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Why is GWT Such a Good Thing?



This will be a short press release. Not that I don’t like to rave about GWT and what it is and why it’s so highly rated and why it’s compensation plan is beyond measure or comparison and why it’s so good for the ego and your finances and your social life to get involved with such an amazing opportunity… and more… but, I just wanted to provide a short and sweet synopsis of why it’s a good idea to get involved with GWT…

Okay, I already said it… You may comment favorably now and go back to what you were doing… haha. No, really, this is a serious issue. The issue at hand is your future. Not just financial, but social and psychological. Truly. Success is not just about money or financial achievement. Lots of people have money and live rather boring and lifeless lives. They stay home with their dogs or cats and live a reclusive lifestyle, with their BMW’s and Mercedes parked in their 6 car garages, never going out, never enjoying the fruits of their labor, but WHY??

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The reason is that it takes some effort to shine that light. You’ve got to get up. You need to shave or put on that make-up or get that hair done and/or go to the spa. You need to make sure you have some nice outfits properly paired and coordinated and your fine jewelry dusted off and polished and actually feel like you want to have a social life. Why? Why not! Life is for the living, not the dead. If you want to really live… to bask in the glory of your achievements and to rub shoulders and compare notes and to laugh at the world with others who have done the same as you, then, you need to get involved in an industry that is of interest to the elite. That’s GWT. Where there’s an endless supply of available funds and interest in what you have to offer, there really is an endless opportunity for you to reach beyond your highest goals…

If this sounds like the life you’ve always wanted, then, you can really have it, with GWT. Get up, get out from behind your computer monitor, get out of those PJ’s, put some decent clothes on, stand up straight, chin up, and face the world of the ultra-achievers. It’s fun! And, we can help you get there easier than you ever thought possible. Click this link to learn more. Thank you!

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FERI Releases Luxury Designer New Products


When it comes to quality, you simply cannot beat FERI. The products released by the world-reknown FERI designer are impossible to surpass, since the quality standards are the highest that can be found, anywhere. Everything is hand made by artisan craftspeople, experts in their crafts for generations. Each item is hand stamped by its maker and come with the best warranty in the world. If you want seriously well made top designer high fashion garments and accessories, look no further than FERI.

Keep in mind that these products are only for discerning individuals who can’t stand low quality and unappealing designs. FERI products are the finest in the world. If what you want is the best, choose FERI today.

We feature the most advanced, attractive, exclusive and multi lingual Virtual Designer Mall (VDM) in existence, pre-loaded with tens of millions of dollars of the latest and hottest fashion, luxury goods and jewelry. The VDM is complete with easy to use shopping cart and credit card processing system that can be utilized from anywhere in the world. Global Wealth Trade exudes quality…. quality products, quality management, a quality compensation plan and quality training system.

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You are assured unsurpassed quality and high fashion that has no equal, when you shop, securely, at our Virtual Designer Mall. Expect the best. Look fabulous!
Now, if you are interested in becoming a part of GWT – the distribution and direct selling (MLM) program offered by FERI, then, expect your income to raise to the level of those who are looking for the best products the world has to offer.
Global Wealth Trade members reach their financial goals in a faction of the time it would normally take with other companies. It is not only easier to build and make an income in Global Wealth Trade because of its free flowing binary structure and non-capped matching bonuses, it is also easier to build and retain a large residual income. The designer jewelry, watches and hand bags are so beautiful and unique, they sell themselves, the global sales in high end fashion goods continue to increase year after year. Global Wealth Trade business opportunity is in a class all its own.
Looking for a good reason to choose GWT over other network marketing opportunities? How about FOUR really good reasons?
  1. GWT is the only company with luxury designer products involved in Network Marketing.
  2. GWT is the only company in the luxury designer industry that distributes high-quality designer products via word of mouth.
  3. GWT is easily (and already) adaptable to the future of global economy: E-Commerce. The features mentioned above make GWT the most compelling opportunity in the entire industry of Network Marketing. I want you to remember these factors every time that you share your GWT business. And, maybe the most compelling reason…
  4. Let’s be real… WHO wouldn’t want to be PAID (like top celebrities do…) to wear top designer high fashion garments and accessories? With GWT, this can be more than just a dream. It can be YOUR reality. All you need to do is contact me, Roderick Mackenzie, and I will take you with me to the top of the fashion world!
At Global Wealth Trade everything is “first class.” Global Wealth Trade is a company like no other and our LC’s are proud of the fact that we have no competition in the highly contested home based business industry, since GWT does not compete in the status quo. Timing is everything in business and the timing is truly perfect to start your Direct Sales profession with GWT Corp TODAY. Click here for more info.

