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Wearing a Suit Makes People Think Differently


Formalwear elicits feelings of power, which change some mental processes.

Some psychology research in recent years is making an old aphorism look like an incomplete thought: Clothes make the man… Yes? Go on?

Clothes, it appears, make the man perceive the world differently.

A new study looks specifically at how formal attire changes people’s thought processes. “Putting on formal clothes makes us feel powerful, and that changes the basic way we see the world,” says Abraham Rutchick, an author of the study and a professor of psychology at California State University, Northridge. Rutchick and his co-authors found that wearing clothing that’s more formal than usual makes people think more broadly and holistically, rather than narrowly and about fine-grained details. In psychological parlance, wearing a suit encourages people to use abstract processing more readily than concrete processing.

Research on the effects of clothing on cognition remains in its early stages.Another similar study showed that when subjects wore a white coat that they believed belonged to a doctor, they became more attentive, an effect that didn’t hold when they believed the garment was a painter’s. But clothing’s psychological effects have been specified for only a couple of the ways the brain makes sense of stimuli.

That said, at work, when some have to wear suits, there are some specific implications when attire flicks on abstract processing. “If you get a stinging piece of critical feedback at work, if you think about it with a concrete processing style, it’s more likely to negatively impact your self-esteem,” says Michael Slepian, another one of the paper’s authors and a professor of management at Columbia Business School. Slepian added that thinking about money with an abstract processing style might lead one to skip impulsive purchases in favor of smarter, long-term savings behaviors.

The researchers arrived at their finding after a series of experiments. The first two had student participants show up without any sartorial instructions, rate the formality of the outfit they happened to be wearing, and then take some tried-and-true cognitive tests to determine their processing styles. In these tests, self-rated formality correlated with the favoring of abstract processing. But since, in the words of the researchers, “the students on this campus tend to dress casually,” explicit instructions to come to the lab with formalwear were required to get students to not show up with sweatpants alone. When subjects who changed into “clothing you would wear in a job interview” took similar cognitive tests, they demonstrated more abstract processing than the group that sported “clothing you would wear to class.” That was a result that allowed the researchers to arrive at a causal link.

Does the effect Rutchick, Slepian, and their colleagues found matter just as much for everyday suit-wearers as more sporadic ones? “No matter how often you wear formal clothing, if you are wearing formal clothing, then you are likely in a context that’s not the intimate, comfortable, and more socially close setting with no dress code,” says Slepian. “Thus, whether you wear formal clothing every workday, or only every wedding, my prediction is that we would find a similar influence because the clothing still feels formal in both situations.”

As casual attire becomes the norm in a growing number of workplaces, it would seem that the symbolic power of the suit will erode in coming years. Slepian thinks the opposite. “You could even predict the effect could get stronger if formal clothing is only reserved for the most formal of situations,” he says. “It takes a long time for symbols and our agreed interpretations of those symbols to change, and I wouldn’t expect the suit as a symbol of power to be leaving us anytime soon.” Meanwhile, no formal research exists—just anecdotal observations—on how the world appears different when wearing a black turtleneck and jeans.


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Raise the Bar, Raise your Income


Help others to look amazing, and get paid to do it! Not only that, you get to dress the part of the ultra-successful, rub shoulders with the elite, and be accepted into their tight little circles, thereby positioning yourself to have sopme of their success “rub off” on you.

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Why Excellence & Congruence Are Required to Feel Successful


WHAT is excellence? WHAT is success?

Most of us achievers try very hard to achieve our objectives, and, we will usually accomplish them, because focus, hard work and determination are the main building blocks to attaining goals. But, did you know that to FEEL successful requires being excellent and congruent in every area of our success? It’s not just about meeting financial goals.

In order to feel truly successful, we must match the things in our lives with our financial success. To have achieved your goals means that you were excellent in that area. But, we must be excellent in all areas to be truly successful. For example, to drive an old car with holes in the seats and badly in need of a paint job, doesn’t feel successful. And, even if you buy yourself a brand new luxury car, could you feel right jumping into your brand new BMW dressed in cheap, ill-fitting clothes? No, I don’t think so.

This is what I mean by congruence, and how all elements must match – coincide – for you to be successful. The ultra-successful people who earn high incomes understand this concept, and don’t have any problem with making sure everything matches. The way they dress, the car they drive, the people they associate with, all match their income, in terms of being “excellent.”


Both excelling in our marketing endeavors and attaining a certain income increase both would fall into the category of BUSINESS. How do people who have excelled in business look?? Well, they dress and act sharp. They live a fabulous life and it shows. What is a lot of money, if you don’t know how to life the “high life?” That’s my question. I have been to many homes owned by people with a lot of money who were introverts who made their fortunes doing something that never required that they be seen by the public. These people could have been happy living in a cave. They didn’t even know HOW to spend their money! They never went out to a show, never went on an exotic vacation. They rarely even changed their light bulbs. I mean, seriously!

Don’t be like them. Make money for the purposes of “living large!” God didn’t make riches for conservative purposes – they were meant for lavishness! So, dress up! Buy nice things! You didn’t climb that ladder to be the same person. You climbed it so you could be at the top of the world!

It almost seems like the glory days of our Western Culture is quickly being replaced by an ultra-casual “who cares” mentality, but, the truth is we should all care. If we are not careful, we can easily be surpassed by those (the rising Asian countries?) who have not become jaded and decided to rest on their laurels. We must be excellent in every respect. The good news is that there still is a segment of the population that recognizes the importance of being excellent, in fact, fabulous – it’s the elite. They are also the ones with most of the wealth. So, doesn’t it make sense to do as they do? This tiny percentage of the population would never be seen looking sloppy and not being well groomed and looking confident and secure.

