per year or $200 thousand, it’s important that you live below your means. People have a natural tendency to start spending as soon as their income increases, but you have to save whatever money you can. Start today.

Even if you can only save $10 per month, it will be a start. Next time your income increases, whether it’s from a raise or one of your investments, try to add this money to your savings, instead of spending it upgrading your lifestyle.

The thrill of material possessions fades rather quickly. But one day, you’ll be presented with an opportunity. Maybe the perfect house for you to start a family in, or maybe a chance to invest in an up-and-coming business. When opportunity strikes, you want to make sure you have the financial resources to take advantage of it.

5. Take advantage of Scary Opportunities in 2017

It is these opportunities that bring the greatest opportunities for greatness! Many people trying to think like millionaires are afraid of millionaires and feel uncomfortable in the settings where they feel most at home. If you want to be a millionaire or billionaire in 2017, you need to become like them, and learn to like the things they like, feel comfortable in the settings that please them, and enjoy being with the people they spend time with.

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20 Traits of the Ultra-Successful

#1 – They think about possibility, not limitation

#2 – They don’t allow for stagnation. “A rolling stone gathers no moss”

#3 – They are fine with having their ideas overriden and rejected for better ones

#4 – They question their own thoughts and are open-minded to new ones

#5 – They are not afraid to fail, but fear what compromising in their integrity would do to their success

#6 – They run towards their fears and instinctively do exactly what they fear most

#7 – They recognize others are specifically placed in their lives to help them achieve their objectives

#8 – They appreciate all people’s role in their success, no matter how “lowly” their positions might be

#9 – They garner as much information they can from every error, every failure, every setback

#10 – They love to work and make their lifestyle one of service

#11 – They see opportunity everywhere, in everything, in every place and with everybody

#12 – They love people and are grateful that their efforts can help so many people

#13 – They don’t wait until they are ready or know how to do it, they just start without delay

#14 – They know that you must reach your goal if you don’t give up

#15 – They realize that their goals may change several times before they achieve them

#16 – They say “what if?” “why not?” and “so what?” a lot

#17 – They don’t believe in themselves, they believe in what they are trying to do

#18 – No matter what, they never see time or money as having been wasted. Something was learned

#19 – They realize daily plans are important, but, are likely to change as the day progresses

#20 – They are not worried about money, realizing that money is energy, so they can always generate it