How to Surround Yourself with Successful People and Have Their Success Rub Off on You


It’s common knowledge that surrounding yourself with successful people is a step in the right direction to becoming successful. This is a great advice. However, like most great advice, the idea isn’t difficult to grasp, It’s in the application where most people fall short.

Observing successful people from a distance tends to brew skewed representations. This is largely because highly skilled/successful people tend to make what they do seem effortless. However, that’s a large part of the illusion. I say illusion because having the chance to see what goes on behind closed doors always leaves me a little disappointed; It’s as if I hope to discover a secret formula, but I’ve never discovered a “secret” that wasn’t already out in the open.

Robert Greene writes in the 48 Laws of power:

‘Make your accomplishments seem effortless. Your actions must seem natural and executed with ease. All the toil and practice that go into them, and also all the clever tricks, must be concealed. When you act, act effortlessly, as if you could do much more’

That’s eye opening information for how to create an illusion of power and prestige. However, the reason I shared that quote is to illustrate how believing that a person’s performance is effortless, is the belief that  makes them seem more special than they are. It’s in your interest to demystify what makes ‘successful’ people perform as they do so you can start doing the same.

Despite the amazing accomplishments of the ultra-achievers, each and every one of them have said the same thing: the secret is hard work and a lot of passion. This isn’t break through news but it’s an example of how getting closer to successful people demystifies their craft, and as a result leaves you feeling that you can accomplish the same by doing what they do.

How to Live Closer to Successful People

Successful people are language learners. What about everyone else? Well I’m glad you asked because I have a suggestion:

Read biographies

Like most solutions, It’s simple, and that’s what’s great – simplicity.

Reading the biographies of those you consider successful is a great way to demystify the illusion of success.  What you’ll find is that most people had to work extremely hard to become who they are/were.  This is something that we all know to some degree, but there’s something magical about by seeing it yourself in a story.

Why Stories Work

I recently read the biography of Steve Jobs and I walked away with a better understanding of what it takes to build a multi billion dollar corporation: a lot of hard work, passion and hurdle jumping. There’s of course more to it, but these are the main points that I took away.

Steve Jobs was once a mystery to me, but reading his biography demystified a lot about the person he was, made it clear how he built Apple and how I too can can build what I want.

Stories have been used for thousands of years to get messages across to people; they are extremely powerful for teaching and learning because they add context and make it easy to connect with what would  have otherwise  been abstract.

Religious books like the Bible and the Quran are classic examples. These books teach people how they should live life through hundreds of stories, and it’s probably one of the reasons these books have had so much influence on the world.

Context is key to grasping that which seems abstract. Pick up a biography and learn about success in context. Of course, you’ll also want to set up a project, nothing beats learning from experience, but for the purpose of motivation and making things clearer, a biography is more than a good place to start – It’s great place!

Choose a Winning Biz-Op!

Just like having a premium idea, concept or plan is critical to success, picking a premium company to represent as a marketer is equally critical. Don’t just believe the hype you hear. Do some research! Go online and check what the experts are saying. Make sure that the company you partner with provides actual value and is not just another ponzi scheme as so many nowadays are. How excited can you get about just making money? If you think that money will bring you satisfaction, it must be only because you don’t have any yet and think it’s the key to happiness. That’s not at all true. Providing enduring value and creating happy CUSTOMERS is what builds a passion, and without that passion, you can never become ultra-successful. If you are looking for such a business opportunity and are tired of the fake ones, click here. If you want to be in a business where you are naturally around successful people, click here. If you want the ultra-success of the elite to rubb off on you, click here. Thank you!