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Be Confident. Look Amazing. That’s What we Offer at GWT


What is success? Basically, success is not something to strive for. We are all already successful. Because, whatever mental, physical, spiritual or financial state we are in, we have successfully gotten ourselves there! So, let’s get real, when we talk about success…

Most people, when they talk about “becoming” successful, mean to have reached a certain financial state of security or a financial state where they no longer feel like they are “spinning their wheels,” in their dead end job, which barely pays their bills. Remember, JOB stands for Just Over Broke.

And, there are countless opportunities to get yourself there. Many of them will do the trick, too, if you apply yourself to them and focus, have a strong work ethic, be semi-smart about it, and don’t give up. Okay, we’ve got the answer, then… Or, do we?

I believe that success, though, isn’t really satisfying, if what you are doing doesn’t make you feel fantastic, and like you’ve gotten “there” – “there” meaning that illusive state where you not only feel rich, but like you are on top of the world. Having money doesn’t seem to do it, so, what does? The answer is not so illusive. Feeling like you are a real success requires looking good on the outside as well as feeling good on the inside. It’s about congruence.

If you have a lot of money and have achieved your objectives and financial goals, that feels good, indeed. I think we’d all agree with that. But, dressing like most people do when they shop at Walmart and driving an older car with faded paint and worn out seats doesn’t do much for the self-confidence that we also need to feel like we’re truly successful, right?

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Confused on Which Opportunity to Choose?

What makes for a good opportunity? Hmmm… That’s a loaded question, but the answer is as simple as shooting blanks! What makes for a good opportunity to market for requires finding a company that offers the following, in this order:

  1. A company that offers an actual product. A product of extreme value. A product that is sought after. A product that is not only useful, but beautiful and of the highest possible level of quality. A product that can be given as heirlooms. A product of prestige and elegance that others would envy. A product that lasts practically forever. A product that carries a “lifetime” warranty. A product that indicates a heightened level of status.
  2. A company whose brand is recognized as amongst the best in every respect.
  3. A company that is progressive and innovative and that appreciates using people to promote and distribute its products, instead of spending millions in advertising.
  4. A company that has a compensation plan that can take its representatives (its affiliates) to amazing income heights with less signups.
  5. A company with a rock solid team structure, designed to ensure that you can succeed, and providing the support you need.

The problem with internet marketing opportunities, in general, is that many of them are more hype than substance, emphasizing what’s “good,” and, omitting or not disclosing the potential “bads.” Beware of these low-integrity companies that have:

  1. No real product at all, or service of value… and, are, basically, a ponzi scheme masquerading as a real company that offers something of value, or that
  2. Offer “educational” info that could be found for free on the net, or others that
  3. Employ “Smoke and Whistle” promotional black-hat techniques, wherein the “possibilities” and saleable attributes are hyped up to the max, while the negatives are hidden from those interested in possibly joining the program. These companies will make their income disclosure almost impossible to find, and, most marketers won’t mention the fact that (in general) over 98% of people who attempt to market and make a significant income, fail to do so, and never even recover their initial sign-up costs.

The effects of the problem above is multi-faceted. For one, the marketers are fooled, then, those who sign-up under the marketers are fooled, and, if there are any customers, at all, they, too, are fooled, and then the internet continues its downward slippery sloping spiral that it continues on.

Some say, MLM is bad. Why? One thing that most MLM’s offer, at least, are a product. And, if you pick a company that offers a good product, then, it’s not difficult. What’s difficult, is trying convince somebody to signup for a lame program or something that they don’t need or want. Properly qualifying someone so that you know, as a professional, that they will benefit from your product, makes the “selling process” not difficult, but easy, fun, and fulfilling!

So, back to why I wrote this press release. The reason is that I am involved with a company that is not well understood by many marketers shopping for opportunities. Why? In part, because this company is not into hype. The company I speak of is into making the highest grade quality products that are sought after by people with discerning taste and large incomes. Products of this quality sell themselves! Reputations precede all companies. So, get involved with my company, because, you will succeed and you will be happy to be making happy customers.

Earlier, I listed the attributes of a quality company to market for. My company, GWT, the marketing arm of FERI luxury designer products, has all of these, and more. For instance:

  1. GWT offers an actual product. A product of extreme value. A product that is sought after. A product that is not only useful, but beautiful and of the highest possible level of quality. A product that can be given as heirlooms. A product of prestige and elegance that others would envy. A product that lasts practically forever. A product that carries a “lifetime” warranty. A product that indicates a heightened level of status.
  2. GWT ‘s FERI Brand is recognized as amongst the best in every respect.
  3. GWT is a progressive and innovative and that appreciates using people to promote and distribute its products, instead of spending millions in advertising.
  4. GWT has a compensation plan that can take its representatives (its affiliates) to amazing income heights with less signups, which is why GWT attracts professionals who already have fantastic careers and some of the top marketers of all time.
  5. GWT has a rock solid team structure, designed to ensure that you can succeed, and providing the support you need.

So, may I cross-examine you my friend, for just a moment? How long will you go on being fooled by hype? That’s it. No further questions.

CONCLUSION: GWT is a fantastic company, because it gives a marketer who appreciates the value of quality and who understands why its preferable to live a luxury lifestyle, being surrounded by lavish items that stimulate the senses and that last practically forever, a chance to really make it in this world. A chance to raise their lifestyle level to one they previously may have thought unattainable. A chance to look fantastic, become ultra-wealthy and successful, and, to be fabulous! If you want this, instead of toying around with a bunch of fluff that doesn’t make anyone rich exept the folks who founded these fake opportunities, contact me, Roderick Mackenzie ~ Fashionpreneur. I will tell you how you can be fashionably correct, properly trendy, fabulous looking, and have a level of confidence and finances constanly going in the upward direction, instead of down.

Thank you for reading this and have a fashionable day!