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Make a Fortune with your “Passion for Fashion”

Turn your Passion for Fashion into a career!

Join me and look ravishing at all times, while getting paid for it!

Now, you can take your “Passion for Fashion” beyond a hobby or pass time, to new heights! Get PAID to look fabulous, every day! Sound improbable? It’s not. It’s a major blessing, if you believe in possibilities. Contact Roderick Mackenzie ~ Fashionpreneur to learn how. It’s easy, fun and ohhhh so chic! Click for more info:

How is it accomplished. Well, like anything of real worth, you must invest a little hope, time, effort and a small investment to see it come to fruition, but, we repeat, small investment. Why is this program available and what is it expected to do? This program, which is all about high fashion and style is about living the life you’ve always wanted, but didn’t know how to afford it!

And, by helping others to live this lifestyle of helping others to live this lifestyle, you get paid, and you get paid very well. Basically, you love fashion. Now, all you have to do is to help others who love it to help others who love it to take their Passion for Fashion and turn it into a money-making machine.

Confused? Don’t be. It’s simple. What you do is strut your stylish self around town, just living your normal life. When people comment on how amazing you look and how you are able to look so good all the time, you simply direct them to a website and tell them about how they, too, can look ravishing every day, and make money doing it.

There are two ways to make money. You build a team – they call it your “downline,” who work for you. They, then build their own downline, who work for them and you. Your team then all help each other to make money helping others to do the same.


The second way is to have your own Designer Mall, but instead of having to invest hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in opening a high-end boutique, you get to sell luxury items with your own website! They call it a Virtual Designer Mall, or VDM for short. And, the best part of the VDM is that the price to have it is included in your small investment!

What this all adds up to is a new lifestyle for you of more money and more style and more happiness. Want to join my team and be sure I’ll help you to succeed along with the rest of us? Then, don’t hesitate. Visit my website at

You may also email me at: and/or call me at +61 407 284 295 (Australia). I await the exciting chance to help you to get rich, stylish, and very, very happy!