Global Wealth Trade Reaches 150 Countries Milestone


Global Wealth Trade’s (GWT Corp) success story is the latest and perhaps the most compelling proof that the Direct Selling / Network Marketing strategy is superior to the traditional retail or franchise methods of distribution.

Established in 2005 and just in time to celebrate their 10th anniversary international convention, GWT Corp is now serving Luxury Consultants in 150 countries in all continents. will be there to cover this momentous event starting with the famous FERI ON THE RUNWAY fashion show where the all new fashion accessories, jewelry and timepieces of the upcoming season are showcased. The enthusiasm and anticipation is an all time high with the announcements of many new releases such as:

  • FERI Monogram series of designer handbags, shoes and accessories
  • The collector’s edition 10th anniversary FERI Timepieces
  • The luxury Italian hosiery collection
  • FERI FLAWLESS anti-aging skin care collection
  • And much more .. was highly interested in the release of the brand new FERI FLAWLESS anti-aging skincare line up so we asked the Founder Ramin Mesgarlou to tell us more about it.

Ted: Ramin why skin care after ten years of successful operation?

GWT is a luxury designer fashion house and all our competitors like Dior, Chanel, D & G etc all have released their skin care and colour cosmetic line ups so it was natural for us to get in to that space. Color cosmetics (make up) & fragrances will be next”.

 So GWT is now the latest player in the MLM skincare market place?

YES and NO, let me explain. We are a serious competition to other MLMs because we create the fastest millionaires in the MLM space so naturally we will be attracting many distributors from other skincare companies when our anti-aging skincare line up is released.

However FERI FLAWLESS ANTI-AGING skincare will not be in competition with the rest of skincare companies because our skincare collection will be released at the “Prestige” level and not the “Masstige” level” that everyone else operates in.

What is the difference?

There are three different categories of skincare or color cosmetics:

  1. Drug store goods that are lower priced.
  2. “Masstige” that are in the middle for quality and price
  3. “Prestige” that are the best in quality and higher priced.

So your FERI FLAWLESS anti-aging will be higher priced?

It should be but I have made a business decision to release our Prestige grade skincare collection at around the same price as the other MLM companies.

So you will be offering “Prestige” grade skincare for “Masstige” pricing to all distributors and retail clients?

Again usually other MLM companies are not our competition as we compete at a different level and against the luxury designers of Europe.

However when it comes to anti-aging skincare, we need to stay competitive in price even though we manufacture at a higher level to meet our “prestige” reputation and to provide the high standards that our clients worldwide have become accustomed too for the past decade.

One more question Ramin, people would want to know how your company can expand to 150 countries in less than a decade where their company might be in less than 5 or 10 in the same period, can you please explain?

One simple fact and that is unlike health and wellness and telecom companies, our product lines does NOT require government approval that often prevents entry and expansion to new markets.

So a brand new GWT Luxury Consultant that launched his Virtual Designer Mall (VDM) today can start promoting their products in any country without any restrictions. To make matters even simpler GWT even handles all customs clearance and VAT charges on the behalf of our LCs worldwide.

To close: 100 + years old, multi-billion dollar designers of Europe operate in 40 countries or less utilizing the traditional retail and franchise methods of distribution. GWT has expanded to 150 countries in one decade, so the next time your SUN BLOCK candidate (The Forensic Networker terminology for negative people) tells you “ if your products are so good, why aren’t they being sold in stores, show them this article and say because MLM is the fastest way to expand globally utilizing word of mouth and internet.

Here you have it and will be in Toronto amongst the anxious attendees from 50 countries to see the latest fashion creations of GWT and FERI Fashion House.



Rob Pampling · Entreprenuer & Consultant at Self-Employed
There is no stopping Global Wealth Trades expansion and its just going to get a whole lot better.
This company doesnt have the peaks and troughs you commonly see elsewhere, because it is first and foremost a Luxury Designer Fashion House – it is simply the best of the best not only with its suprmeme product and brands like FERI but is also the fastest producer of millionaires..
go check it out
Mar 6, 2016 1:53pm

Marian Kasza · Elmira District Secondary School
So proud to be part to be here as we hit this milestone!! Thank you Ramin for your vision AND for sharing it with us!!
Mar 5, 2016 8:35am

Eseenam Akumah · Independent Luxury Consultant at Global Wealth Trade
Truly amazing! Congrats and thanks to the founder
Mar 3, 2016 9:59pm

Abah Samuel · Works at Private Sector
GWT,Just Insane.To the Billion
Mar 3, 2016 9:54pm

Ryan James Johnson · Luxury Consultant at Global Wealth Trade Corporation
Forever Proud! Home is Here since 2009! I love the Lifestyle FERI Provides! Thanks Ramin for your Dedication! Love; RJ
Mar 3, 2016 6:12am

Virlin Muhammad · Luxury Consultant at Global Wealth Trade Corporation
The GWT Op.has revolutionized the industry. Truly ‘ABOVE ALL’
Mar 2, 2016 9:01pm

Marshall LC Nguyen · Ambassador at Global Wealth Trade Corporation
Thank you Ted for conducting this amazing interview. 2.5 years ago, I was doing 15 months of research in the direct sales industry to find the “perfect” company to partner with.
Fast forward 2.5 years later, GWT has given me the opportunity to travel the world (as I am writing this in Italy), change lives, and make weekly residual income at the age of 27 years old.
Thank you for all that you do Ramin, an average person can now create success in DS/MLM because of your unique comp plan and products.
What a special company to be with, what a special 10 Year Anniversary celebration to be apart of.
Mar 2, 2016 7:53pm

Tammy Boucher · Self Employed at Global Wealth Trade Corporation
I’m truly excited to bring my entire team to our 10 year Anniversary Convention in Toronto CANADA! This platform has opened so many doors in my life that otherwise would not have existed! GWT is simply put; a hybrid platform which feels more like owning a traditional franchise without the excessive overhead or headaches!
Mar 2, 2016 6:41pm

Relly Gwt · Independent Distributor at Global Wealth Trade Corporation
Can’t help but love this company. Its just one of a kind.
Mar 2, 2016 5:45pm

Trevina McDonald · Independant Luxury Consultant With GWT – FERI Designer Lines at Self Employed
WOW !!! Global Wealth Trade (GWT) has really taken the MLM/DS industry by storm! Already in 150 countries And we’re only 10yrs young 😀
This next decade is going to be all kinds of EPIC!!
I for one will definitely be travelling from Australia to Toronto for our 10th Annual Convention and my Partners/family from NEW ZEALAND are also going to be there.
Thank you Ramin for this opportunity and for your Vision for such an outstanding Company and for giving everyday people like me a chance to Live Our Dreams! and a huge thank you to Sanaz who’s eye for Design has our products right up there with Loui Vitton, Gucci you name it where in there!
I can not wait to meet you both in Person.
Is it April yet!!!!!
Mar 2, 2016 12:31pm

Ivy Lood Liu · Works at Independent Luxury Consultant
Proud to be part of this company!
Mar 2, 2016 12:05pm

Sean Haynes – Yes Freedom Is Possible
WOWWWW!! This is absolutely MONUMENTAL and to think this happened ahead of our 10 year annual Convention because as astounding as the growth and records set by GWT have been in the first 10 years (GWT has seen average annual growth of 190% + per year. This growth has placed us as the fastest growing and expanding luxury designer in the world) it is still just a fraction of the growth to come in the next 10 years which will surely see us in every country on earth as we grow To The Billion and create 1000 Millionaires! Thank you to our brilliant CEO and Visionary Ramin Mesgarlou for creating this extraordinary company and our SVP Sanaz for creating magnificent product’s that has seen a movement start and grow on the mission to change lives all across the world!
Mar 2, 2016 11:52am

Maria Ghaderi · Works at Global Wealth Trade Corporation
I love how we are not competing with other mlms.. We are changing the game..! Gwt is simply the APPLE of MLM industry.. Phone and technology industry got revolutionised after Steve Job launched the smart phone. Now MLM will experiance the same.. Launching Skin Care line with gwt along the luxury designer European made shoes, handbags, time pieces..etc will take this industry to a whole new level..!! Proud to be part of this enterprise..!
Mar 2, 2016 11:24am

Debbie DeGrande · London, Ontario
Great to see this unique, Toronto based company crushing it!!
Mar 1, 2016 11:07pm

Are you Boring? Then, Please Don’t Read This!


Sorry to warn you, but, if you are dull, don’t like to go out, don’t like to mingle, don’t like to dress up, don’t like people, don’t like to look fantastic, don’t want to join the elite club and make a fortune, then, please stop reading now. Seriously. What I am about to share with you is all about the very exciting, fast paced, thrilling world of designer luxury goods and high fashion. This is simply not for the boring, but is for the easily bored!

luxury designer goods, high fashion, FERI, GWT

To be frank, even though my name is Roderick, this business opportunity I speak of is not for most of us. In fact, most of us would feel uncomfortable just at the thought of going to a fancy party and being around ultra-successful people. The reasons for this I won’t go into in this press release, because, it’s a whole other conversation… Nonetheless, it’s true, this scenario would make of us feel not quite at home being around the super wealthy and the elite. My question is, “Why?”

The elite crowd is made of human beings, just like you and me. There are nice ones and bad apples, just like among the less affluent. They are not more priviledged or advantaged than any other person. The only difference is that they have more money than the majority of people. They have been steeped in wealth and it has affected their mind, their thoughts, and even their essence. Wouldn’t it be wise to be near them so you can absorb some of that? Ifyou really want to be successful in every respect, then, THINK LARGE, LIVE LARGE, and stop being AFRAID of success.

fashion, style, haute couture, womens clothing, mens clothing

If this has any meaning to you, then consider entering into the world of top designer luxury goods and high fashion. The market is there. The money is there. And the desirability for the products is never going to end. Sell something the rich like, and get rich. It’s that simple. Join me now… unless you want to remain part of the herd. Mooooo…. 


Why Join GWT? Start With That It’s Been Rated AAA+



Global Wealth Trade is classified as Triple A (AAA+) opportunity based on key figures such as revenue, momentum, Alexa ratings, poll results, input from direct selling professionals, top earners and Head Office visits.

Business For Home recommends Global Wealth Trade (GWT). There is high certainty that the net benefit is substantial for a (new) representative.  

Ramin Mesgarlou founded Global Wealth Trade (GWT) and sold the first distributorship in April 2005 from his home office in Ontario, Canada.

From these modest beginnings, the jewelry and fashion company kept growing and gaining strength through an evolving product line (Feri Mosh) and a parade of innovational triumphs unprecedented in the history of fine jewelry.

Due to its rapid growth, the company had to expand its head office five times where they finally relocated its world headquarters from Ottawa to Toronto in 2008.

Sanaz Hooman, creative director of GWT, is the driving force behind many award winning fashion and jewelry designs.

GWT has an Free-Flowing & Variable to Infinity Compensation Plan which provides full access to earning commissions and bonuses without the restrictions of ranks, qualifications and re-qualifications.

GWT product lines have many distinct advantages but the one advantage that impacts global expansion the most, is the fact that the products do not require product approval in any country in the world, thererfore the company is serving clients and representatives in over 150 countries around the globe.

GWT provides Luxury Consultants (distributors) with a Virtual Designer Mall so that they can start promoting their products in any country without any restrictions. To make matters even simpler GWT handles all customs clearance and VAT charges on the behalf of the Luxury Consultants worldwide.

GWT World Headquarters in Toronto – Canada

GWT World Headquarters in Toronto - Canada


If you want to earn cream-of-the-crop earnings, then join an MLM that’s cream-of-the-crop in the industry. The surprising thing is that it does not take a major investment of money to join GWT, so, why not take some time and check out the amazing benefits of GWT? Can’t hurt! Click here to learn more. Thank you!!


MORE INFO: This AAA+ rating has been given GWT by Read more about their rating system, below:

About the Business For Home Ranking:

In their database they have around 1,000 direct selling companies from all over the world.

They have classified 650 companies with an AAA+, AA+, A+ or B grade.

The Business For Home grade definition:

  • AAA+  Business For Home recommends the company. There is high certainty that the net benefit is substantial for a distributor.  
  • AA+   Business For Home recommends the opportunity. There is high certainty that the net benefit is moderate or there is moderate certainty that the net benefit is moderate to substantial for an distributor.
  • A+   Business For Home recommends selectively offering based on professional judgment. There is at least moderate certainty that the net benefit is small for a distributor. 
  • B  Business For Home concludes that the current information about the company is insufficient to assess the balance of benefits. Information is lacking, of poor quality, or conflicting, and the balance of benefits cannot be determined.




Only Biz-Ops That Offer Value are Worth Joining



Here’s the truth of the matter. The richest people in internet marketing are the ones who build their own biz-op platform/program, promote it with a ton of hype and false promises, rake in as much money as they can from all of the nearly free promotion they get from all the sincere marketers who have been duped, go on for a year or two, then vanish, having walked away with millions, while 98% of their affiliates never made a substantial income, often not even recovering the cost of joining in the first place.

Don’t do that. Be different. Understand what makes sense. If you offer something that has no real value, the company that offers it cannot last, because, they will lose most of their affiliates, and, eventually, may be getting chased by some governing agency that tries to control the rampant scamming that keeps cropping up, disguised as the “next big thing,” with the “biggest launch since lunch.” It’s all crap, to be honest, and, I like to be honest. Of course, there are definitely hundreds of quality programs that offer value, but, they still remain the minority.

GWT, aka Global Worth Trade, is the marketing arm of FERI luxury designer goods. FERI makes the highest quality high fashion garments and luxury accessory products available in the world, today. The level of quality attracts the top 10% of people who have worked hard to earn the money to pay for such amazing products. These products are of such worth, that often their value increases, instead of decreases, and some of the items can be given away as heirlooms, and be handed down from generation to generation. Who wants these items? The rich and powerful, and those who want to have the rewards of their hard work and live the lifestyle of lavish luxury that comes with ultra-success.

Why not cater to these people? They have the money to pay for it, and, they want it. GWT has the best compensation plan on the planet. Read this recent press release I published that talks about it, and gives a testimony of one young man who has made it to a millionaire with GWT. Click here to read the PR.

It’s entirely possible to achieve greatness with GWT. Hang with the wealthy and successful, and, you will be sucked upward to their tight-knit circle of elite friends. Why not live the high life? If you want to remain mediocre and market less than valuable products or services to “newbies” who are not knowledgeable enough to know better, then so be it. But, if you want to rise to the top, and be the creme of the crop, join me now, and let’s climb that ladder of fashion success to the top of the world. God BLESS and I hope to hear from you with the wise choice to join GWT. GOD BLESS!


Make Big Money with High Fashion


Yes, it’s true. There’s an opportunity any marketer can afford that allows him to instantly dress like the elite, rub shoulders with the ultra-successful, and get fabulously wealthy – it’s known as GWT. It’s a way to enter into the world of luxury designer goods and high fashion without the requirement of special skills that take years to develop, special connections that most people can’t get, or huge capital, which few of us have.

Why not be involved in something that’s as exciting as the world of high fashion? If you have a passion for fashion, then you qualify! The cost to get started is very minimal. And, there are so many ways to earn. You even get your own e-commerce luxury designer shopping website, with your membership.

You might be asking, “Well, sounds wonderful, but, WHO would be interested in dressing so well? Wouldn’t it be only a tiny minority?” You might think this is true, and, although it is a minority of people, this minority have the majority of the money in the world. Best to deal with the rich. They can afford what you have, and, they will pay top dollar for legendary, world-class quality. And, it is this level of quality that GWT offers, because they are the marketing arm of FERI designer luxury goods, which includes the best hand made garments, accessories and more.

You see, people with a lot of money understand the psychological effect of dressing immaculately. You don’t really have to convince them. They already want what you have and are ready to pay for it. And, they may even desire to be in your team, because they are already friends with other wealthy individuals. So, it’s not a difficult program to market. Regular people – like you – across the globe are making HUGE incomes with GWT. Why not join them? If you love fashion, this is a no-brainer. Check out this link to learn more: Be Fabulous. Do it now.